March 2017

Ok, so I thought you get SDI payments weekly ? How do you get them ? Bi-weekly. Or weekly ? Also , do you get your weekly benefit amount or do you get the daily amount ? Ok very confused and can’t figure it out because I got a partial 3 day payment that isn’t equal to my daily amounts ? Anyone on SDI for pregnancy know my answer ???

so today is sunday, I go to certify online as normal and only 1 week is available to certify. they haven’t sent me any letters or reason to think something is wrong, but I am stressed the F out because the EDD SUCKS and idk why the second week is not there. could it be system problems? has anyone had similar issues?

Anybody else on UI in AZ know just wtf is going on? I’m getting a little miffed, and calling them is an exercise in futility.

Anybody know what’s up?

Waiting for answer

March 18, 2017

in ¿Confused?

I had my EDD interview more than 10 days ago and I haven’t received a response yet. My last certification from 2 weeks ago is still “pending”. If they deny my claim, can I appeal based on them taking longer than 10 days to get back to me?

So I (unintentionally) misreported the wages from a recent temporary position. I made about $500 in two weeks of February, but reported it all in a single claim week after I’d already gotten paid. EDD docked one week’s payment, and I thought that was that.

Since the numbers/dates didn’t match up exactly, they recently flagged my account and told me I had a phone interview scheduled next week.

Now, I know I messed up because I didn’t read the fine print. But if anyone has had a similar experience… what exactly can I say during this interview to ensure that I continue getting the rest of my UI claim?

Will they accept the fact that this was an honest mistake and perhaps dock another week or two as penalty, or charge me for fraud and stop payments altogether?


It’s my first time back on EDD after over 3 years, and now the online form asks for job “search” info (actually it should say job APPS or CONTACTS!), but allows you to opt out and not complete it.
1. If i opt out of completing the job search will i be screwed?
2. Why would they let us opt out, who would complete it if we don’t have to? (I always SEARCH but didn’t do any apps this week.)
3. If i start the online form and then stop to mail paper instead will i get in trouble? I guess this week i will just mail in the paper form as the box isn’t checked.
Is “share your story” the same as “ask a question”? I guess “i’m confused” covers it. 🙂

So confused!!!

March 14, 2017

in Pissed!

I’m so pissed! I went to an IME, who obviously denied me. I applied for an appeal and checked the box to be paid while waiting. Well I got an overpayment. I ended up winning my appeal. They issued a payment last night and applied it to the flipping overpayment! The overpayment that’s supposed to be cleared since I won my damn appeal! And of course no fucking one can help me. And they tell me in the overpayment number that my claim is handled in Long Beach, which is seriously like 90 miles from my fucking house. So if this shit can’t get handled today I guess I’m dragging my 2 year old to damn Long Beach!