February 2016

Won My Appeal!

February 29, 2016

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Update to previous post:
The admin Judge reversed all the silly EDD claims against me citing that a claimant is PRESUMED INNOCENT. The judge also ruled that anything more than a 20% reduction in income by the employer is good cause to quit a job, something the geniuses at EDD should have known. I will receive about $2,000 in UI benefits when the money is released, but the damage has already been done. Am having to vacate my living space next week.

Post When Paid.

February 29, 2016 · 1 comment

in Where's my Money!?

You know the deal, Post when paid! ­čÖé

So to log into my UI Online, I need to log in using my SDI online login. I try that only to realize I have no idea what my password is. I’ll just reset it. Now it asks me security questions. Yet none of the answers are working either. FFS. Now I have to call in.

I call and have to listen to a recording for 2 minutes before I can choose to listen in English. OMG Seriously?! Now I listen to a bunch of other options. Oh, the SDI Online helpdesk is option 6. Great, now I’m where I need to be.

Wait, a second, another recording? All of information I already heard!! Another 2 minutes pass. “We’re sorry, the waiting line is currently full. Please call back later”
You got to be kidding me. 3 days later I finally get a representative! I tell her what I need help with and she hangs up on me!!!

That was an hour ago, and I’ve called 20 times since. I’m beyond aggravated right now.

Just thought this was interesting. It surprises me that relatively large companies will resort to lying to not have to pay UI tax. Sucks for them when the individual has hard proof. In my previous job, I had to take about 3 weeks off for school. It was unfortunate, but it was necessary for me. Long story short, they kind of left me hanging for about 2-3 weeks when I was scheduled to return, and then ultimately “terminated” me.

I was receiving UI for about a month, and they disputed, saying that I left them during peak holiday season, etc. Little did they know, that I had hard evidence of time off approvals (the HR/Attendance software sends an automatic email to a person when time off is approved, with the specific hours/days, etc.) by the HR manager, which I requested and were approved for two weeks prior to my time off, which was/is just standard company protocol. That’s basically all the lady from EDD wanted during our phone call.

I have to say that it really feels good catching an employer red handed, and busting them with evidence/proof – totally worth the $10 I had to pay at Fed Ex Office to fax it out. It’s too bad that the employer can’t be punished for lying/giving false information, much like we can if we falsify a claim.

I was supposed to get paid last Monday, but didn’t. I wonder how long it’ll take to get payment again.

I am being unfairly paid a reduced benefit amount by the EDD on my State Disability (SDI) claim. My benefit amount was correctly calculated on my claim based on a high earning quarter that I had accumulated and then 2 days later the EDD completely erased those earnings from my base period and said that I earned zero dollars. I was then told that my benefits would be based on a lower earning quarter and that was that. No explanation. They made the money that I earned and had SDI withholdings taken out of…. DISAPPEAR. I have tried everything that I can to have my wages restored to receive the correct benefit amount. I ended up writing a letter of appeal and am waiting to see a judge. No attorney will help me and in the meantime, I can’t work because of my injury, I can’t pay most of my bills, I can’t pay for medical treatment and this current claim will run out in a month. Then I will have no money at all. I have had SDI taken out of my paychecks for over 30 years and this is what I get. Any advice?

$10 off

February 26, 2016 · 1 comment

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Been on EDD for 2 months already , 8th of this month i did a 1 day job which was $10 an hour for 8 hours , i claim on the form amd mail it in, 2 days later the check for my work came in and its for $90 dollars instead of the $80 i have claim and recieve the EDD funds already , i called the EDD to let them know about the mistake about and why and yesterday was the interview explain to the EDD what happen ….my question whats happens if youre $10 dollars off ?

my weekly EDD is $180. a week

Since my housekeeper was fired by others, she just applied for the Unemployment insurance. The In-Home Supportive Services(IHSS) is the actually employer.I haven’t paid any except some tips to her. Her W2 form my name as the employer(wth?).
However, she has been working here;and she will continue working.

Now, i just received the notice from EDD that asked me the reason for separation, what is my state employer account No, last day she worked. How can i answer those questions?????? She is still working here!