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I’ve only been cut off from unemployment for about a month, So first I want to shout out and send my thoughts to those who been cut since lated December. I live in NY and after losing my job I’ve had for 7 years I started relying on unemployment. With no skills besides maintenance and no money because now companies require you take their training which you pay for and not even guaranteed full time I decided to go back to school for Xray technology. I go five days a week, I paid off all student dues while I was receiving UI. With no money for transportation I started hopping trains and asking for metrocard swipes. Long story short, Last weekend I got arrested for asking for a metrocard swipe. The government is failing us and the people who need the money aren’t getting. Any news on where I can get current info and if they will give all money owed? I’ve borrowed from too many people and embarrassed to ask for a dime more. If turning civilians into criminals was their plan, they’re succeeding.

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EUC will never come back !
Time to “EMBRACE THE SUCK” and take Wal-Mart or
Become a “Home Depot Pedro ” and
Power blow leaves ! This fucking SUCKS but thid is
the New Reality !


Bohner has made himself clear – passing EUC isn’t going to happen.

T – R – U – S – T • M – E! ;)


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Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., remain hopeful that an agreement can be worked out with House Speaker John A. Boehner, R-Ohio, to pass legislation extending unemployment insurance benefits.

“Our staffs are talking with the speaker’s staff,” Heller said Friday during an appearance with Reid on KSNV, Las Vegas’ NBC affiliate.

“We will put together a meeting,” said Heller, who helped draft a bipartisan measure that passed the Senate, but was criticized by Boehner as unworkable over concerns regarding implementation.

“We couldn’t get it done before the break,” Heller continued, which he said was disappointing.

The junior Nevada senator reiterated the possibility of compromise, referring to comments made earlier this month by House Rules Chairman Pete Sessions, R-Texas, who talked about tying the extension of unemployment insurance benefits to jobs measures and the extension of some tax breaks.
In a subsequent letter, Labor Secretary Tom Perez sought to assure critics that any hurdles to implementing the bill can be overcome.

The bill is important to Nevada, which has the second-highest unemployment rate in the nation.

“The UI extension is important for citizens here in the state of Nevada,” Heller said. “Keep in mind these are people that work hard, that are looking for work, that have lost their job, it’s not their fault.”

Upon hearing Heller’s comments about setting up a meeting with Boehner, Reid praised the House speaker and said that despite some significant differences Congress has not been without its accomplishments this year, including raising the debt ceiling and passing an omnibus appropriations bill.



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After reading some of the posts on here, I’m really surprised at how many people STILL think that the EUC is going to pass! Heck, maybe you guys are right, and I’m the one who perhaps missed something, but I have absolutely NO faith in our Representatives (which we are stuck with), and even LESS in a Repubs controlled House!

Hey, who knows, maybe they’ll surprise us! Wouldn’t this be a shhhhhhhocker!?

I wish all of you a Blessed Easter!

: )



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Claim form

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Filed for benefits 4-1-2014 have not received award letter how till I can expect it

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I am on a TE because I am in school and receiving CTB. I received claim forms in the mail for dating back in March because I was waiting to see if I qualified for my training extension. The claim forms for March say: This form is being sent to you to bring your claim up-to-date. Blah blah blah. What does that mean?


I called everyday this week to find out why I had not received my paper certs and what was going on with my training extension. Each day an Edd employee told me something new. First call I was informed they hadn’t filed or processed my TE but yet through ask EDD they said they mailed me claim forms because of my TE, the next day the claim was filed on April 9th, but the forms have not been mailed, the next day the claim was filed on April 5th after my interview, forms were mailed same day allow 10 days for mail, next day the claim was filed March 8th and I should have received a letter in regards to the approval, and my claim forms. Whoosh!!! Needless to say, they mailed my claim forms out on the 14th because that was what was post dated on the envelope, so they lied about sending them every other time. They claim was filled April 9th. Maybe they should really try to get more organizational training.


I have finally been approved for a TE while I am on CTB. I have not received a letter yet, but I called and the lady informed me that I was found eligible, and my claim forms are showing up in web cert even though I have to paper cert. I was just wandering if I will get the same weekly amount as I was getting prior to my TE??


The first time I mailed a paper claim form for CTB it took 2 weeks to process. Will it take that long from now on, or is the first time typically the longest?