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Lucky me , someone got a copy of my card and wiped my account out last Sunday (which was my birthday)! Luckily , I filed a claim and my money was returned. However, they had to send a new card! Going on a week now , haven’t had access to any money and my card still hasn’t arrived ! I don’t understand why I can’t go in to a BofA and pull money out . This is a crock of shit. End rant

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I sent off my time sheet on 12/15 this past Monday. Usually my money is on the EDD debit card Friday morning. Anyone receive payment today?


Dear All,

Like you, the job market is kicking my butt. Like alot of you, I plan to switch career fields since this is the best time. My question to you is, do people get caught having unpaid internships while collecting EDD? How does one go about this? I really feel that unemployment insurance should cover people trying to better their job prospects by working for FREE for the experience. Anyways, any help would be appreciated. Feeling completely useless and want to at least function at some sort of job setting and hope for a shot at a job instead of sitting on my butt and sending out my resumes to the internet black hole.

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December 18, 2014 · 0 comments

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I have been trying for 8 or 9 months to get an EDD ID number for our business and I am STILL waiting. Just received a letter from the EDD from one of my many requests and they said my registration form was illegible!! It was a PDF that I filled out on line, printed and mailed! There was no kind of handwriting on the form other then my signature. No other explanation, nothing. What kind of crap is that? I have called these people 4 times as well as mailed them on multiple occasions. I swear to goodness this has got to be the saddest government agency I ever dealt with. They suck.


So my UI benefits will run out in March . However, I’ll be starting classes spring semester at my local community college . Does anyone know if I can get an extension on my benefits since I’ll be in school?

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employer fired me for my insisting they pay me legally “OVER” the table, not cash under the table.
i know i am eligible for edd money as lost job due to no fault of my own.
but is it hard to get edd $ in this case? take long time?


Hopefully, EDD monitors this site.

I have 2 ongoing and repeating issues. One is repeatedly being locked out of my online access, even a day after changing my password, AGAIN. I’ve been on disability since early November, and have literally not have the same password for more than 3 days before I get locked out and start all over again.

Last night I was issued temporary password; it did not work then and it does not work today, 12 hours later. Locked out again.

Like everyone else, the phone system access is horrible. I’ve been on since 10AM today, 2 hours, and the maximum number of callers is reached. I have called continuously. Is there only one EDD operator?


So I had to mail in my previous claim because I had worked two days of the first week of my claim. I had read somewhere else on here that the fact that you report earnings may delay the payment and I just wanted to double check if that was correct? I’ve been waiting quite a few days now. (Mailed it in the same day I recieved it, last Monday)This is my first time mailing it in, so I wasn’t sure how much that can slow things down?


I recieved my payment on time through web-cert but did not receive my full payment. I Didn’t file any money earned or anything for this period. Anyone else have this problem or know what the problem could be?

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Fighting for an Appeal

December 15, 2014 · 1 comment

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okay so i’m trying to get my appeal…i’ve filed for my unemployment last month. Only to receive another letter to include a copy of my I.D., Social Security or Birth Certificate. I gave them a copy of my I.D. and Social Security only to receive a letter of an appeal saying that i didn’t turn in any of the 3. So I turn in my appeal a week later I get a call from someone that works at the Los Angeles Adjudication cntr due to the fact that they gave me the wrong social security on my papers. The lady tells me that I will be seein’ a judge to show proof of my identification. Several days later I get another appeal letter saying that I did not turn in any of the papers that they wanted like my I.D., Social Security and Birth Certificate. I tried went to one of the office located near by me they give me a vague answer on what to do. I’ve tried calling them I get no response. I’ve tried emailing them. I get no response. My only idea was going to the LA adjudication cntr but I don’t think they have an address. So I have no idea what the hell to do because they are so vague. They sent me 2 papers to fill out as if I was receiving benefits that I can mail to the authorization center but I’m not sure if its even useful cuz i’m not receiving shit from them. Any ideas what I can do?

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post when paid

December 15, 2014 · 8 comments

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Post when you get paid in this order; city,time, and the way you certified.