January 2014

I love you all !

January 31, 2014

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I wanted to say that I love you all and to not give up ! I know times are very very tough for us Americans and it sickens me how our own country is out giving handouts to thee hole entire world but its own children she leaves us in despair ! Keep your heads up ! All of you! Things will get better !!

Okay, so I have a question for anyone who wouldn’t mind reading this all for it to make sense. I’ve (unfortunately) had to rely on unemployment for quite sometime as I’m searching for my job and have always filled out my form and never had a problem. I recently tried to claim a residual check I got from a little commercial I did forever ago. Normally in this situation, I would put “N/A” for “Date Last Worked” “N/A” for “Total Hours Worked”… and then the name and address of the person/company paying me and then “Residual/Royalty” in the “Reason no longer working box”. It’s never been a problem until recently.

Now, (and if you are still reading, thank you)… a couple weeks ago, I got a letter in the mail saying wages 6a and or 6b were incomplete or incorrect. I resent it in thinking I made an error, again, filling it out the way I always have. It came back to me again about a week or so ago.. this time I filled out the date I got the check, along with a “0” under total hours worked and then the same for the rest. Yesterday, AGAIN it comes back to me saying it’s incomplete. That was the only check I got (the sad part, it was 8 bucks) and I claimed it in the right week and input the amount correctly. I’ve tried calling (haven’t we all) and I’ve e-mailed and still nothing.

Does anyone else have this problem and WHAT IS THE RIGHT thing to put? I honestly have no more ideas as to what they are looking for from me.

Any help would be very appreciated. Oh and did I mention, it says “issued” days ago and yet, it’s not on the BoA card and the “last payment made” on the EDD # was a date from the previous check. Ugh!

Like many other people my EUC ended on Dec 28th. Today in the mail I received a 2 weeks claim form for the first two weeks of February and a eligibility interview notice. What is going on? I was approved for a tier 3 extension on Dec 22nd. My benefit year end is Feb 1st and I had part time wages for half of 2013. Please advise.

I need work!!!

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I have applied for hundreds of jobs and hundreds of people are also applying for those same jobs!

I will have to move and have no money to move (can’t even afford to have my things moved out of the current place), no car to move with, no place to move to (cant afford rent and definitely not a deposit). This is a nightmare!

How do you all keep your sanity?

So I ran out of my 26 weeks early december, got about 2 weeks of euc, ended dec. 28th like everyone else.
I get the 450 max, and the LCSA offsets the amount(garnishes) $225 every 2 weeks to pay to child support.
Well something strange, maybe someone else has had something similar, is that according to the edd site, Dec 28th is the last period I certified for and received payment on Dec. 31st.
However…on the CA Child Support website, my account shows two payments for $112(they split them in half) that were submitted to Child Support both on 1/7/14. The one before was $112 submitted two times on I think Dec. 31st.
I did not receive any sort of benefits at all that would explain how Child Support received payments on 1/7/14.
Anyone have anything similar like this? I would think there’s a couple $338.00 payments that should be coming my way too then if the differences made their way to the LCSA.
Maybe since the state takes such a serious stance on child support delinquency, that this could mean a sign of guaranteed funds available from euc, just only the offset funds being distributed for now? I mean that money had to come from somewhere right?


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Get a load of this… After 5 months (and counting) in which Deloitte has been unable to correct their own programming, now DOL steps in to see if they can help with EDD’s processes, because of the huge backlog. Oh really? To help with the processes!? How about to get Deloitte to produce a computer program which works! I know – what a concept, eh?

Here is the article:


So I received UI for 6 months. In December I received 4 checks at once, then a UI eligibility determination notice the next. I held those 4 checks because I didn’t know if I should cash them or not. After the interview, I was deemed ineligible and I am sure I will be getting an overpayment and penalty notice. Does anyone know if I can void or return those checks since I haven’t cashed them? I don’t want to pay penalties on something I never technically accepted.