April 2013

Anyone paid this evening?

still waiting.

I just want to make sure that I don’t make a mistake that causes me to not be paid my UI benefits. I reached the 2nd tier and now I must use the paper form to submit my claim and I also must fill out Section B. The thing is that I did not look for work because I’ve been hired in a permanent position so there was no need to continue looking. If I say I did not look for work, will that mean I don’t get paid?


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Did anyone get paid yet?

I am at the end of Tier 1 extension- Since the beginning of the extension I have been asked in each Continued Form (DE4581CTO) to complete the work search record on the back- which I have had to mail bi-weekly. However, will EDD not submit payment if I chose to submit my form using WEB-CERT?
I search for work every week- I just think mailing the form takes too long.


I sent in my form over a week ago, and today I suddenly get a letter saying they need to interview my eligibility for work. ALL OF A SUDDEN.

A week prior to this, They force me to sit in that god-awful CalJOBS seminar with the threat that they are gonna cut off my benefits if I don’t. Nothing that they say is anything constructive to my job search, and feels like a total waste of time. I go to this and finish it up, get my active resume up on CalJOBS, and randomly a week later I get a letter of them requesting a telephone interview…. I clearly seem to like to lie so I cannot pay my bills.(sarcasm)

EDD, you guys are scum, A capitol waste of American tax dollars. I wish I got paid whatever you guys are getting paid per hour to screw honest, hard working, misfortunate people who paid into- WITH THEIR OWN MONEY THAT THEY EARNED to make ends-meet. The sad part is, you all sleep at night knowing this; and that’s what sickens me the most. You are getting fat on the misfortune of people on hard times. Overglorified, Government-bonded Telemarketers is what you are.

NONE of us are unemployed by choice and are being treated worst than parolees. Even in that case, they get their state benefits on time if they are reformed…


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Where’s the fucking money!god help!