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The EDD is claiming we should file on line to save time. I did so and the EDD rep. claims they never received my claim even though I printed out the confirmation page with my confirmation number. I should have called the very next day to verify that EDD received my Unemployment Insurance claim instead of waiting ten days to call.


Here is a step-by-step method of contacting EDD.

As of right now, we are pretty much current on answering emails (Answering 04/23/14 as we speak) so please send them!

Category: Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Sub-Category: Payments

Topic: Where is my payment?

You will be asked to fill out your personal information (make sure it matches with the information you originally provided to the department. You will then have 4000 characters to type out. Even if your question isn’t directly related to payments, we may still be able to help you. It’s essentially the same thing as calling through the 1-800 number.




Over paid.

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I’m a 23 year old from Santa Rosa, CA.
I belong to a company that was newly launched and has had trouble growing, so in order to stabilize we downsized which means less hours. I applied for unemployment due to the fact that I was having trouble making ends meet.When I applied they lost my paperwork? I was stuck in limbo. It took about 2 months before I received my first payment which was quite big because of how long the process took, so it accumulated. “During the wait I was forced to use a credit card for food, gas, etc.” When I applied I was very clear that I was working part-time and specified by letting them know my pay per hour, my schedule, and my gross income every week.From then on I found it more convenient to certify every week by using EDD tele-cert because I found the form to be confusing, I was already overwhelmed with all the paperwork prior to opening my edd claim.My claim started in May and ended in December, by that time I was on the extension so my claim ended even if I had still funds. In April I got a letter telling me that I was eligible to reapply for unemployment,they gave me a time and date when I was going to have a phone interview. It all went well till I was asked If I was working? I let her know that I was and that I was still part-time. She went back and checked the files and said that I didn’t report any income since I first applied for EDD!?
She explained to me that I was suppose to check a little box in the claim form and fill out the back for every week that i’ve worked. She then let me know that I was going to receive a letter and to read it carefully and follow as instructed. I went ahead and sent them everything that they requested. To my surprise I get 4 letters from edd, two of them were notices of overpayment which combined was $8,000 plus that I had to payback and the other two were notices of determination. What do I do!? I can’t afford to pay that!


malcom x

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we need a malcom x of our generation some one with xray vision.


they just want big oil big tabbacco big corporate juggernauts who use capitalism as an invisivility cloack for what ever gods they worship in those ivy league secret societyes

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I filed for UI in March 2014. Missed my interview, but managed to reach someone one week later and I had my interview then. I submitted my claim form via WebCert April 7. Still no payment as of today. I called again and got through. The guy said a decision still hadn’t been made. People I worked with have all been paid, but I have not. I fear my claim is languishing indefinitely in someone’s in-box. WebCert says my claim is “submitted.” Meanwhile, I have bill collectors who are going unpaid. What can I do? Is there some way I can trigger the system to pay me? There is no controversy over being entitled to the money. It’s just stuck. I have a feeling I will not get paid, and they also will not reject my claim. I feel like this is being done as a means of not paying me for a claim I’m entitled to. Should I refile?


When Congress returns to Washington following the two-week Easter break, members will once again take up the contentious matter of extending unemployment benefits to the millions of American workers whose unemployment insurance benefits have expired.
In recent years, the national jobless rate has soared, growing to more than ten percent in 2009. Since then, the government has extended or expanded the federal benefits 11 times, most recently in January 2013.

That last extension expired on December 28, 2013, leaving unemployed Americans in dire circumstances.

Recently, former White House chief economist Alan Krueger wrote a paper for the Brookings Institution, studying data on long-term unemployment from 2009 to 2013. Krueger discovered that about 36 percent of the workers studied were in a job 15 months later. But, closer examination of the data revealed something grim: Only 11 percent were in steady, full-time jobs.



Hello everyone, does anyone know a number you can actually talk to a human in Northern California? Somebody please help me out with any number but the 800 numbers, PLEASE and thank you in advanced!!



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Dear Governor Brown,

I’ve written to you before about the EDD and this will probably be the last. I sent the following to the EDD just a few moments ago.

I received a letter from the EDD stating that my claim form and duplicate claim form for week ending 03/29/2014 contained “inaccurate or incomplete information” and to call 800-300-5616 immediately but no later than May 2, 2014.
I called this morning as instructed and told the CSR why I was calling. I was put on hold for a brief period and when he returned he explained to me that the wages I claimed exceeded any benefit payment. I already knew this because for nearly two years, I’ve managed to work part time while seeking full time employment. I claim all of the wages I earned during every period and if my wages fell below $550.00 for any week, I would receive a supplement from UI benefits. Now it appears that something has changed and I will no longer receive any claim forms while my claim is still active. My part time work doesn’t guarantee me any hours and the hours can vary from 20 to 30 or more hours a week. Recently there was no work for me and thankfully, I received a whole weeks benefit from EDD.
I have been consistently & correctly filing claim forms for nearly two years now. It would have been nice to have been notified of this change in protocol however instead, I receive a letter telling me that I made a mistake when in fact the mistake was made by the EDD system informing me of such and the CSR agreed with me that there is a “problem with the system”.
Now I’m told that if I make less than $550.00 for any week, I have to re-file?!
Who’s running the show there? Whoever or however many geniuses are behind the wheel, it’s most evident that the EDD needs an enema.
Every time EDD fixes something, it screws something up even more than before the fix.
I’m truly ashamed to say I’m a Californian knowing that there is such rampant incompetency.


Hey all,
I usually get paid on Wednesdays or Thursdays and I use mail certification. It appears to be late this week. Anyone else have this problem or have you certified and have gotten paid? Thanks!