October 2015

Hello fellow unemployed people:

I have one of those in-person employment eligibility interviews this Monday. I know I received a document telling me what I need to bring and be prepared for, but for some reason, whenever I try to read anything from the EDD, my eyes glaze over and I hear that Charlie Brown mom voice in my head instead of being able to actually decipher what the document is saying (anyone else?) Anyway, I know I need to bring my resume (one copy?), the places I have sent resumes to, and what else? Also, I want to request to do some self-employment work; just little $100-dollar gigs here and there. How do I do that? I am really good at mis-speaking and/or saying the wrong thing, so I just want to have a good game plan about what to say and expect. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

10-31-15–Hi..I just read your post. You might try snailing EDD/UI a letter. stating your problem. I have had password issues and just sent them a certified letter this morning. I cannot access the site and have tried with Google/Chrome, Explorer and Foxfire all without success.
Last night I googled “CA EDD Problems” and an article written in early Sept 2015 I believe, pulled up. Article claimed that CA borrowed billion or such from the Feds. That fund is not insolvent. I think this might , sadly be true. This would explain that checks are not being issued, closure of offices and other things. I have an acquaintance, not on this board who was formerly employed by Corinthian (Heald College) for 7 years. When they folded, he applied for UI. He has never received any payments from the State and is seriously job hunting. Good luck and keep us posted. My priority at this pint is communication with the via certified letters

Hey guys good morning I sent my claim by mail Monday October 26th 2015. I couldn’t do the telecert only because I had to claim my wages. The thing I went to carpentry school from 10-12-2015 -10-16-2015 I received the form from unemployment on the 19th said needed be mailed on the 25th which was a Sunday had it mailed on the 26th on Monday today is Halloween Saturday the 31st and I haven’t received anything I would appreciate if anyone knows or has a similar story

No checks!

October 28, 2015 · 3 comments

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Applied in July 2015 for UI. Received last check on Oct 6th. Since then, no checks. I tried to call between 8-12 and always got a busy signal after multiple attempts. I then tried to contact them online and my password was rejected. The caption would come up and it was entirely for someone else. Today I wrote EDD a letter, sent it certified mail. I indicated that I have not received a check or claim form since 10/06/2015/ Also, I cannot access online with password problem. Anybody end up getting “back pay”? This has been extremely frustrating–poor communication! Tonight I wrote an e-mail to Gov Jerry Brown–I am running out of productive ideas in order to solve the problem, especially since my employer paid into the fund and I was deducted earnings on my W-2 for UI!

After 5 months of benefits I filed a 2 week typical claim form and payment was delayed and a phone interview was scheduled. On edd website it says that there is a question about eligibility and under payment status it shows these two weeks as ‘Pending’.
Is this a common occurrence that they will schedule an appointment after a few months to checkin? I’m worried for reason behind interview and if they want to deny my unemployment?
Has this happenned to anyone else?

Its amazing how we work hard and earn
UI. WE get treated Like shit.
I waited on the phone for 10 minutes and the music stoped. Then I said Hello
10 times nothing, Last time I hung up, they want you to hang up. Don’t, stay on line. So I stayed on the line for over a minute then this guy with a mexican accent answered, rude! He was in a bad mood…He did not even want to do his Job. They should be accountable for thier actions.
This has happend to me 3 times when they would pick up the phone and nothing….I think they want you to hang up, so it does not look like they did. Stay on the phone. Piss on them.
Some are nice most are mean. By the way if you are doing a phone interview because if you messed up on your paper work.. which will happen. The interviewer tells you not to speak unless spoken to, you can turn thier ass in! Do it! I talked to someone there they are not alloud to say that. We are paying for thier job.

My former employer filled out a form stating I quit to move (untrue) and I have a phone interview tomorrow (10/28). Normally I get paid monday night, but now the claims I certified for sun are pending.

How long after the phone interview will I be paid (if they decide in my favor)?