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WASHINGTON—The number of new claims for jobless benefits rose last week but remained at historically low levels, supporting other signals of an improving labor market.

Initial claims for unemployment benefits, a proxy for layoffs, increased by 3,000 to a seasonally adjusted 287,000 in the week ended Oct. 25, the Labor Department said Thursday. Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal had forecast 285,000 claims last week.

Jobless claims remain at historically low levels and the U.S. third-quarter GDP expanded at a 3.5% rate. Barron’s reporter Chris Dieterich and WSJ’s Simon Constable discuss. Photo: Getty
Claims for the previous week were revised up by 1,000 to 284,000. The Labor Department said there were no special factors impacting the data.

Jobless-claim figures had been trending down recently and touched the lowest level since April 2000 earlier this month. Claims have climbed somewhat since, but remain consistent with an economy that is steadily adding jobs.

The four-week moving average for initial claims, which smooths out week-to-week volatility, fell by 250 last week to 281,000. That is the lowest average reading since May 2000.

The report showed the number of people filing continuing claims for unemployment benefits increased by 29,000 to 2.38 million for the week ended Oct. 18. Those figures are reported with a one-week lag.

The unemployment rate in September fell to 5.9%, the lowest level since 2008. Meanwhile, payroll growth has accelerated this year from the sluggish pace recorded during the five-year old economic recovery.

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I recently got out of the military and collected unemployment benefits for 6 months and that was it. I was told to reapply in October so I did and EDD says my claim is invalid. So is that it. Do Veterans only get 6 months of benefits and then the boot?



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About a year ago, I was on unemployment and I would webcertify and usually receive my payment on Tuesday around 9pm. Has something changed? Trying to get some info before I waste hours trying to call edd. I am in southern ca..

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I had an issue this morning that need to be resolved. It was easier than ever to get through. I was treated so well I might call everyday just to chat. Wuz up with that. Who ever is running the show now is GOOD. So piss on that. No one can!!!

Here is our reply:
Kev, The interviewer determined there is no issue. Payment for the 2 weeks ending 10/25/14 was authorized today and should be available on your debit card within 48 hours.
Your Reference Number is 8

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I’m rolling off U/I this week. Am considering a seasonal Tax Preparer job if I qualify; but am wondering if this sort of seasonal job would qualify for U/I like a temp job would qualify. (Of course assuming income limit, time of filing, and no fault of my own requirements are all met). Thanks for any insight.

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Post when paid


what the f*ck….. my payment is mere pocket change and they have not payed me for 33 f*cking days…. what the f*ck is going on?



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Hi can someone tell me after you run out of ur reward benefits is that it or do we get a few months of extension if I haven’t find a job yet?


I am collecting UI benefits and moved out of CA back on October 14th. I informed EDD of the move and they have changed my address in the system and on the debit card. I took a red eye flight on the 14th so it didn’t affect me looking for work and no time was lost in being available. I just webcerted my claim today like normal. Will the payment be held up because of the move? I haven’t received anything in the mail from EDD and it’s been over a week since I changed my address.

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I recently received the final payment from a contract that I landed prior to filing for unemployment. I tried to report it on my weekly claim form but there are only 5 boxes printed for the amount (3 places for dollar amount and 2 places for cents). My payment was higher than $999 so I just squeezed it all in, but later I received a duplicate form indicating that the wages (6a) were incomplete. How should I fill this out correctly?

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