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GM everybody!

There are a few posts on here asking about CTB TEs. Thus, this is for all who asked:

A CTB TE is not an automatic approval, but it is one of the simplest decision process in all of UI. The reg/law is very clear and simple. And, BTW, it matters NOT if you are in CTB through WIA, ETP, CALWORKS, or SELF.

In order to be eligible for a TE, you MUST HAVE requested CTB training PRIOR TO your 16th week of UI being PAID. This is the entire requirement – nothing else. If your CTB training request was made by you prior to your 16th week of UI being paid, you WILL be eligible for the TE. If your CTB training request was made AFTER your 16th week of UI was paid, you will NOT be eligible for the TE. That’s it. So you’ll know going in where you stand.

Many – way too many people (you’d be surprised!), request for CTB when they see that they are almost out of funds – like the 20th, 23rd, 26th week! Even if you request it in your 17th week, you’ll not qualify for the TE.

Many claimants Appeal. Telling the ALJ that “I didn’t know about the 16th week regulation…” will not matter, as the ALJ can’t change the law. ALJs overturn EDD decisions in cases where the law was NOT properly applied, or NEW info/evidence is received at the Appeal hearing, which requires a change to a decision (one way or another).

I hope this info helps many of you, and in the future, if you see someone asking this again, direct them to the “search” feature on this site and inform them to type in CTB TE.



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I love how if they don’t meet the 48 hour deadline they change their story saying it now takes 7-10 business days. Which is?!



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I know the extensions are a big deal right now, but this site is completely being taken over by talk of whether or not they will pass. There are people with legitimate questions regarding claims and current problems on EU right now who intend to utilize this site as well. For everyone’s sake I pray the extensions pass, however nothing can be done until we have an answer, so all of the posts until that point (unless you are sharing your particular story) are null and void. I’m sorry. I feel horrible for saying, but it would be nice if all of the posts simmered down a tad bit.

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The White House will reveil a 500 million & 100 million dollar job training. They should included this with the euc bills something is wrong here.


Good Morning Shawn,

It’s 5:40 A.M. in CA, and when I opened this site, the first thing which popped-up is a p0rn site for me to download. I X’ed out of it, and then got into here. I’m using an iPhone 5. Just thought you should know.

Have a terrific day!

Thanks much :)



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I’m moving tree trunks today and I had a Bugs Bunny moment… stupid is as stupid does as I dropped a stump and it landed on the upturned spade of a shovel causing the handle to fly up and whack me in the brow cutting a 1″ long bloody gash.
I cover the cut and get on the net to get phone numbers and start calling cheapo clinics, how much to stitch without insurance….$350
I figure an emergency room would bill me over a thousand for the next year.
Can’t get into deeper debt!
The Gov. declined my previous ObamaCare application two months ago and passed me off to Medi-Cal as I had no income and have yet to hear from them…but I still have a job lined up. I start next month and will get insurance through them.
Living on the edge in America…caught in the middle, I understand why some people go postal as if you lose everything you have nothing to lose.
Reading some posts and comments before I figured that many were Drama Queens or making shit up as I have never done triage on myself before…. looking at a bloody face in the mirror and throwing alcohol into the wound like some outtake from the movie Terminator.
It’s crazy in America when you almost get knocked out.



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Is there a way to file a complaint about the incompetence of edd workers?????


I exhausted all of my benefits for my initial 26 week claim. I am on CTB through WIA, and therefore qualify for a training related extension. I emailed edd requesting an extension be filed and they mailed me a form for a telephone interview. I had my interview and was I formed the training extension would be filed. It has been almost 2 weeks I have been waiting for my claim forms, so I called and finally got through to someone who said my extension was never filed, and that he would be doing so today. WHAT THE FUCK was the interview scheduled for if they never filed my claim!!!!! In addition I have been emailing them for new claim forms and they keep telling me they were mailed out but when I talked to the rep today he said my claim was exhausted so he doesn’t know what they mailed out!!! Incompetent!!!!!!! I am trying to finish school so I can have a better job and not go through this BS again. Why can’t just one person work on a claim instead of it going through everyone elses hands!!!! I have already had my car repoed because of late Payments, and everyone giving me the run around now this!!!!!!!!!


I’m still trying to receive this payment. After e-mailing the department every day for 6 months I finally received a response with a phone number to an adjuster’s desk.

He told me I would receive my payment today. No payment, not even a call from him to tell me what happened.

I will call him tomorrow. As soon as I receive my payment I will be emailing my congressman and post his number here, for those who want a direct line to an actual person.


My CTB training extension was never filed. Even though I had a telephone interview especially for that. I called today to find out the hold up only to discover they never did anything past my interview. Now the gentleman I spoke today said that we would handle the extension filing. I think to many people are working on everyone else claim forms and nothing ever gets accomplished because so many edd workers have their hands on it. Ridiculous!!!!! Who the hell is running this shit Mickey Mouse????


He approves an 18 billion dollar aide package to the Ukraine gangsters without blinking, another 380 million to Syria to help with their refugee problem and another 500 million to Jordan to help them out with their refugee problem. Add on 500 million in loan guarantees to Tunisia (where the “F” is Tunisia anyway!!!) but he thinks our State workers can’t handle 10 billion whacked up 50 different ways to get into the hands of starving children’s parents who’ve been out of work 6 months or longer????? What was his major in College??? He’s turned his back on Americans and should be charged with Treason!