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I was recruited by a competetor. I was given a company vehicle to perform my job. I have had a company vehicle in the same job type for 10 years. My family has only one vehicle.

After working for new job they actively recruted me for (quit a job for them), I used the company vehicle in an emergency where my wife broke down. One time. Emergency. My new company, a small one owner company, never said I could never use it for personal use.

I was denied benefits because I was fired after only having the vehicle for 5 days and working there for 4 weeks! I was denied benefits because I broke a reasonable company rule.

If the rule is not communicated properly, I should still qualify. No other complaints about performance. No warnings. Company lied an said I had already received a warning (after one week?). I honestly didn’t think I would get fired if I explained the emergency (wife broken down, dark, late, by herself).

Filed appeal.. Sent to another Republican county. The owner once again stated I had been warned but admitted I had no other conduct problems. I denied the warning ever ocurred. The appeal judge asked if either of us had anything to add and the employer who fired me said he suspected drug use????!!!! What? Not true number one but can you just throw a statement out there like that? I was denied and could not beleive it.

I filed a 2nd level but waited almost 5 months for my first hearing.

Any thoughts??

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System Upgrade Sucks!!

October 16, 2017 · 12 comments

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New system and can’t log in! Kept telling me my password not correct. Tried requesting a new password…stated EDD sent me email with a link to get new one. Almost 4 hours later and still no email! I am now locked out of my account! I am mailing my claim form because who knows how long it will take to fix this. This is the reason I made sure they continued to send me paper claims even though I was doing online. I’m so pissed right now! More reasons to delay paying us!!


California will be implementing a new online system will it work better or what suck like everything else just about


Phone interview was scheduled for 10am-12pm yesterday, never came. Looked up similar stories on this site, found 909 383 4663, called before 8 am, got a recording “thanks for calling edd, thus office is close until 8 am”. After 8 am got thru to someone who asked for my social, but since I read in other stories that the same happened and they got their issue resolved I give my ssn, she then puts me on hold and comes back to say she couldn’t find my claim, but her best guess was to call 213 744 2137, and then said don’t call numbers you find on the Internet and give them your ssn because her number is not on any of the state websites! I almost laughed, but what’s done was done. I called the number she referred me to, it had similar recordings, another lady answered and immediately ask’s for my ssn again, I tell her im skeptical because of what just happened and give her the number, apparen’t that number goes to San Bernardino which caller ID confirmed. So since I already gave my ssn, I just give her it as well, she finds my name and says “Ms. SONNY” is handling my claim and she transfers me. I get sonny’s voicemail which asks to leave my name, number, and ssn. I left all but my SSN, now we wait to see if we get a call back.



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keep looking?

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I have been receiving UI for over a month now. I have just accepted a position, for a two week project, but it does not start for another month. The agency’s acceptance letter says I will cancel all pending interviews and quit job searching. I doubt if they can really make me do that, but what should I put down on the UI certification? Just carry on like I have been all along, looking for work?


Hi All,
Just curious…Had my phone interview yesterday ( 10/10)… How long does it normally take to get an answer? (My certs are still showing pending…)
EDD Rep. was pretty aggressive on the call…Should be cut and dry…Was terminated for slow business conditions…Thanks!

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