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I just found out that in each EDD office there is a special phone that is called a S.P.O.C. phone which stands for Special Point Of Contact.

These phones are secret.

You, if you are in great need and have been unable to get through on the EDD regular phones at places, can go drive to an EDD office (you can find out where an office is near you by using the internet).

You can walk through the door and ask to use a S.P.O.C. phone and give the reason as being that you have tried over and over to use the regular line for days and days (which I had done) and were unable to get throught.

Also, you need some kind of financial hardship such as needing the monies urgently.

Then the person at EDD will give you the special phone which they will dial because of a secret phone number.

When the person at EDD where they process your monies answers they will ask for the Office Number, and you will need to hand the phone back to the person who got you the S.P.O.C. phone.
They then tell the special office number and you can proceed with speaking with an individual about your urgent needs with regard to lack of payment etc.

I hope this helps people.

I ask the EDD SUCKS website manager to post this somewhere prominent on the is website because the down and out people really need to know that …

If you are in dire straights and are very very frustrated, there is a secret Special Point Of Contact Phone at each EDD office.

And that phone can be used, I think, from 8AM to 12 NOON and also from 1PM to 5PM.

Such things are not well publicized at all and the S.P.O.C. phone is only at the EDD offices.


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Post if you were paid


Here’s the trick. When you dial the EDD number and the prompt starts to say “Welcome!…” IMMEDIATELY enter on your keypad “15110″ all at once and it should tell you to hold and your call will be answered in the order it was received. It works for me every time. The longest I’ve had to wait for someone to pick up was like 3 minutes. Let me know if it works for you. It should. Good luck! :)


I quit my my job at the end of last month
And applied for unemployment on the 2nd of July .
I quit cause of my child care hours,
Conflicted with my daycare hours .
I had a set schedule and coming into this job it was on the table about the hours .
After a few people quit the hours were put on my shoulders and I advised my boss about my situation .
They told me ok and never got resolved .
I let them know again about it and nothing was done .
So I quit my job and I’m looking for a new job that fits my hours.
My wife makes more than me so I have to work around her schedule .
I got my edd phone interview and told them the story I just implied .
They asked questions and and in the middle of the call the lady said my employer noted that I was layed off .
The lady said she has to go by that .
She then said I most likely am eligible for unemployment and they were going to process it .
That was yesterday .
What time frame or has anyone been in this situation ? This is my first time doing this .
I’ve had a job since I was 16 .
I’ve never depended on the state help .

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I haven’t worked in 6 years now that I have medi-cal and can go to Dr I found out I have a disability that is permanent, do I apply thru EDD ? or social security? the reason im asking is because the neurologist ask me to bring EDD forms for him to sign, BUT I haven’t worked in a long time because of my disability.

any input would help

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I used telecert for the first time this past sunday, does anyone know how long it takes for the money to get to bank of america?



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I have not received the funds from my July 12 webcert. I finally reached the EDD yesterday by phone. The guy said my info looks up to date. After explaining my issue, I have no money and I am starving, he asked if I am updating or re-posting my resume on the Caljobs site regularly. I said I posted a resume a month back and check the job posting four times a week and he replied that I should re-post my resume at least once a week in the event my claim is reviewed they can visually see I am seeking employment.

Any had this issue come up and effect their claim?

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What exactly does this mean? Will I be able to receive unemployment benefits??


I am currently receiving temporary disability. Is it possible to move out of CA and still receive the same benefits?


Say for example (not actual) if my weekly benefit amount is 250 and I work some part time job that week and make $100, is the 100 deducted from 250 and my weekly benefit for that week adjusted to 150 or how is it calculated?

If you fail to report it, how long roughly does it take for the wage information to hit their system and they find out and adjust it themselves?

Thanks in advance!

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Original claim expired. I never collected EUC. I managed to land a job after my state benefits were exhasted, earning around $3,000 – $4,000 … the job let me go, when I re-apply for a new claim will they take my original earnings from my 1st claim or base it off my new earnings?

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