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Anyone been paid after memorial weekend


please post when paid

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I always certify at 12:00 AM on Sunday (5/24 this time) and get paid Monday night. It is now Tuesday (5/26) 6:00 PM and I have yet to get paid. How about you guys?


I was denied benefits by my previous company because of alleged misconduct on my part. I consider this just the continued harassment that I received from them because I was the chief union steward for our office. The harassment included constant monitoring of my computer and managers harassing me and my co-workers. The company was suspending and firing people and not giving reasons why. I was put on suspension pending further investigation by the company on March 5th. I was then finally terminated on March 19th, and the company has faught on receiving benefits since then. I was supposed to have a hearing on May 13th, but EDD did not adhere to the sending out the notification 10 days before hand and mailed the notification on May 8th. I then received it on the afternoon of May 13th and my hearing was at 9:45am that morning. I sent in an appeal and the reasons I appealed on May 15th, but when I called EDD today they said they had no received anything and my case was still denied.

Not sure what I can do. Any help is appreciated.


Post Paid.. Just want to know when everyone recvd payment.. Thanks


Good morning! I usually certify on Sunday AM and my money is deposited to my card Monday around 9:45 PM. Nothing was deposited Monday night – is it because Monday was a holiday? Does anyone have experience with Monday holidays, specifically will my money most likely be deposited tonight (Tuesday)? Thanks!

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I was fired for texting a coworker a comment about another coworker. My claim for unemployment has been denied. What’s the chance of winning the appeal?

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