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Tele certed Sunday and have not gotten anything yet. Normally I get around 945-1000. Anyone else get payment yet?


Please post when paid tonight


i filed edd back in Aug 1 2014, and received the material on Aug 10, 2014, but for some reason i didn’t send back the first continued form until Sept 25 2014, few days later i received 2nd and 3rd continued form, after that phone interview letter was also received last week and the interview was done this morning, the EDD guy told me that they will let me know their decision by sending me a letter, he didn’t mention or ask me about my last job, he just want to find out the reason why i sent out the continued form so late, so even i will not get my benefit for the weeks that being late, or i am not going to get any benefits? thanks alot and forgive my writing!


I mailed out my form Friday 10/17. When should I expect to get paid? Thanks for any help

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I’ve literally called EDD 40 times during the past week–all at different hours of the day–and those miserable fucks continue to make you wait through about five minutes of bullshit before they drop your call because they “too busy.” Too busy taking coffee breaks and laughing at the disadvantaged. The assholes could AT LEAST be honest and tell you that you have a 1% chance (or less) of ever speaking to anyone in that shit house they call EDD. FUCK every last one of those PRICKS and CUNTS!

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hi i did the telecert today sunday morning when do you usualy get paid tonight or tommorro night????

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Complain now!!!

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Hey folks! I have it from a very reliable source (I’m not saying who) that many of those local EDD offices in the community are getting ready to move to less convenient locations soon. EDD’s management doesn’t care who they’re inconveniencing either or how much money it’s gonna cost you to get to these new locations! What used to be a walk down the street to your local EDD office is now going to mean a drive across town or longer to get to your local EDD office. Complain now!!

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Here’s my situation and the info is all very generic and does not contain any actual personal information.

filed a claim due to being laid off back in June, slam dunk, no prob.

But my employer paid me as a contractor and not as an employee for the first 15 months of my employment, so my claim was based on 19 months of tenure when it was actually 34. And this employer has two other individuals that he did the same thing with, they left long before me and blew the whistle on him and got benefits.
So if I contact EDD to ask to amend my claim, I imagine I would have a good chance of approval.

My questions are this- If my current benefits are due to run out in mid-December and they ruled in my favor, would they extend the weeks or calculate a new bi-weekly amount and pay me the past difference? How do they calculate this so I can figure out whether it’s worth it monetarily to burn a bridge with a guy that might land up giving me more work down the line.

Many thanks in advance for your answers!


So I was fired while on short term disability . I got my determination letter saying that I quit my job for health reasons (again, I didn’t quit) and that I did not ask for a lighter work load (which was not offered to me nor was that even possible in my line of work) . So basically I disagree with their decision because I never quit and I wasn’t offered a lighter work load . I’m not sure how to word this appeal in the proper tOne I guess . Any help would be appreciated


I filed for UIB 32 days ago and just caught up with my first weeks’ pay. I had a week of disability back in May 2011 and was issued a card. Of course I do not have it anymore and it would be expired by now anyway, right? I was supposed to have been issued a card When I filed for unemployment, but was busy getting signed up for cal jobs, and getting my resume updated and out and did not even notice. And I should have read the entire page on edd site about debit cards. But after waiting like 3 weeks for phone interview that an additional phone interview would be needed in a week. So, I’m still not missing my “check”. Second phone interview came around and I was told the question had been answered by the first interviewer and my payment had been processed 2 days prior to the call. Of course there is a holiday thrown in there so I expected an additional delay. No panic yet, just trying to keep calm. Today as I was combing the web for info on what others had been thru, I kept seeing that debit card mentioned and got to thinking about my expired one and how funny it would be to have money sitting in an account I hadn’t used in more than 3 years. So I read every word on the edd site about debit cards and found 1 little paragraph that says ifthere has been no financial activity in last 6 months and balance on card is $19.99 or less a new card will not be automatically be issued. You have to contact B of A. So I called B of A and explained my story and sure enough, my first payment is sitting in there, to be joined tomorrow by the 2nd and 3rd payments. So I can get a new card in 7-10 business days, or I can pay rush shipping and get it in 3 days
I’ve been unemployed almost 5 weeks….guess what I chose? Now I ask you, would it have been so difficult for edd to add 1 sentence to their letters? “Our records indicate that you have a debit card already. Please contact B of A if this is not accurate”


I was laid off on 9/25 by my employer, having been told by the HR Director that after my 3 months there, that “It’s just not a good fit” and that they had a surplus of staff and insufficient work, particularly due to the loss of a large account that 5-6 staff worked on regularly.

I filed for EDD online that day, selecting “LAID OFF” as the reason and entering a brief explanation that there was not sufficient work for me to continue working. I received all the normal notices plus a notice that I was scheduled for a phone interview on 10/14; the form stated that I should be prepared to answer questions as to why I quit(??).

During the interview, the interviewer asked me about the reason I left and I explained the above to her, that I was laid off due to a lack of work, etc. She (interviewer) then said that given I was laid off I shouldn’t even be interviewed. She asked if there was anyone at my company she could call to confirm my story and said that to date my company had not replied to any of EDD’s notices and that she couldn’t get anyone on the phone. I gave her the direct # of our HR Director; she said she would call the HR Dir. right then and that as long as they confirm what I said she could finalize my claim and authorize payment that day.

I called the interviewer back today to see if she had heard from my company. She stated she had not and inferred that my company has until tomorrow to respond. She then said that after that she would have to proceed and “finalize” my claim. I asked her what would happen with my claim (approve or deny) if my company doesn’t respond and she said she could not tell me either way, and that she had 10 days from my interview to finalize. I’m fairly certain that my company will not respond. Does anyone have any advice/experience/knowledge to share on what will likely happen if my company doesn’t respond?

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