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Hey everyone. I’m confused and need some help. Yesterday 9/28 I certified online for 2 weeks. And tonight I only got paid for 1 week of benefits. Then I look online and edd says that there is a 1 week unpaid waiting period. Does anyone know what that means exactly? Should I still get paid for the other week they didn’t pay me? Or no?

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Hello,I was wondering-I got granted UI on 3/25/14,and my balance was something like 10,000. Well it’s been paid every two weeks now for about 24 weeks,and my benefits balance is almost 0. My claim does not expire until 3/26/15,however I’m out of my balance,and I heard you can get extended if the jobless rate is higher than 6.1%,which it is over 7 currently. My question is,will I get an extension,and do I apply for it or is it automatic? Also,does my weekly benefit amount change because I ran out of my beginning balance? This is my first post so any info would be appreciated. I’ve heard that people can get multiple “tier” extensions even if they run out of their money from the first 26 weeks? Does anyone know how to get this? Thanks.


Go round of post when you get paid.


webcert confused me

September 28, 2014 · 0 comments

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so at 12 am I go to file my claim for two weeks and it allowed me to but I accidently messed up and click back then where it said ready to file it now said “use paper form” I was confused and it wouldn’t let me file on webcert so I telecerted , does anyone know why it went from being able to file to not ? and with telecert will I get it same time I do when I webcert ?


This site used to be very active, now I hardly see responses to questions. Did people give up or people just don’t care about helping others on here anymore?


Has anyone else not received their money from 9/21 mail in? It is now 9/28 Sunday morning at 4:20am and still have not received my money… I filled it out correctly and sent it on mon 9/22… I usually get it on thurs night/fri morn…


I am able to do two weeks on my form but I worked one of those weeks which I will claim on the form. Can I still webcert or should I send my form in?


Claim expires 10-4-14

September 27, 2014 · 1 comment

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My claim expires next month, but I have 2 more payments before my benefits run out?? Will I get paid both payment s? I am on CTB

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i missed a $100 job today waiting for that completely useless interview.i cried all day. i have $30 and no hope in site. we’ve all been had. now, i have to go to one of the local EDD offices to use the magical yellow phone in order to get through. they send idotic forms that are confusing, and there IS N0 WAY T0 GET IN T0UCH WITH ANY0NE WH0 GIVES A SHIT. if i didn’t have xanax, i’d probably kill myself.


Is there a minimum amount of months you have to work for an employer to be eligible for unemployment benefits?

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It’s already been 31 days since I last been payed by EDD. I tried calling and no one picks up and I tried automated service and nothing. I dont know what to do and I have bills to pay. My brother is also collecting unemployment and he gets payed every 2 weeks.

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