January 2016

I filed for Unemployment 12/13/15 and finally got approved on 01/22/16 and I have funds but no card yet and i switched to Direct Deposit to avoid this issue in the future but what do I regarding the missing card? Do i contact Unemployment or BOA?

I needed to report my wages because the filing deadline was approaching.
I still have not gotten paid from the job because I was disputing the hours they said I worked.
So, when I filed my claim I reported what I think I am owe which would be like $20 more than what my employer would actually report. So my question is
Will the geniuses at EDD stop my payment for a $20 discrepancy.

What to do

January 30, 2016

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Ask for the advocates office or the directors phone number and call those numbers and complain and I’ll get you right through that’s normally how it works I’m an ex employee who is currently on disability on a workers comp. There was violence in the workplace that was placed on me and my managers did nothing and continue to let that person work there and did not give me my job so I am currently going to file a lawsuit. Once I find the number I will I will post it on here so you guys can just blow that number up and call and complain

So I was laid off because the company I was working for closed.
I filed my unemployment paperwork online and sent and waited and waited …
So I called and called and called until I got through five days later. The person who answered my call was rude, it was a complete waste of time, this person told me I was denied and why because the employer never filed taxes or claimed me which was not true we had a very rebuttable payroll company doing the payroll and I had my W-2 in my hand so someone was either incompetent or lazy I seem to believe it was both. He said there was nothing he could do and try call in 10 days to see if anything has changed but in the meantime to call my ex-employer and ask why he isn’t claiming his employees or paying his taxes. He then hung up on me.
The next day a friend from work also laid off was on the phone with the EED and with the only competent person I have ever heard of that actually works there and I got on the phone with her and she actually helped me got it all taken care and told me that the person I spoke with the day before just did not want to help me because that’s the attitude of the entire department at the EED. That is just how they feel they can treat people.
I asked for any information so I could report this incompetent ass who doesn’t deserve to have a job especially a job where it affects someone life and future
and she said there was no record of me even making contact with the EDD that this person did not even log the call so nothing was done and in 10 days nothing was going to be different. He did not even try to help me and he ridiculed me and my employer for not paying taxes. Shame on you lazy ass do nothing but cause people grief and pain piece of human waste scumbag. I hope you lose your job and I hope you get a person like you on the other end of that phone. I take that back no I don’t wish that on you I would be just as evil as you if I did I wish that on anyone.

We filed a UI claim online and received a confirmation number. A rude obnoxious employee claiming to be manager called us back staring he can’t see the claim & it doesn’t exist because it should appear instantly We contacted UI online tech support who says he claim takes. 24 hours to process through the system and all employees & managers should know there is no posting immediately of claims? How can the claim filed be viewed online?

I know that we should realistically be looking for jobs all the time, but from a practical standpoint, I’m wondering if there’s a way to set recurring reminders on your phone.

I’d like a reminder every other week to remind me to file, and maybe a reminder on a certain day of the week to apply for at least three jobs. Again, I’m just trying to be practical here: we need the UI benefits to live, so we wouldn’t want to forget to apply for jobs one week, and then possibly get in trouble.

I have an iPhone, but I’m sure it’s more or less the same with any other phone. As far as I know, you can set a reminder for a certain day, but I don’t know how to set them to go indefinitely on a certain day.

Appreciate the input!

I just got a notice of automatic payments. But!!! I also got the cont. Claim form for sdi.so do i do nothing or do i still need to fill out the form an submit it?