I was laid off October 2015 and applied for unemployment and they interviewed me and was found eligible. The last week I got my weekly benefits was May 2016. Since then I struggled to find a job in my field but unfortunately didn’t get lucky. I even tried to drive for uber for a week but wasn’t profitable since I was studying full time (not mentioned to EDD). I tried to reapply for the same claim in December 2016 and I got few letters from EDD: the first one said I was ineligible since I didn’t earn enough money, the second ones they sent me a debit card and said I was eligible for mid $x,xxx since I earned more than x amount in the quarters ending in Sep 15 and Dec 15. I signed in and found that my account was refilled and weekly benefits are there ($440). A week later I got an email that I have weeks available to certify for benefits, I certified and showed that I looked for jobs and all other things they want to hear. Two days later I saw that the status changed to “disqualified for week ending in” for both weeks that I certified for.

Now I’m very confused and don’t get it, there’s no code or reason for this decision. Can anyone help me if you can clarify to me what this means; am I getting benefits or not? If not why on earth they refilled my account and sent me a card?

My husband has to claim his unemployment every Sunday. It was Christmas, so he already knew that it might be a bit, but he thought he would get it by today. There’s nothing. We’re in NJ.

Is there anyone else that hasn’t gotten their money yet?

I am so confused and bummed, 12/9/2016 was the last date I received my benefits!! It is now the 26th and nothing????

Does anyone know if there is some kind of problem, or is it just my case?

Bank of America and The EDD are both closed Monday December 26 in observance of Christmas. So, Im assuming that funds will be loaded Tuesday at midnight


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has any one else not received benefits Christmas night status says paid.. money usually comes 630-9:00 pm nothing came..


I applied for a part time position at my last job because but after requesting, a part time position my job was terminated. So I applied for unemployment and this has been the worst night mare of my life. I had the phone interview where the person that interviewed me was extremely rude and hostile. Then I got information in the mail that I was disqualified. Then two weeks pass and there is a letter in the mail with an appeal form that I need to send in explaining the reason why I believe that this was the wrong. Two weeks later I get a letter in the mail saying that I have a hearing coming up with a judge and that’s it. Never received a dime from the EDD nothing and now it is 1 month sense the last letter and I have nothing, no weeks to certify, no time lines, no phone calls nothing. This is this worst thing that I have ever experienced in life 1,000,000%. California is wrong for having systems in place that don’t help workers and are only there because it is a requirement by LAW. I don’t recommenced anyone put their trust in the EDD at all because they are just out to scam you out of benefits that you pay for as a TAX payer and a worker. I don’t know how the EDD works in other states but I can tell you first hand that in CA it is the worst. It is currently the holiday season and I have a mortgage to pay bills that will not stop and I am still dealing with a current injury but I have to find a good job NOW and right now because I have 0% trust in the EDD system. I know that everyone has a different experience and some people really got help from the EDD but I am a VET and served six years in the US army and I still get 0% help nothing ZERO. I hope that maybe the right person will see this and make changes to this system because it is BROKEN as BROKEN gets. I hope that this is helpful to anyone that is frustrated with the EDD.