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I was unemployed for about 4 months from November-February due to lack of work at my regular job and filed a claim with EDD. I took a small part-time job for 3-4 weeks and stupidly didn’t report them with EDD because I misunderstood the question if I had worked (I took it as a question of if I had worked for the company I was claiming benefits for) It’s a little over a month later and I received a letter of determination for failing to update my resume (There was nothing to update from my previous claim, I had filed the previous year for 2 months for the same job). My benefits for the first two weeks of February were suspended and the last weeks I haven’t certified for because I started back at work on February 21st and do not need benefits. The phone interview is tomorrow and was looking for any tips and how I should bring up that I was overpaid if they would just not pay the few weeks they had suspended due to my resume not being updated.


usually if I cert at 12 am on sunday I get paid around 7 the same day.

but tomorrows presidents day, any one else get paid the day before a holiday?

my ui online says “paid for the last two weeks”


I usually file on Sunday at midnight and my money comes at 7 at night. This sunday I didn’t file until 3 a.m. does anybody know when my money will come.



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Website is SHIT
Won’t answer phone calls
Make an ISIS beheading video with these Bastards !!!

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this stupid EDD website. I can’t even finish my claim form


I’ve been claiming EDD for about 6 months now after I was laid off. Every 2 weeks I need to report that I am looking for jobs to receive my claim. As of now I have finally received a job offer and will start in March, but I have remaining money from previous claims in my EDD debit card.

Can I withdraw it all before I cancel my claim?
Is there any charges/payments after that I should know of?
Would it matter if I left the balance behind?

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Is there a way to check on a claim I filed last week?