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Once edd confirms that you are paid benefits and you haven’t received debit card call bank of America to make sure EDD has notified them about sending you debit card. I learned the hard way waiting only to find out my pay was loaded into an expired card. Just trying to help anyone.Rush UPS delivery cost $10 and dont bother with tracking # cos bofA doesn’t seem to have it. I called several times only to get tracking # the day package was due to arrive to me.


To say that “EDD SUCKS” is the equalivient of “Bill Gates has a few extra dollars.”


Waited 10 weeks for an appeal hearing. Original decision was REVERSED. (AKA I WON!)

Now I must prove why 2 weeks of filings were late. BTW… This MUST be resolved before the 7 weeks at $444.00 which are NOT in question can be paid.

“All claims must be paid in order.”

NOW… How often is a police officer placed on administrative leave, receiving full pay, while a shooting is investigated? Every Day.

SO… My appeal of their decision took ten weeks. I was presumed GUILTY and therefore not paid one penny. I was able to prove my case and now find myself arguing with them again… SO THAT I MAY CLAIM WHAT I HAVE PAID FOR.

JUST ONCE I would like to see my government actually do something in MY BEST INTEREST.



Dates all wrong

April 27, 2016 · 0 comments

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I got my appeal info in mail yesterday and have 6 days to prepare. Employer claims I got fired 3/3/16 for misconduct for an incident on the day before 3/2/16, which was my day off. They also stated I was verbally warned on 1/16/16 which is on a Saturday and no one works on Saturday. Are these discrepancies alone enough to win my case or do I need to get into more details of what happened?


I received a letter from EDD disallowing unemployment benefits because they can’t confirm my identity as being John Bessler the California Drivers license and form 1099 SSA the yearly tax statement sent by the Social Security Administration is not good so they want a birth certificate which I will have to pay for and wait two months. I called my Assemblywoman’s office and they are working on it.
This political retaliation for me blowing the whistle on Medi-Cal fraud to the Bureau of State Audits and Assemblywoman ordering an investigation of Department of Health Services Medi-Cal Division. It is revenge against me for being a snitch. I have been rejected twice by EDD only to have the Administrative Law Judge overturn EDD which is part of the Health and Agency Agency is a former Director of under Arnold. I am going to fight this if I have to hire an attorney to fight these crooks.


Son filed for EDD and was awarded $121, I thought that was low so I looked at his paperwork and found that his last employer never posted pay, turns out the employer had the wrong social on file (transposed a number) anyway all is fixed now, new weekly benefit is $191 however the first 10 weeks were paid $70 short. Will EDD pay those back benefits since this was not his error?

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