July 2015

I quit my federal job that I work at for 2 years due to my husband being stationed in another county. I just received my award letter, claim form and scheduled interview letter. All checks out fine accept my Award letter says $0 in every box. I’m confused because I my monthly wages were about $3500 a month for 2 years. Could it be that the command/company I worked for is different than what my W-2 says? When I applied I entered my employer information exactly as it was seen on my w-2.

Or is it $0 because I haven’t had my interview of eligibility yet?

I recently relocated from SoCal to NorCal for my husband! I filled for ui when I didn’t find a job. Applied 7/1, interview 7/21 and it’s now 7/31. No response whether I’ll it get it or not. I wish I would get a response back via ask edd. We just bought our first house so any extra income helps while I get on my feet.


July 30, 2015 · 2 comments

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Ca unemployment money 2 days late, just seeing if anyone else is experiencing the same thing

Still waiting!

July 30, 2015 · 7 comments

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I’ve been waiting to hear back after my interview! I relocated due to spouse! I interviewed on 7/21 and it’s now 7/30. Wtf, I should have heard back already. I’ve check on ui online and it still reflects as “pending” such crap! I would just like to hear back! Any insight is appreciated!

Who has certified Sunday at midnight but haven’t seen any deposits? Usually I get them Monday evening.

Rude, Rude, Rude

July 28, 2015 · 1 comment

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I called and called and held and held. I just need to know who to talk to about a garnishment and the people either say “I’m going to transfer you” and then hang up or they just hang up on me. Don’t I pay your salary via my taxes? I am sure they talk to to a lot of unhappy and frustrated people on a daily basis…but don’t be angry at me when haven’t even listened to my problem. UGGGG

i applied for EDD in the end of January, and while it says my claim is initially good for a whole year. why have i gone through my benifits already? it has only been 6 months, is this normal? if so, why does it say my claim lasts for a year? i need help asap because i have bills to pay this week and they didn’t inform me of them cutting off my money!