May 2013

3rd Tier

May 31, 2013 · 1 comment

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When you receive 1st payment for Tier 3 is it only for a week?

Can you webcert at midnight tonight June 1 or do I have to wait until midnight tomorrow? Also, when will the money be deposited on my EDD card?

I was approved to the ctb program, but my question is how do I fill out the form? Do I mark yes for looking for work? Since it says I dont have to look for work. Im just confused n dont want a delay on my UI bebefits any positive answer is good. Thank u

Hi, I’m hoping someone can help me figure this out. I’ve always mailed in my claim form, until this last time (5/20). I decided to give the web cert a try, and since submitting, I haven’t been paid or received any new claim forms. When I checked the web cert page it shows the last claim that was submitted, with a status of “submitted” but the date changes to the day I’m viewing it, every day. So each day I check the web cert it says “submitted 5/29/13”, “submitted 5/30/13”, and today “submitted 5/31/13.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Am I stuck in a loop? I tried to telecert, but it just says that it cannot process my claim at this time. My last resort may be to just mail the form.

I got hurt at work, was on light duty, workers comp paying medical, got a lawyer to handle case and got fired 4 days later….(another story and a good one too) anyway, I was told to file disability do I did, could not get a Dr to fill out my paperwork (over a month at this point) so I filed UI and was awarded it after a phone interview. I told the lady in the phone interview I was trying to get Disability thru EDD but was not sure if it was going to go thru, she said if it does just make box 1 on the claim form for UI and it will go from there. OK no problem, so I thought. I tele cert, no money…WTF ! I call EDD and they say i have a phone interview next week because of my disability claim. I call disability and they lady was pretty much a bitch and said you have to talk UI and after that we will give you a 20 day penalty…What the hell? Their own form says you can file even if your not sure you will be approved (2 months gone my at this point and I have only for one weeks pay from UI) SO, now I have to wait until next week for this phone interview….all I want to do is transaction from UI to SDI its all thru EDD and it should not be such a friggin hassle….ANYONE had to do this? Would like to know…THANKS

I just heard from Contact EDD that my 1st extension has been filed and papers are being mailed to me. Does anyone know what is in the papers and how long to get benefits, ie to web cert?

I did not see this particular info on the website. Please if put out by my questions, pls don’t respond. But if anyone been through this recently, pls let me know. I need to pay people and need to know the bottom line. Thanks much.

OK, so i get this letter that says i need to send in all the same paperwork that i sent in earlier, what in the fuck? well all of that paperwork is gone, my dd214 from the marine corps and my ss card got stolen what the hell do i need to provide that shit for if i already did??? anyone else confused, why do i need a phone interview? dammit, why did they just send my two more clai forms!