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Yes I know it looks bleak that anything will happen this year but at least some are still fighting for what is right and not totally giving on us yet or bragging and boasting like most of the GOP that cutting EUC magically created all these jobs and fixed unemployment and the economic issues we face.


Looks like the republican plan of obstruction and cutting EUC is not curing the problems like they claim it did. Can’t wait to hear all their boasting and bragging when they get back.

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You can’t make this stuff up!

Huff Post also has an article.


Let’s keep voting in Democrats to clean up the mess. What’s that you say, they were all Democrats!! And the arrest rate at the capitol in Sacramento is higher than the whole state, including the major cities.


Hi all,

I started a new job. The pay is $16/hour, and everyone is so nice. No one bothers or hounds me, they just let me work at my pace. I’m also starting evening classes towards continuing my Computer Science degree in a few days.

The problem is that I’ve been having the worse reflux-type symptoms imaginable. Pain has been an issue at times, but really, the worst issue has been the bad nausea, and strong sensation that I have to throw up. This is ESPECIALLY bad anytime I have to sit down, or drive a car.

Just trying to figure out what to do. I started Nexium a few days ago on Thursday evening. Was thirsty as I got up in the morning, so I took a drink of water, and felt nauseous – Feeling a bit better after taking the Nexium.

Anyway, it will take some time before my work benefits start to kick in, and in the meantime, I still have previous health insurance, but virtually no time to see a doctor between work and now that school will be starting.


A State audit found the EDD routinely denies UI claims and that over half of them are later reversed on appeal.

The audit’s major findings: EDD workers did not adequately determine whether alleged false statements by jobless workers were willful, did not always contact them and their employers to gather necessary information, and conducted insufficient fact-finding before denying unemployment benefits.

“When over half of unemployment insurance claimants who appeal their EDD decision win their cases, there is clearly a breakdown in the system”

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Mailed form on Mon. with partial earnings for one of the two weeks claimed. Usually get an email at the latest on Thurs. night. It’s Friday night and still nothing. Anyone else. Please share.


So I just received a letter from edd saying my balance after this payment is $0.00 after only 3 months. I was under the impression that California benefits lasted 26 weeks. Can someone please clear this up for me?

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will never get UI now

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Steve King Threatens Government Shutdown Over Obama’s Pending Immigration Move

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Congressman Paul Ryan on immigration, Obamacare and the economy


So, back in March I filed for unemployment for the first time. Because of the base period stuff my benefits were calculated incredibly low (basically not even 75% of my income was considered from my last full time job), and they ran out in less than 4 months. It was not even enough money a month to pay for rent much less anything else…

But, I still have 2 other base periods where I was earning income. I naively went through the claim process again, assuming that my claim running out of benefits meant the end of my claim. This was of course incorrect. I even said “yes” that I had a claim from the past year and it let me continue (others have said this has stopped them from going further in the process).

Sooo I ended up getting the letter saying my claim is not expired and I have to wait until March 2015. This would mean NONE of the rest of the money I earned in my last job would be counted, and I would no longer be eligible unless something changes job wise between now and then.

Is there anything at all I can do about this? Will “cancelling” my claim make it expire? Or am I, as I assume, simply screwed here?