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I’m going to appeal my over payment penalty, which has been outrageous – approx 30 weeks for $800.I want to see my full records – calls, claim forms submitted, payments received, etc, Is this possible?

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missing money

February 26, 2015 · 0 comments

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I received my last claim form and it only had the first week and the 2nd week had x’s all over it. Understandable I guess. It said my payment amount and that my balance after the payment was $16. Somehow for whatever reason I was instead paid only $16 and the rest of the money which should have appeared on my card is no where to be found.


I am having major ankle surgery in early April. I have not told my employer just yet. How early do any of you think I should confess? My company is not a major company such as Google or Apple. I am a bit nervous, but also want to do the right thing. I know they are not supposed to fire me for that, but technically, a company can find other ways. However, I also know I’m liked by my company.Once you officially go on a Medical Leave, is your job still protected?

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February 24, 2015 · 1 comment

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I’m interested in CTB for moving into medical fields. Anyone been approved for taking prereqs for LVN or RN programs at community colleges? Or trade school like Bay Area Medical Academy in SF or Contra costa medical career college in Antioch for medical assistant, pharmacy tech, phlebotomy or Kaiser in Richmond for radiology? Seems a lot of schools have been removed from the provider list. Did anyone get WIA funds? If working now, which program or school was best in the medical field? Thanks in advance.

Some say medical assist & phlebotomy are saturated fields. Don’t wanna waste time or money studying a field with no job prospects or poorly run trade school.

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Post when paid

February 23, 2015 · 6 comments

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You guys know the drill.


Called Bank of America for a hardship request because of an eviction notice. I haven’t recvd my debit card in the mail yet.. Now I called 12noon yesterday for the initial rqst. They mentioned a call back 3 to 5 hours to obtain confirmation. called back they said to call back again 3 to 5 hours for western union update their information. Called BofA 10 times yesterday.Spent all day 12-11pm trying to obtain this WestUnion# Not one could explain a realistic timeframe for this to process.. Last call of the day for them to call back this morning and should be updated.. Gave them til 12noon again just in case.. “Please call back in another 2hrs.?” They sound like a bunch of robots, trained to say the exact thing.? I’ve worked in a call center for 8yrs.customer care/escalations.. These reps are a Joke! Not at all helpful.. Pretty useless.. Anyone know how long this process usually takes? That’s all I want to know.. Thanks for your time.


I don’t understand whether or not you have to reopen your claim if you work for a week but earn more than your weekly benefit? If work 4 days one week and 5 the next week & job ends, you report the wages and hours but is your claim closed? Do you have to re-open the claim?

Ex: weekly benefit is $200 but you earn $350 one week worked 28 hrs and $500 the next week for 35 hrs.


Hey all – after submitting my first continued claim form, I got my second claim form in the mail. Instead of a check (or a BofA debit card) at the top of my second claim form it said: “NO BENEFITS ARE PAYABLE BECAUSE THE WEEK ENDING XXXX HAS BEEN APPLIED TO YOUR DISQUALIFICATION.” I received this second claim form 5 days ago. I’ve yet to receive an explanation letter informing me for the reason or duration of my disqualification. I put an email inquiry in with EDD but they don’t always respond in a timely fashion. For those who have been through this, how soon after this should I receive a notice explaining my disqualification and the length of period I’ll be in the penalty box? For context: I filed for unemployment several years ago after getting laid off from my first post-college job. I didn’t realize that you had to report part-time temp work while collecting unemployment. Dumb, I know, but I didn’t. Now, more than 5 years later EDD sent me a notice saying I’d been overpaid by $3k and I promptly set up a monthly payment system with them. But, then, bam! I got laid off from my current job and could no longer make the overpayment monthly payments. I still owe about $2.5k. What’s not clear to me yet is (1). How long my penalty/disqualification period is for; (2). What happens after the disqualification period has ended. Do they automatically deduct a portion of my overpayment balance from each bi-weekly claim payment or do they deduct 100% of each bi-weekly claim payment until my debt is settled? Thanks for any help you can provide!


claim form

February 21, 2015 · 0 comments

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I just reopened my claim and they told me i would submit on 2/22. I haven’t recieved claim form in mail but before i would recieve them ans just use web cert. I already had a waiting period this claim. Has anyone not recieved a claim form but it was on web cert?



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Hi everyone..i’ve been at my present job for almost a year. I need to have surgery in March, and cannot work from 1-3 months. I am going to tell my employer shortly that I must go on medical leave. If they terminate my employment while on leave, is this illegal? I have read countless websites, etc..but is there really a clear answer anywhere?

If I am on disability, and get fired..can I then transition to UI if I exhaust Disability??