June 2013

I just received the same Notice of determination invalid claim with the X on the This determination does not affect your claim for extended benefits 3 days ago. This means no action to be taken on my part, no sending of the appeal form since I didn’t work from 5/12-5/13.This means that my tier 3 will be automatically filed for me and wait on my mailbox the UI claim forms and start sending them? I am just worried. thanks for the info. thanks too for this website

Ok, I was filling out my claim form and the part where u enter date last worked I accidently wrote the amount I received that week, so I scribbled it off and wrote the date, I initialed where I crossed off. Is this gonna be a problem?

If I admit to my mistake and take the punishment how would I appeal to have my benefits restored? Like I can’t appeal the main reason as I was completely at fault so I’ll have to pay back the over payment but as far as the disqualification how would I appeal that?


So I found a job! YAY!

I accepted on 6/26 and did paperwork that same day. Will make an annual salary of $60,000.

I went in on 6/28 and 6/29 for a few hours to “meet my team” and to have a day with my new boss.

So when I submit my claim for 6/23-6/29 do I break down my salary by day? I’m not even 100% sure I’m getting paid for these days. I’m assuming I should be, right??

I start my 40 weeks this week (tomorrow actually) which I obviously won’t claim on EDD.

Thanks for any input.

My claim ended on 6/8 while on Tier 1. I got another continued claim form for the weeks of 6/9-6/15 & 6/16-6/22. On the top it said “Claim ends 6/8/13” I filled it out and mailed it on 6/24. Mailing it out on Monday I usually get my payment by Friday. It’s now Sunday and still no payment. But on that same Monday, later in the day I got another continued claim form and it only had one week on it to fill out, which was 6/9-6/15 and the other side was X’d out. On the top of that claim form it has my new claim date expiration which is next year. Today in the mail I got my new claim details about my benefit amount just like when I first got unemployment. I’ve read other people not getting their payment on time this week too. Should I mail the new claim form in or just wait? I remember reading somewhere if you send more than one it could stall your payments. I appreciate any help on this.

My year claim was over on the 24th of June.

I called in to ask what would happen at that point cause I hadn’t found a job and well my claim year had ended.

The Rep. Said that he would have to check if I had made any wages during the time of my claim. I did. For two months, I had a one day a week job of 5 hours for 2 months.

Gross income of 400$. He said that he would schedule a phone interview and that I would not receive my final week or qualify to be on put back on my extensions because I lied about the wages.

Thing is my biweekly benefit is 222 and I made 45o in two months at that job I was at and honestly I never reported cause I was barely making ends meat Off of my benefits.

So let’s say I got one month of over payment adding 222 x2 =444 and I made 450 in two months … Would I Have to pay back 450?

He said I could appeal, idk what to do.

Please help me with your advice. Thank you

starting tier 3

June 29, 2013

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Hi everyone set to start tier 3 .just wondering if it will be for 1 or 2 week claim period as I’ve yet to receive paperwork. Thanks for the info:-)