September 2016

California can only give the unemployed $11,000 or 6 months of benefits?

The government just announced that it “lost” another $6 trillion with a ‘T” dollars. That’s enough to pay 250 million Americans $22,000 in benefits.

So its OK for our government to steal $6 trillion and admit it but we can’t get more than $11,000 in benefits?

Our military industrial complex funnels $650 Billion EVERY year, that’s complete corporate welfare leaking like a sieve but we can only get $11,000? Really?

It’s time to water the tree of liberty once again, this government is done, its over. We need a full on civilian revolution, a government overthrow, sooner the better.

Corrupt Government

September 30, 2016

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(First – Income Taxes were never supposed to exist, there is NO law, its complete Bullship)

I’m a decorated veteran with MBA / BS / AAS degrees. In 2010 I went over to work in Afghanistan until 2012 as a civilian and I didn’t have enough taxes taken out. I get home and I owe like 18K, it was right in the middle of the government furloughs, hiring freezes and sequester of 2012 so I went unemployed for 14 months. I had 2 choices, pay my taxes or eat. I wasn’t eligible for state benefits because I did a safe harbor state exemption, if you’re out of the state for more than 540 days eligibility exemption. So I decide to eat and stay alive versus paying taxes. I lose my security clearance for owing back taxes even after being proactive and getting on a payment plan, had great communication with the IRS even though they did an assets, liabilities worksheet on me and I had $125 left over each month so they took that. Now, no one ever has unexpected expenses, your car never needs parts, your washing machine, dryer never break, your dog never gets sick, needs a vet right? I rarely have any month when some unexpected cost pops up, what total bastards the IRS are taking my $125 cushion. Oh and when doing an IRS asset/liability worksheet, you’re not allowed to list credit card debt!

Jokes on them, losing my job because I owed taxes, I canceled my installment agreement. Here comes the really good part, I have paid into the California tax system for 11 years and all I get is 6 months coverage that only paid a fraction of bills anyway and THATS TAXED!! We now have taxes with taxes.

So I am a decorated Gulf War Veteran about to join the ranks of the homeless veterans. America is corrupt, heartless and the pursuit of happiness has been out of my grasp since 2012, trying to catch up, survive, just exist. We need a revolution, we need for income taxes to go away, its one giant ponzi scheme farce anyway, its illegal, there are no laws on the books enforcing tax collection.

disqualified? ?

September 30, 2016

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My claim weeks went from “pending” to “Disqualification for week ending” does this mean I didn’t get approved or that I didn’t fill out the claim forms right?

Let me start by day fuck all edd employees wait till it happens to you. I pay my taxes and you still have the odasity to take money out of my pay check with out any problems flat out fucking pices of shit, but I get hurt and file for unemployment cuz I was fired for not showing and I had doctors notes to excuse me from work and still fired. So I applied and that said no because I was under doctor’s care okay so I applied for disability and they denied me because I had one they wrong apparently and you could work with a broken bone and recently operated fuck you edd you piece of shit I hope this happens to you and I hope you get the night as well you fucking piece of shit

Ok here is some background:

After 4 years of unemployment, I got a job in mid June but it did not work out for me so I was terminated on mid August.

I was told to file unemployment immediately. So I went and file (doesn’t hurt to see) and got a Claim Award Letter saying $0 was awarded based on months from last year & January – March. Should I have waited until October to file? Does this mean I will get nothing? or will I be getting a notice of telephone interview later?

I can’t be able to reach a live person on the phone. It is all automated. How can I go about reaching a live person on the phone?

Anyone get paid

September 25, 2016 · 3 comments

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Certification at midnight status still on pending but today no payment

I worked 40 hours a week, three months at a job with tight shipping deadlines. Workers in the department consisted of temps and operators. Operators were run ragged on tight deadlines, taking breaks was not feasible due to work load, and working through lunch was common to keep up with orders. Temps on the other hand were specifically encouraged to take breaks, and the full 30 min lunch.

I emailed my manager that I was skipping breaks and working through part of my lunch to keep up with the deadlines. I offered to remain at my station, rather than move up to an even more demanding station. She responded by writing me up. I quit the next day.

I read that if you quit your job with good cause, such as not being able to take breaks and working through lunch, thata illegal.I told this all to the EDD interviewer and she disqualified me because I answered that the job was stressful. I havent collected un employment in 10 years. I was informed I was disqualified from getting benefits. I’m guessing due to me quitting.

I have a copy of the email, response, and write up letter. Any tips on the appeal process?