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EDD Deserves EBOLA

October 24, 2014 · 0 comments

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These Government pieces of Shit have it coming !!!


They send me something in the mail every 2 days with this written on it…”ALLOW 10 DAYS FOR DELIVERY OF CHECK”. annoying as h*ll.

Of course still waiting. Work ended 9/28, first which was approved (processed) after waiting period is 10/18. Nothing yet. Might as well say 30 days at this point. That’s how long since I’ve worked and did everything right with their system!

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I was approved for unemployment benefits earlier this month. I have been collecting for the past 3 weeks but I recently got a letter in the mail in regards to an eligibility interview. I am so confused right now. I need help.


What happens if an employer gives you a lowballing pay? Is this considered refusing to work?


Have been doing online webcerts with no issue for the past two months or so, but I have one period (9/14-9/27) that seems to be stuck on “submitted”, and has not been paid.

The period AFTER that one for the first of October went through, but this random one appears to be stuck in limbo. Haven’t been able to talk to an EDD agent yet; has anyone had this happen or know how to fix?



October 22, 2014 · 0 comments

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Does anyone know if I can have a chiropractor sign my disability? Thank you


I’m writing this on behalf of my girlfriend. This is actually the second situation she’s been in with the EDD over the same employer. An appeal was done and the decision was reversed and she received over a month of benefits, but then she was told she had to have another interview for another discrepancy with the same employer. This time the 10 days have already passed and their are no notes or updates whatsoever on her case.

Every time she calls and gets a hold of somebody, the first person either gives her a hard time, or they just transfer her over to the interviews department where she’s always transferred to someone’s voicemail. This would be fine but no one returns her calls, ever.

At one point, in the first case that was overturned in her favor, we contacted an attorney, but the attorney said he didn’t deal with small cases. There has to be some kind of a 3rd party/division you can go to get some kind of resolve?


So I called Edd to ask why I haven’t received my payment. They told me I went to the meetings I was supposed to and had my resume on cal jobs, so there should be no reason for the hold they would have to wait and schedule a phone interview to fix this? And my payment will be with held until then? I have rent coming up and children to feed. This is ridiculous! Has anyone else had to do this? How long before they finally call you?


I did the web-cert on Sunday, its now Tuesday night with no payment. Usually i get my money the next day. Anyone else still without payment??


Can a chiropractor sign my disability paperwork if i hurt my back? Thank you


Tele certed Sunday and have not gotten anything yet. Normally I get around 945-1000. Anyone else get payment yet?