so mad

December 31, 2015

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so mad

I had a payment canceled last payment and had a phone interview. Got a letter in the mail saying continued claim because I was working while claiming and now i dont work so they were reviewing my claim. I was allowed to web cert and my payment is still pending.. anyone know why?

I get state desability and get pay every other tuesday… i have the BOA debit card , i have not recieve my money yet , anyone else with this problem?

Men and Women of EDD!! I repeat stop stop STOP certifing by mail!!!!

The majority ones who have the most trouble are the ones who certify by mail. Do it online!!!

if you dont have a computer use your smart phone!! if you dont have a smart phone{which i dont get why you would not bein that its 2016 almost and plus the welfare office gives them to you free] however you can go to the public library and use the computer there!!!

It saves you about 2-3 days of extra waiting. I would have to wait 2-3 days. And with it being the holiday season the mailrooms are OVER PACKED with mail. Plus the month of January is returns month meaning everyone will be returing most of the gifts the recieved for christmas.. Also The EDD CARDS ARE SENT FROM BOA AND BOA SENDS THEM PRIORITY WHICH IS 2-3 DAYS. MOST OF THE TIME ITS DELIVERED ON 2ND DAY.

when it was the 4th day and mines still did not come I personally called the post office and asked them why my EDD card taking so long.
They {the UNITED STATES POST OFFICE] said that it would not be the regular 2-3 days but 3-4. I told them it was the 4th day and they said “well from November to January mail can be expected to arrive 1-3 days later than what it would normally..

So again dont certify by mail until march to be safe.. PLUS its faster online!!! Dont say I didnt tell you so.

No debit card

December 29, 2015

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Apparently the cards issued are to last 3yrs. I had attempted to make a EDD claim just over 3yrs ago, and never followed threw. I recently had made my claim after a long struggle online (calling in is impossible!) I waited and waited, did my phone interview. They said the following Monday I’ll receive my money. Well I didn’t even have a card! They said that it will come. 2 days overdue I call the Asian line to get threw and the guy said I was already issued a card from Aug 2012 and its on that card. Seriously?! First off, no documents were issued to say just that. I had to call BofA for replacement- 7-10 business days (WTH?!) it now been a month- no income- bills and Xmas way over due. I had option to rush for $10 3-5days. Of course I did that at MY cost. They said that the card issued had expired already so they should have sent a new one anyways!!!! EDD dropped the ball big time. If it wasn’t for me calling into the Asian language line to get someone, I would still be waiting!

I have worked for EDD since 1991. I have never violated a single policy and am on PAID administrative time off (indefinitely) because I am a whistleblower — EDD is vending off state work to private companies and paying 10x the rate they pay state workers to do the same work. I reported it and was immediately attacked at work — walked off the property by police. Suspended without pay for three week and a week of paid ATO, then back to work, constant harassment — then indefinite paid leave — I’m off until my SPB hearing in April. Getting paid. And EDD are engaging in hilarious bullshit theatrics to make it appear as if I did something wrong.

No charges other than “discourtesy” via email — it is discourteous to report fraud at EDD when EDD staff are doing it.

Gail Overhouse gave a vendor $900,000 (that’s a real amount) to do my job for one year — and she renewed that vendor’s contract two weeks ago… for another year.

My job on my project with my customers, which paid me $78,000 a year, they are now giving to a private vendor who subbed the job out to a woman and her son (seriously), kept 10% and donated the rest to seated Republicans and Democrats — to keep the system going.

If you people think you know what’s up at EDD — YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

The UI program we’re still paying for still doesn’t work — and that’s on purpose — so they can keep it in the hands of Bank of America and Deloitte.

EDD made more than $500 Million in overpayments they are not allowed by law to collect because they were EDD’s error… not yours.

That money is just GONE.

EDD needs to fall into federal receivership (it’s 90% federally funded, not a general fund department) and then the tax collection part needs to go to BOE, the DI stuff is state funded and can be operated on a shoestring, and the UI program can be operated by the federal government — because, at least in California, the people running EDD are utterly corrupt — they are interested in revenue.

Especially for those who online certed yesterday?