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Edd overpayment

October 6, 2015 · 0 comments

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In April 2014 I applied for EDD partial unemployment. I was filing my claim forms correctly. And towards the end of the year they started to lose my forms and send out duplicates.In 2014 my payrate charged twice from $9 -$9.41 .When I had my last review at work my payrate was $9.20.So EDD waited 2 and a half years to send me determination notice and a overpayment. Because I was unaware of my payrate increase. .This year in August 2015 they finally realized that I was receiving duplicate forms and being paid twice . And due to unaware payrate increase my reported wages were not correct. .Know from there faulty system I owe them $2,983 . I thought about appealing their decision then I thought of having to also pay the court charged and overpayment if appealing was really worth it.So know my checks will go straight to edd overpayment for the remainder of this year going into 2016. Leaving me with nothing.


New to EDD.

October 5, 2015 · 0 comments

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I certified on Sunday 10/4/2015 using UI Online. I’m just curious to know how long do I have to wait to get my pay?


They lost my claim form again and its been a month since I got paid. I called them and they said claim forms get stolen ALL the time. In other words they lose them all the time. The only way to be sure is send all paperwork and claim forms by registered mail. It costs more but you won’t have to suffer like me right now


I got laid off from my job in software and would like to collect weekly UI money.

While I am interviewing for new jobs, can I take a training courage at my local gym (to get a personal trainer certification)?

I have a lot of spare time since the hiring process in software is very slow.

Basically: will the EDD know if I am in a personal training course? I assume not, but you never know. Would my gym report me as an attendee on their annual taxes or anything?


I had an open claim from 9-12-14 until 9-12-15. I filed a new claim on 9-20-15 (because Im under the impression that because there are no more federal extentions you just need to file a new claim). Ive now recieved some very confusing letters from the EDD. The first letter I got says that its a notice of determination of invalid claim, section 1277 (doesnt this mean I was denied?). The second letter says its a notice of unemployment insurance award and the amount I was awarded. The third is a continued claim form that tells me to certify just as I did last year when recieviving benefits. So doesnt that mean I am going to get my money??? Please help!!! Im so confused and cant find any current info online :(

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Excuses excuses

September 28, 2015 · 0 comments

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So I was let go from a job for taking APPROVED days off, I covered my ass and kept records so I qualified for unemployment. After waiting 2 MONTHS, they finally tell me I have to wait 10 WEEKS before I’ll actually get paid.

When I asked them why they told my because I lied on my claim . . .

I told them they are full of shit. Apperently my employer from 3 mother fucking years ago had been telling them fabrications.

I told EDD that my previous employer was sued under a class action lawsuit for falsifying wages and not paying their employees.

So I have to pay for that BULLSHIT

Alright what the fuck ever.

So here I am fucking half a god damn year LATER, on they DAY I am suppose to get paid I turn to my wife and tell her “I’ll bet you 3,000 dollars they don’t pay me and they make up some absurd excuse as to why they can’t pay me”

Sure enough, excuse came.

These cock sucking mother fuckers will lie, cheat, steal, and make any and every excuse humanly possible to get out of paying you what they owe you. PERIOD


Fuck these motherfuckers!

September 26, 2015 · 6 comments

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So i got fired from my employer of 11 months because i got into a car accident. I didnt file for UI until a week later too see if my injuries healed . I was still pretty banged up put i had bills so i filed for UI . Ok so a week before i get my benefits i get a call from the temp agency i was working for and they said if i was interested in a job. I said i would but i cant because am physically unable to work.I knew this would come back and bite me and sure enough it did! My money gets put on hold and i have do a phone interview , so i go through all the b.s. Ok so yesterday i get a call saying that if my benefits are to continue i should have them reinstated that afternoon and if am disqualified , i’ll receive a letter advising me and to top it off i’ll have to pay them back for overpayment??! Which is b.s. because i haven’t received a dime from them since mid August . I checked my card and still no money so am guessing i’ve been disqualified .I feel like this is an injustice because i legitimately was hurt and i still hadn’t received any benefits when the cunt from the t.a. called. Does any one no if i could get a lawyer and help me ? Thanks in advanced .