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So I tried to log into my account because last week when I made the account I forgot my username and I need to get my claim # to give to my hospital. Now ive retrieved my username but it’s been so long I’ve forgotten my password, I was sent a temporary password but that didn’t work when i typed it in, so I got a new temporary password which still didn’t work. I can never get through to EDD on the phone and I need to start getting paid while I’m off work from surgery, I’m already struggling to get by, help!

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This is my first time trying to receive UI benefits and hopefully my last. This whole system is a f**king joke. It’s been two whole months and a week since my supposed claim start date and I haven’t gotten any of my money. From the beginning it’s been nothing but jumping through hoops, wander mazes of touchtone phone menus, and attempting to actually find a real live person to talk to. It’s been TWO MONTHS. Luckily I live with family so it’s a little bit easier to not pay rent on time, but if I lived anywhere else, I’d be on the streets by this point. And I’m awfully hungry, it would e awesome if I could eat someday soon. I can’t even begin to properly look for a job because 1.) I can’t afford the gas for my car, and 2.) I can’t afford to buy the things I need to properly present myself to possible employers. My favorite part is, I have a friend who was dealing with them as well and the EDD decided they over payed and my friend had to pay them back; I bet you can guess it wasn’t even a week before this friend started getting threatened with legal action. Suddenly the EDD fully understands the need to receive money IMMEDIATELY, right? But here I am, hungry, feeling like a prisoner of the state, and I can’t even get a hold of a real person to ask why I am being punished in such a way for Over two months. I have about five dollars to my name at this point, which isn’t even enough to kill myself with. I don’t feel like I am a real person in the eyes of the EDD, and I’m on the verge of insanity because I don’t even have a person or place to vent my anger at. How could it ever be ok to let this happen to someone? I can only hope that someday the EDD gets totally defunded and all these bureaucratic a**holes lose their jobs overnight and have to explain to their children why they can’t eat dinner anymore.

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A little off topic….

September 2, 2015 · 5 comments

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But I have a job interview today! I even shaved off my beloved goatee that I’ve had for years. Wish me luck, and hang in their everyone.


always cert Sunday online and usually receive 9pm Monday*. Anyone else not recieve theirs? Online shows “submitted”, no deposits have been made via automated system not BOA..


I am not on unemployment, however, I wanted to share my experience because it has probably happened to others as well. When I was unemployed I applied at many McD’s and even got 2 interviews at the same location with the same lady, I was rejected twice, I am over 50 but under 60, if you notice very few people at that company are that age in the window service. I talked to several managers in the area and they all said just keep reapplying. To no avail. I had been applying for many months to every place I felt qualified whether secretarial or warehouse, registered with agencies, filled out all their forms, all to no avail. I even called my former agency on a monthly basis and was told the recruiter has left and that since he used me and some other temps on several longterm assignments that they felt the new recruiters should use new people, can you believe that? Even though the other person in my group also was told the same thing and used to be called by this recruiter as well. When we were on the job, he and I were told whatever we completed wasn’t right or some lame excuse, one lady even said this is all wrong and I knew my entries were ok, well it turned out the year at the top was from a year I had never even been there, she was furious. So temps get this a lot. Now to be told by the agency sorry, we need to use new people and the recruiter is no longer there so now we are not called or told we are not qualified for the positions we held before at even some of the same companies, that we don’t “fit” that other candidates meet their needs more closely. What a bunch of bunk. Then I applied at a school, they checked one reference, that was fine, then they called my college and this hiring person for the school said she was told that my professor didn’t work there like I was a liar, she put this in the notes so the offer was rescinded, she never called my present employer which was listed on the application and the hiring manager knew this

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I have spoken with the CA EDD on multiple occasions and found every one of the employees I have spoken with to be unbelievably rude. Why is this acceptable behavior for government employees? Why are they allowed to be consistently aweful? Not only did they not listen to a word I said, I was consistently talked over and told rude things as CA EDD employees interrupted me on multiple occasions, mostly without letting me finish my sentence. I was hung up on more then one occasion and am incensed that they are not reprimanded and allowed to keep they’re employment! The economy would cease to a standstill if all businesses operated the way the California Unemployment office does and while they should be setting an example they are making a mockery of the system and contributing to the decline of this country. Shame on the CA EDD!


Tele cert down

August 30, 2015 · 0 comments

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I’ve been trying all morning to certify via phone but IVR just keeps saying the tele cert is down. Anyone else having this issue