July 2014

Did a phone interview yesterday as got money today am I 100% approved ?

After signing up and filing a disability claim, it is unclear how I get the form for my practitioner…I know he doesn’t do it online, and I have to bring it in. Where do I get it? Will it be mailed to me, emailed or? Thank you for any help!

Call Them What You Want , but the Trolls Told Everybody From The Very Beginning That EUC Was Over In 2013 and All They got Back was Hatefull Posts

Here We All Are 7 Months Later …. And NO EUC !!!! Enough Said

The Economy IS Improving and EUC IS Gone FOREVER !! Get out There People !!!

“Every week since Republicans blocked an extension of the program in December, an average of 72,000 more Americans are cut off unemployment insurance prematurely. The economy continues to recover, but the rate of unemployed who have been out of work for longer than six months remains near record levels. Never before has Congress allowed an emergency unemployment insurance program to expire with the rate of long-term unemployed as high as it is today.

Democrats have met every condition that Republicans have set forth to extend the program. We have agreed to offset the cost of the program, despite the fact that House Republicans have passed more than $700 billion in unpaid-for tax cuts, largely for big corporations. We have agreed to extend the program prospectively, rather than retroactively. And we have urged connecting the legislation to a jobs package such as legislation to extend Highway Trust Fund.

By wide margins, Americans favor extending the program. Still, Republicans continue to block a single vote in the House.”

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No worries. Go get those jobs!!


forced to quit

July 31, 2014 · 4 comments

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If a company forced you to quit. Is it the same as firing you?..and if so.. would I still qualify for unemployment?