November 2015

I got paid

Alright everyone, let’s post who’s getting paid, when and where please (lots of anxiety after the holiday).

So I had to certify over Tele cart this morning 11/29/2015 it didn’t give me the opinion to do it on ui online is that cause the holiday and will there be a delay in my payment

Disability Question

November 28, 2015

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Does anybody knows how long it takes after I send form 2525xx to get paid. That form is the one I gave my practitioner to sign since Im still disabled. Thanx for any help.

HOLIDAY delays pay>

November 28, 2015 · 22 comments

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The Thanks Giving holiday delays our money? Who does that? An employer must not delay your pay but the government can delay you getting your OWN MONEY.

More reason we need to abolish the government!

1st appeal

November 26, 2015

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I was disqualified for benefits the edd first stated I said I voluntary quit on my application which I clearly marked laid off. I’m a tow truck driver and I have a pending court case so I have no license so the BOSS said I have to let you go. That is a lay off to me because I could have dispatched which I clearly stated to the interviewer who was not friendly or sympathetic to me in anyway. His response was oh that’s a fire not a layoff so I said ok. Now on thanksgiving I find out online I’ve been disqualified. I’m filing my appeal asap. It’s bs that I’m denied benefits after being on call 24/7 5 days a week rain or shine 2am drive somewhere over 200 miles away then still go to work the next day. I’ve helped babies out of hot cars, stranded women on the freeway, flat tires and all that and the edd says I don’t qualify for benefits???

Hi all,
I’m confused with this IME I received in the mail. Do they send this to everyone or do they think my own doc isn’t legit? Also, the doctor they chose for me to see isn’t answering their phone. What happens if I can’t get in for an appointment?