July 2013

The other thread has gotten mighty long…post if you get paid tonight


July 31, 2013 · 1 comment

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Hello all! I was reading post and felt everyone’s pain as well. If anyone is reading this, my submit date was 7/28/13 and changed to 7/29/13. I went to the EDD website and it still showed as “submitted.” Then I read a couple of more comments then decided to check the EDD BoA site and I was paid today. I do not know what time and did not get text alert like I always do. Hopefully you guys are paid as well and thank you for keeping me posted on EDD info because EDD does suck for doing this to the unemployed.

Thanks EDD for screwing up everything! Late charges, eviction notices, barely eating, accounts closed! 7 weeks can really mess up a person, Thank goodness I have one more month until I can have my job back!
Best of luck to you all!

I was collecting back in ’12 and went into extensions…found a job, was laid off, and filed a new claim. Award sent out and I collected 2 weeks pay. Then I got a letter about the “deferred new claim payment program” but I was not able to collect until I attended my REA (didn’t go in ’12, payments stopped but was able to find a job soon after). I hurried up and went to the next available REA meeting which was last Friday…called Edd to open up my old claim and they said they’re waiting on the one stop career center to let them know that I attended. I used telecert (7/24) for the weeks of 7/8-7/20 but since the whole “deferred new claim…” I did not receive any funds. So here I am waiting for my claim to work itself out and start sending me my extension benefits. How long does that take?? 3 weeks now and no money in my pockets 🙁 pretty frustrating. 

Seasonal Farmer

July 31, 2013

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I just got a EUC letter from edd where i had to go into a one stop career center.I missed the appointment , i wrote down the 28t on my calander and the night before i was geting the stuff ready i realized it was for 23rd.So now i have to just drive down there and go into the office with no appointment.

My main question is about seasonal farmer.When i first signed up for EDD was in 2010 since then i have been working as a rice farmer becuase i had gotten into a car wreck and wasnt able to commute to 50miles aday.So since then ive worked localy as a rice farmer and have been on the same claim(reopened it in 2012).So since its the same claim it doesnt show me as seasonal.Should i talk to edd about that or does it even make a difference becuase as of now i just keep geting auddits and stuff as if im not looking for a job when the 2nd half of the season hasnt even started yet for me.

Unemployment money

July 31, 2013

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I just got my money @ 10:30pm 7/31/13.
This is a relief, only two days late.
Hope everyone else gets their’s tonite too.

I’ve been able to log in after the maintenance to check the status of my claim (approved). Tonight I get an email stating that I need to check my account for a message.

When I tried to log in it says, “We were unable to verify the information you entered, please try again. If this problem continues, please contact EDD at (800) 480-3287. The EDD staff is available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (PT), Monday through Friday.”

I tried the “forgot username” option and that failed to work as well saying it couldn’t verify my last name or email.

What’s going on?