July 2017

I am sure I am not the only one who has experienced this but here we go. I went through the normal processed online completed my 1st interview yada yada yada. When it came time for me to get paid I received a notice stating I had to do another phone interview WTF! and I had bills to pay that week. I tried to be smart by calling them to clear up any misunderstanding, sat on hole for 2 HOURS only for call to drop! I almost threw my phone out the window. Long story short I did not get my check that week, ended up having to wait until the following Tuesday, the bastard called me for the phone interview only to say and I quote ” I am not sure why your were rescheduled, everything seems to be correct on our end” SON OF A BITCH

since then though I find this free site www.backtawork.com and they are actually helping me find a job, no temp or staffing jobs legitimate job, my silver lining LOL.

Fuck edd

July 31, 2017

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These fucking idiots still haven’t given me my money and it’s been a month. How fucking hard is it to load my money. Fucking idiots!

I was let go due to not being a good fit. Employer even stated I did a good job and could use them as a reference. Basically, girl who has been there 7 years did not like me and she had me pushed out. Anyways, I file for UI on 6-22, had my phone interview on 7-13, got paid for 2 weeks (7-1 & 7-8) on 7-20. I go online to certify for the 2 weeks ending 7-23 and I have a notice stating I have a phone interview scheduled for 8-2 due to question about my eligibility! What?!?! I already had a phone interview and was obviously approved! It states a letter was sent out but I haven’t received anything! Does anyone know if I’m not going to get any more payments until after this new interview?? In not, is that even legal?? I was already approved! It took a whole month just toget paid and I have bills that need to be paid! My cert says pending and I’m freaking out here! Please, has this happened to anyone else?? Will I get paid or have to wait til after that interview?? Thank you!!

Traveling for few weeks

July 19, 2017

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I am planning to travel for few weeks and planning to answer YES to the following:

*Was there any reason (other than sickness or injury) that you could not have accepted full-time work each workday?

My question is that, does this permanently disqualify my unemployment? Or just for the few weeks I was traveling?

I certify online. I received my first payment after my waiting period. I certified for 7-1 and 7-8 but it still just says pending. I know they say allow ten days, but others I know get the paid status minutes after they certify. They say entering work search history is optional. Does anyone else have a problem with your status stuck in pending, do you think it’s becauseI didn’t enter work search history?


July 14, 2017 · 1 comment

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my claim is coming to an end (the money is down to 2 payments), yet I am still unemployed. Are they giving any type of extensions in 2017? thanks

I quit company A for company B. Then company B laid me off. But company A is beingh billed for unemployment. I filled out the separation paperwork and now I have a phone interview. Is this normal and, “is there a possibility that my unemployment will be cancelled?” If someone can help? I called edd and it seemed like the guy who answered didn’t want to really answer my questions. Please help. Thanks.