April 2015

I will be out of town from a Saturday to Saturday in June. If I say on my claim form I was not available for work and did not look, will I just not be paid benefits that week and will continue to be able to claim business as usual when I return and resume looking for work?

I can look for work and apply on the Internet while on vacation. Does that matter?

I am flying to the east coast for pleasure. I could take a flight back at night and with the time difference be able to work the next day if offered a job. Will that be acceptable?

I really don’t want to lie but I don’t want my benefits cut. What should I do, and how will that affect my benefits?

For 2 months now I use TeleCert on Sunday and always receive a DirectDeposit on Tuesday. It has never once been late. It is now Wednesday and I have received Nothing. I know it says it can up to 10 days, but this has never been the case. Is anyone else experiencing this-this week?

I got paid for one week a couple days after my phone interview. Two days before I got paid I sent my second claim via webcert. That got issues on the 25th. It says two weeks issued. Here it is Tuesday and I still haven’t been paid for those two weeks my second claim. Anybody understand this.

I mailed my last continued claim form on the 20th. It’s the 28th and I haven’t been paid yet. Anyone else experienced/experiencing this long a wait after mailing in a claim?

(And yes, I’m going to web-cert or tele-cert next time.)

Y’all know the drill

Does anybody get there money deposited on Sunday nights?

I’ve been doing my claims through the mail, as I wasn’t really aware it could be done over the phone or internet. I mail it out on Monday, and usually get it Tuesday night into Monday. I did the same this week, and haven’t gotten my deposit yet. I was thinking perhaps due to the holidays, but no one else seems to be having this problem. I suppose I’ll have to phone in, in the morning to see what’s going on. There shouldn’t be a problem, but theres going to be one with my landlord if I don’t get paid soon. =/