April 2014

damm these people have orchestfated the biggest robbery in the hisyory of mankind. thank you obama for being the president of innability and helpin the big blue collar thieves

What’s the point?

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I’ve been working for 35 years, paying my taxes and contributing to UI. I got fired by an idiot who wanted to downsize to save money and sacrifice safety customer service. I got 26 weeks of $450 per week BEFORE taxes. How is this right? I don’t mind helping to cover people who need it but WTF?! Now this clown Boehner who is from Ohio won’t allow my payments to be extended. WHAT I WAS GETTING DIDN’T EVEN COVER MY RENT but even that is taken from me? I am going to do everything possible to make sure republicans lose votes in their states. Isn’t it time we changed the way some chump from Ohio can have such power in our government? It is obviously too much for him to handle. He can’t function

Howdy, hope all is well on your sides.

Any who i received A notice of Det/Ruling ca ui. The letter states.

you are not eligible to receive benefits under california unemployment insurance Code section 1256 beginning 03.**.14 and continuing until you return to work after that disqualify act and earn $2235 points or more bona fide employment and you contact the above office to reopen your claim.

you were discharge from your last job with **** because you were late for work without permission after considering the available information the apartment finds that you do not meet the legal requirements for payment of benefits section 1256 provides: an individual is disqualified if …… Goes on to saying 1260a: and individuals disqualified under Section 1256 is disqualified until he she subsequent to the disqualifying act perform services in bonafide employment for which he/she receives remuneration equal to or in excess of 5 times his or her weekly benefit amount.

Then states you are not eligible to receive benefits under California Unemployment Insurance Code section 1257a beginning 4.**.14 until you have filed a claim for each of two weeks in which you are then eligible for benefits .

I understood this part.

4th paragraph said I stated wrong info on why I was fired . I wasn’t aware that me stating no work would of screwed me sideways . It also said in the same paragraph (4th): after considering available information the department find that you do not meet the requirements for payment of benefits section 1257a provides- an individual is disqualified if he will fully makes a false statement or withhold relevant information to obtain benefits section 1260c provides- individuals qualify under section 1257a is ineligible for benefits from 2 to 10 weeks for which must submit a continue claim form to the field for each week. no benefits are payable for 3 years from the original date of this disqualification date unless it is satisfied at an ear

Americans are

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Those of you who in the last few weeks have been posting negative things about our country or about Americans, need to take a good look at your own selves!

I get that nothing is perfect, but there is no greater country on this planet than our beloved USA! Americans are also great people. Sure, we have a few bad apples, but overall, Americans are like no other. I’m proud to be an American.

Yes, there is NO pill for Stupid, nor a cure. Stupid IS as stupid does. Stupidity and Americanism are not even on
the same plane…

Being unemployed in F-ed, but we Americans get through everything. Always have, always will…

Not really an update….

April 30, 2014

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…but an interesting and informative read nonetheless.

“GOP congressman’s lonely fight to revive jobless benefits”



to the EUC….I guess there is still hope….what bullshit