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Award $/26 weeks?

January 28, 2015 · 1 comment

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Hi everybody. I was laid off at the very end of October of 2014 and applied for unemployment one week into November. I began receiving my bi-weekly benefits by the week of 11/24. My award amount in total was approximately $3400 and said to expire 11/15/15. I assumed that that would be reassessed based on a later base period once it ran out, but I’ve been getting a lot of conflicting information with regards to extensions. I understand that everything past 26 weeks is over due to shoddy legislation. That said, as far as I am aware, Californians are entitled to 26 weeks of benefits that are good for up to one year, but I will hit $0 well before the 26 weeks are up. Given the fact that that initial amount will run out in four weeks as of the last amount I received, I should have benefits through May, no?

I’m not sure if that’s considered an extension and I need to be freaking out about the fact that I haven’t found new work yet, or if EDD will automatically reset my award once I hit $0 this time.

For the record, I haven’t had many issues to date with EDD. I’ve been grateful for the help. I’m just really confused by the lack of information online about this particular issue.

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1099 G Tax form

January 28, 2015 · 3 comments

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Hey guys/gals, just wanted to check if you you all have received the 1099 G form yet from EDD?


Report of Claim Status

January 28, 2015 · 0 comments

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Before you move forward with an appeal by a denial of the EDD take the time, in advance of any hearing, to go look at your case file. In the case file there are “reports” generated by the EDD and its agents. If its agents have lied in their “Report” it will be in their. Then you can meet that challenge by showing that what the EDD has claimed as “fact” is either falsity or opinion, masked as “material fact”. If this site gets shut down it is because people here are whistle-blowing the EDD and some of its agents.


Got laid off.

Applied for unemployment benefits;

Registered for Cal-Works and uploaded my resume to their system;

Received NOTICE OF UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE AWARD from EDD listing my benefit amount;

Never received further communications from EDD

I write EDD (via Ask EDD email) to say I have not received any further communication since receiving NOTICE OF UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE AWARD;

EDD responds that it has now been more than 30 days since I filed my claim so I have to refile/re-open my claim;

I figure, it’s probably just a mail mix up and I’ll just do what they say and re-open my claim.


Another 30 days goes by and I do not receive any email, mail, phone messages from EDD;

I contact Ask EDD again via email and explain I’ve now filed twice, but after filing/re-opening, I never receive further communication from them. And, yes, I have confirmation numbers from filing/re-opening.

I finally get an email response from EDD after 12 days. The response says that they have no record of receiving my first continued claim form back from me and that because it has been more than 30 days again, I will need to refile/reopen;

This is insanity. How can I send them my first continued claim form if THEY won’t send it to me first?? It’s been a couple of years since I’ve had to dealt with EDD. I know things are mostly electronic now, but don’t they still have to send you your FIRST continued claim form via snail mail? Their own Web-Cert page says that before you can start Web-Cert you have to have NOTICE OF UNEMPLOYMENT AWARD (DE429) – which I *do*, and your CONTINUED CLAIM FORM (DE 4581) – which I do *not*.

Can anyone offer any hope? If I refile/reopen now for a THIRD time, will I finally receive my CONTINUED CLAIM FORM (DE4581) within 30 days of filing? This is getting so depressing.


I think they are bankrupt and hiding the fact so they can keep enough funding to keep their own jobs. It’s seems like such total conspiracy. And it’s tough to know that EDD is a private company, making profit off the unemployed through subsidies from the State, yet they have immunity because as a “branch of the State” they are protected by the 11th amendment which basically says you can’t sue the State. Is there no accountability? The State has no patience when it comes to making citizens pay for violations of the law. And what reeeeeealluy irks me is knowing that if we did our jobs at their level of efficiency, we wouldn’t qualify for unemployment, because we’d BE F@$#ING FIRED!


Does anyone know if when you get approved for the cLifornia training benefits do they extend your unemployment? If so, for how long?


1/26/15 – Post When Paid

January 26, 2015 · 7 comments

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You guys know the drill..


Has anyone received payment after the MLK holiday? I called edd and they havent even processed my last claim. Is this due to the holiday or??


So for some reason from 1/4 to 1/10 was a one week claim, though I have been getting benefits since July and it has ALWAYS been 2 weeks at a time. Since I did not realize this was happening I did not log in to file my claim until 1/16 thinking it was the normal 2 week period. It has been two weeks since 1/10 and there is no new claim for me!! I think that since I took a week to file my last claim they ended my benefits without saying anything to me. I really feel like I was tricked. Now I have to try to call them (OMG kill me now) and see what happened and have them reopen my claim if they indeed ended it. Do you think they can reinstate the claim from 1/11-1/24 and I can turn it in late?? I feel like it’s totally not my fault!! I was so angry when I realized this when I logged in today. Rent is going to be due soon :(

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I’ve filed my EDD claim on my last working day i.e Dec 19th and subsequently my claim was approved. After many weeks, my first payment came through for a week. Today I logged in to certify for the next 2 weeks and I see only 1 week available to certify. Has this happened before? Here is the timeline

12/19 – Laid off due to end of contract
12/19 – File claim
12/24 – Approval notice
1/10 – Paper claim received in the mail for the week of 12/21 to 1/3
1/16 – Payment approved for one week ending in 1/3
1/21 – Logged in to webcert and see only one week was available. i.e from 1/4 to 1/10

Has anyone faced this before?


I was supposed to be paid on Saturday but nothing yet. Anyone know what going on or when they think ill get paid? Any infor would be great this is my second payment.. SDI