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Did anybody file via Web Cert/ Tele Cert today, it says system maintenance till 9pm tonight.


Just wanted to know if you can get SDi if you owe for ui?

I still owe some money on an overpayment and it looks like I am going to have to get surgery and need sdi. What happens now? The UI was not fraud, they just overpayed me accidentally.



Did not receive my UI payment for 7/20 filing so I called EDD. They said I was being scheduled for an phone interview because they did not have my right to work information/social security information I provided at the caljobs orientation class on file, they lost it or the edd instructer did not turn it in.
Has anyone ever heard of a phone interview for something like this ?

Should I just fax them a copy of my SS info and follow up with a call ?

I talked to the instructor and he could nort help he said it was an EDD issue that could hold my paymenys up for 2 months.


I would just like to know if you guys have gotten a deposit on your edd card on a saturday?

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Nice to see

July 26, 2014 · 29 comments

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That now finally all or the majority of the questions in here are about UI, claims, I didn’t get my call, what do I do now, etc.

I guess the “EUC Gang” finally got tired and went away! Thank God! It was tiring and boring to read their rantings each day. Or, perhaps they finally DID take that job which they would NEVER take! Huh?

Who knows, and who cares!? They’re gone!

I’ve replied to most of your UI questions. Write again if you’re still unclear.

Good luck on your job hunt.



July 25, 2014 · 2 comments

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Originally filed July 2013. I exhausted my benefits. My 1 year period expires July 31.

In the standard base period, I have 1 full quarter (plus 4 weeks), with earnings over $12,000. Will I qualify for further unemployment benefits? And if so, so how long? I’m not clear on what the edd website says.


Phone interview

July 25, 2014 · 3 comments

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My employer got paperwork from edd. She never opened it and left on vacation. My phone interview was scheduled this morning but I got no call. I assume they will also call her to answer questions but she isn’t around and no one else there can take care of it….. has anyone else had this problem …. will they wait it out until they finally get a gold of her ? Is there a certain amount of time before they give up and release my funds ? I spoke to someone who said my claim was ready and money was waiting to be released pending the telephone interview and if they approve me they’ll release it right away … but I’ve had no call ….


I filed, as usual, Sunday night after a claim period. They have been super reliable with depositing the money on the following Tuesday. My last claim period (ending 7/12) was submitted on 7/13. I decided a week later something must be wrong so I tried calling using the “15110″ trick I’ve seen posted several times. That failed…repeatedly. I can’t even get past the automated system to a hold.

ANYWAYS. I did the ask EDD and figured it would take a few days. I just received my response saying it was never received and they suggested I use webcert. Well, funny thing, I DO use webcert and according to my claim history is shows this claim was submitted on 7/13.

Has this ever happened to someone? It doesn’t give me an option to refile online, so I have to wait for the paper form. However, I’m afraid of double-filing and them penalizing me for that…

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Laid off

July 24, 2014 · 4 comments

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Had a telephone interview for eligibility. The rep was really negative and it did not sound good. 3 days later I was paid for 3 weeks instead of the 4 weeks I filed for, assuming 1 week was waiting period. 3 days after being paid I received a denial letter saying claim was denied? Already received my next continued claim form. Any ideas what is going on?


My claim for benefits for the two-week period ending 12/28/13 was mailed to EDD on 12/30/13. When I did not received payment I e-mailed them through Ask EDD in January. There response was that my claim was received, but was pending review and they were having new computer system problems. I sent several more Ask EDD e-mails over the last 6 months. There response was either we are having computer issues or we never received your claim. Said they would send another claim form – could take 10 days to go through the mail. Form did not come so I contacted them again. Received the form, completed it and mailed it. The most recent and third claim form submittal was on 07/07/14. Again EDD says they never received it. Advised that I could register for web-cert and received payment that way, but when I do that it says my personal information is incorrect, which it is not. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? I can’t believe that EDD is getting away with this game playing. Who do I contact for assistance?


I have tried endless times to register on web cert, but every single time, the following message appears at the bottom of the page: “The personal identification information provided is invalid. Please check the values and try again. If the problem persists, please try again in an hour.” So i called and actually spoke with someone who verified that all my info was correct. Then they said that i should go ahead and certify by mail and once it is processed and i receive my first payment, I will be able to register. (BTW, I’m also unable o use tele cert as well. Anyway, it’s now been 6 weeks and 3 payments later and i still can’t register!!! This is critical, because i have moved to another state and certifying by mail delay everything by a week. Has any body else had the same experience as me? What did you do about it/how was the problem resolved? Thanks.

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