November 2016

I was recently receiving full disability due to major depressive disorder. After a few months of treatment, I felt well enough to return to work part-time. I was not healthy enough either for full-time work of any sort or for the type of work I had previously done – and therefore unable to earn nearly enough to support myself.

I reported the income and expected to receive partial disability while I continued to receive treatment –

“section 2656 of the CA unemployment insurance code permits payment of weekly benefits, if you are receiving less than your full wages while you are disabled. Benefit payments and wages added together cannot exceed your regular weekly wage…immediately prior to your disability”

Following my report of returning to work part-time, I received a benefit amount from the EDD that had $400 deducted from it. I DON’T KNOW THE REASON FOR THE DEDUCTION. If EDD had paid the full amount that I was receiving before returning to work, the total still would not have met or exceeded my wages immediately prior to disability. The next and final payment I received had an even greater deduction despite having worked the same number of hours.

Since then, I’ve been informed by someone at the EDD office that I’ve been kicked off disability because I returned to work.


Is there a limit to how much one can work while on disability? Where is this limit stated?

Why was there a deduction to my last two payments when I was earning so little?

*I’m planning on appealing the decision and would appreciate any insight into what is going on. Thank you!

Has anyone been paid that did webcert Friday? I did mine about 5am, and still today, Tuesday, nothing is showing. I know they did a system update this weekend just wondering if it’s going to delay things even more


November 21, 2016

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Misreported my wages

November 21, 2016

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Hi guys,

I reported all my income to the EDD but 1)I completely forgot to report wages for a few weeks 2)I totally mixed up the weeks that I worked. Combined, this is probably a few thousand dollars. I called EDD to clarify this and they set up an interview. The result of that interview was that my case was going to the overpayment dept and I’m supposed to hear back from them on the next steps. I’m totally OK with paying back what I owe, including penalties and I am OK with losing my benefits completely. I understand this probably qualifies as fraud. My question is, would the EDD force me to come to court for any reason if I pay back what I owe? AND does the EDD care that I mixed up the dates worked as long as I reported the actual income? Thanks so much


November 20, 2016 · 2 comments

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Has anyone received their payment by webcert? I did mine at 5:40 am it’s 10:40 still nothing.

What now??

November 19, 2016

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SO NO EXTENSIONS RIGHT?? What happens when u run out of ur benefits??

fucked by a fax machine

November 17, 2016

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I worked two jobs one full time seasonal and another part time.. the full time seasonal job ended before i put my two week notice at the part time job. I used the fax machine at work to send my fax the day I left the full time seasonal ten people sent their faxes with no issue Edd is telling me they never received my fax. I had to refile a claim but I also left my shitty part time job because lack of hours.Since I left my part time job the latest thats what edd is going to run my claim from and it looks like I am going to get nothing from both jobs even. I was told to call in ten days if no information was sent to me. by that time I had already left my part time jobs fucking bull shit