August 2017

Waiting for nothin

August 31, 2017

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I have been waitng since aug 24th to get my check I keep calling edd they say wait ten business days now I checked online and its saying cancelled today but said paid all the previous days I checked. Has this happened to anyone else?? Why would they cancel my benefits without a letter?

CTB/TE-WIOA Benefits

August 29, 2017 · 1 comment

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I’m receiving UI benefits and I started a program and it’s before my 16th week. I requested and informed EDD and a phone interview is scheduled. The program is on the ETPL providers list in CA and it’s available for WIOA funding.

They don’t have funding which seems to be the norm for WIOA but would they at least be able to approve the training and send in something to the EDD before funding? If I start self initated CTB claim, how do I get approved? I have a interview next week via phone.

Hello There,

I have been receiving UI benefits for about a few months now. I got a letter stating I’ve been scheduled for an interview because I didn’t list a job on my original claim form. I don’t even remember working for the employer and it’s not the one that is due to me getting unemployment benefits.
I probably worked there for less than a couple weeks for extra money during the time because I seriously don’t remember and I didn’t get or file it or my taxes.

Will this disqualify me or will I get continued benefits? Go to a higher tier? Phone interview is next week. Help please!

This is my first time accepting UI, so I have had some difficulties with the process…when I first certified, I did not realize that the withholding they ask you to opt into was mandatory. I was under the impression it was some kind of extra withholding, like what you do on a W-2.

For my most recent check I have been opting in for the withholding, but I am not sure how to correct that I did not withhold on previous checks. I don’t want to be penalized by the IRS for this. Did anyone make this mistake and know how to fix?

Hey all. So I’ve been telecert every Sunday at midnight for the last two months and always get paid on that sane Sunday around 7:00pm. It’s noon the following Monday and when I called an hour ago they said they haven’t even received my telecert yet in there system but I have the confirmation. Is anyone else having this problem?


August 26, 2017 · 3 comments

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Certified 5 weeks already and haven’t received a debit card. Is this normal? What number do I call??? Also if I chose to have taxes withheld.I do get that back when I file my income taxes, right?


August 24, 2017 · 1 comment

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So far here’s my experience with CA EDD. I recently applied for unemployment on 7/10/17. After the one week waiting period I began receiving my money the first week on 7/31. I certified online, and the first full 2 week check came in the following week as they were late with mailing the paperwork. I posted it on Sunday, and by Sunday night the money was in my B of A account. However 2 weeks later when I certified for my continued claim, I noticed EDD had my money pending. I thought it was because I needed to attend the REA appointment which happened to fall on the same week. However, after the appointment I noticed the money was still pending. I finally called Thursday morning the 800-300-5616 number and I was able to get someone in 5 minutes and lo and behold the customer service rep told me that a mail they sent to my previous employer came back as undeliverable which is why they held my payment. What?!!! I was pissed, because they did not send me a letter or email telling me about this. Anyway I gave them the address of my employer, they had something way different from a company with a similar name, and the lady said my money will be paid out in 24-48 hours. Wow! Luckily I called or I would’ve still been waiting for my money. With bills to pay and school supplies to purchase I was getting worried. So if you see your money saying pending after a day or two do not hesitate to call, these suckers will hold your money for any little thing. Call Thursday or Friday mornings around 8a.m. to get a hold of someone.