November 2013

whos certn tonight

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Tonight is the night people whoo is certn tonight va tele o web o paper . Hope all goes well for all and on mon cash is received for all god bless . And how bout bama getting beat today what a game looks like the 7 year SEC team in the big game is over ,florida st v ohio st should be great !


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My Story;
In September 2013 I was hospitalized in a “behavioral health” hospital for depression/anxiety. While hospitalized, my boss at the time called the hospital to “check up on me” and the hospital gave her all of my information were I was being held (I currently have a lawyer for this since this violates HIPAA laws) In any case I came back to work a week and a half later. My first day back on the job I got a phone call for someone responding to the job that was posted on craigslist. Which I was completely confused about since we were fully staffed at the time. I immediately thought that I was going to lose my job because of where I was hospitalized. I spoke to my boss and she stated that they wanted to bring in an extra person so if emergencies happen again there was coverage in the store and that my job was secure. Fast forward to October it was my day off and I was TEXTED by someone who I didn’t even know or have met stating that they were my new manager and that I needed to come into the store and have a talk with her. On my day off I came into the store to meet with her. She immediately started attacking me saying that I had more than 7 customer complaints in the 3 days that she had started working. I asked for proof of these complaints and to which she said that she didn’t have any. She then went on to talk about my resume I had on my computer. I explained to her back in May that the current home I was living in was being put up for sale and my resume was attached to a rental application that I had sent out to a real estate company. This woman told me “that answer isn’t good enough” and told me I was fired. So I asked her for my final pay check and she said that she didn’t have it and would “get it to me”
I left the meeting with the lady calmly and heart broken. I was utterly confused. I had my phone interview last week and got the notice today that I was denied EDD because I used “obscene or insulting language” Which never happened. They can lie to EDD??

Hi all,

Quick question as I have my phone interview next week after apply for benefits 5 wks ago. My childcare provider up and quit one day and left me scrambling to find somewhere to put my infant son. I used up all of my PTO to try to find anywhere that would take him on such short notice. I couldn’t find anywhere and had to (obviously) quit.

I’m a single mom with no family close so I’m not sure what my interview will be like. I did a phone consult with an attorney and she was positive that my claim would be approved, but getting feedback from people that have dealt with the EDD process is important.

Any advice for my interview? Tips? Experiences?

Thanks 🙂


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my benefits will end next week how do I file for extension?


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i know i have to still send paper claim form in because i have to show my work search on back , my question is… if i do telecert do i still have to fill in boxes on front page of form ?? because they are the same ones when you telecert or webcert. EDD ? you there? can any one answer to the question?

confused and frustrated

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today i received a letter stating that my eligibility for unemployment is pending because my SSA is wrong. But on every document they’ve sent me they have my correct SSA number. Rent is due, Bills are due and i have 0$ because almost every week EDD is sending me another notice about something being wrong. I’ve checked and double checked my information and everything is correct. I’ve tried to get a hold of someone and like everyone else, I have gotten no where. If anyone can help me to try to correct thing I would greatly appreciate it.