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If you work part time, one week 4 days for 36 hrs and the next week work 3 days for 35 hrs. How does this impact your UI benefits? If UI benefits $220 a week, earned $600 one week and $700 the 2nd week. Job ended just a temp gig. Claim form no payment received for the 2 weeks says b/c of excess earnings and letter says start new UI claim?!?!

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I have a letter from EDD stating a new claim was opened 12/28/2014.

Then How come I have no MONEY.

Almost 3 months, without any payment!!
EDD must be hiring non english speaking idiots.

Give me my money!!!


you guys know how we do thizz


sdi debit card

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how long does it take them to mail the debit card?

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How long do I have to file for unemployment after i was layed off


Employment Development Department of California .. States that I had an overpayment in 1995, Now .. Intersept my tax return of 2015. I now have a hearing 20 yrs later.

March 19 2015 Wow, Yes my tax return was taken? Has this happend to you or someone u may no?

Any suggestions!


I was laid off March 2014, and collected my six months’ worth of UI benefits in 2014. I was told over the phone multiple times that if I was still unemployed in March 2015 I could reopen/renew my claim. Another friend was told the same thing. We both have families and have been counting the days until we could reapply. Well, lo and behold today I’m told via phone eligibility interview that unless I’ve worked somewhere else in the past year, I can’t file a claim based on my last employer (the one that laid us off in 2014). And that you can only collect unemployment for one calendar year after a layoff. Is this a load of crap or is it true? The person I spoke with was nice, and acknowledged that my account had a ton of weird/nonsense notes on it as a direct result of others not doing their jobs properly (no news to anyone here). Please help! I’ve been counting on this money for months now and don’t know what to do!!!!


I got a notice a few weeks ago regarding participating on going to this mandatory workshop. The problem is that I can’t attend because the time that it begins. I get my 5 year old AUTISTIC child to school. I am also a single parent and don’t have assistance to get him ready for school except me. I called in advance saying my reason that I was told that it was not a reason. Then I got the notice two days ago about this phone interview. The lady was very like not allowing me to talk my true reason. I was answer questions from how my routine is like and how old is my child. They are going to make a decision if they are going to cut my unemployment benefit because of this one day. I am very upset because I got laid off, lack of support and taking care of my child with special needs. This unemployment is not family friendly and I know for sure I am not the only one in the planet going through this.

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Well, I used your system and was immediately connected to a nice human! I had a determination of eligibility interview, approx. 3 weeks after my last day of work. I had to wait for my first form to arrive. Anyway, I turned in my first form too late for the system. I have been informed by the nice human, that my info. is not being recognized by the system, so I can not register on web cert until they get my paper form. The nice human was sympathetic and offered to send me the next series of forms while I am waiting for my first check…


Hello, I work as a letter carrier for the USPS and had a vehicle accident on 2/11/15. Long story short, accident was not my fault. My postmaster believes that I am lying about the details of the accident and for that, I am being removed from my job effective 4/11/15. Since the 2/11/15, I have been put in “non paid leave”.

I am currently in the process with my Union to help me get my job due to wrongful termination/ severe punishment. I was advised to look for other jobs in the mean time, however I have not been able to find one so far. Keep in mind, I have applied at a few places.

So my question, can I collect UI? I’ve applied on 3/13/15 and will have a phone interview on 3/30/15.

Can anybody help me? Words of wisdom will be appreciated. Thank you! :)


Post upon payment…