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Do yo supposed to mail your first claim form


web cert down??

April 18, 2015 · 10 comments

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Anyone else realize or experiencing not being able to get to the web cert website???



April 17, 2015 · 1 comment

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I was getting Paid Family Leave, and now am switching to Unemployment. I received my continued claim form, however, the first three days of week 1 I was on Paid Family Leave. How do I claim the last four days, but not the first three? Has anyone gone through this?

My best guess would be to check that I worked or earned money on question 6 and put PFL as the employer, but that just seems wrong. I don’t want to fill the form out wrong because it’s such a hassle whenever anything isn’t done perfectly with EDD.

Please only answer if you for sure know how to properly fill out the form.

Thank You!


So I just got off the phone with a rep this morning. She said they are scheduling an interview with me to verify that I’m still looking for work even though I sold a few things on the internet a few weeks ago and put it on my claim form. Apparently they do one interview for this and then flag the account in case I claim more sales in the future, so they don’t have to keep scheduling an interview. How kind. I looked all over the site but couldn’t find where it mentions claiming money from online sales-even the rep had to ask her sup for an answer.

Last time they scheduled an interview with me I got a call without any notice in the mail and of course I missed it because I had no idea it was for EDD. I received the notice in the mail THE DAY AFTER the day they scheduled my interview. The rep told me that this is a known problem that they are working on but to contact them tomorrow to see when the interview is scheduled so I don’t miss another one because the mail is slow.

tl;dr If you suspect you may be scheduled for an interview just call and try to figure out when it is. They have been screwing up with the timing of the letters they send out and you could be scheduled for an interview before you get the notice in the mail.

Also, if you make an internet sale (through ebay, personal website, etc.) you should put it on your cert form. They will schedule an interview to make sure it’s not a full time job and you are still looking for full time work. Once they clear you for that you can continue to put it on the cert forms and they won’t schedule more interviews.

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April 15, 2015 · 1 comment

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I didn’t realize EDD is only for 6 months now?! I am currently taking a class via WIA but I didn’t notify EDD (no one told me to and was under the assumption they were one in the same) so now I was told I will probably have to appeal to get additional benefits until I’m finished with school in June! This is such bs!!

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i heard there were some people that didn’t get paid last week so i want to start this early so we can see if there’s still issues or if we should anticipate any tonight