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I recieved a bonus on 5/31. I reported it when I certified on 6/12, and was given a phone interview on 6/23 to explain the payment. It was for performance for when I was previously employed, so it should not affect my benefits. At the end of the interview, they said they just needed to contact the employer to confirm.

I will certify again this Sunday. Has anyone experienced something like this? I’m down to my last few dollars and really worried that this delay is going to affect my next certification as well. My daughter just broke her brand new glasses, and I can’t even afford the stupid deductible to get them replaced until I get my payment.

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this phone #(800)480-2387 is To the East Bay Times office to see you news papers nothing to do with SDI!!!!!!


You will get responses WAAAAAAY faster with email. Its also a lot simpler and a lot less annoying.

Emails may not answer all your questions specifically, as many responses are from templates, but I have never been able to reach a real person on the phone.


I normally get paid by 7pm weds but nothing. Wondering of there is a delay this week???


Can’t get a hold of a real human representative on the phone by calling 1800-300-5616?
I have a cool secret shortcut for you!

(note – I got this to kinda work once, and once put on hold it kicked me off – so I retried and couldn’t get it to work) plz try and send feedback. together we can do this!

Call 1-866-333-4606 instead
after the english prompt, press 1
then wait 1-2 seconds while the male voice starts
then quickly press the secret code “1671” (called 1800-300-5616 to figure this out – thank goodness – it might be an extension?)
if you get “invalid entry” retry 2-3 times… the code will eventually work (fuck the automated guy)
press 1 to enter pin (Don’t have a pin? Press 2 to set it up)
Enter your social
wait while they process your request
Listen to the guy ramble for a second or two.
then press 0 to talk to a person.
(you be put on hold for x minutes.
Talk to a person!



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I certified through telecert couldn’t get through till about 945pm. Still waiting on my money and its Tuesday afternoon. Am i the only one going through this?????


I’m new to receiving unemployment. I certified my benefits last night on the web around 8:00pm PST. Under my claim history, the status of my last two weeks is listed as paid with a corresponding comformation number. However, umder my payment activity, those two weeks are not listed. Is this normal? Additionally, how much time usually passes once the status of a week is listed as paid before I will receive money in my EDD BofA account? Thank you for your patience with a new comer trying to navigate the program