November 2017

I was receiving automatic payments since I was put on leave in August, and my doctor had put me on leave until 12/4 but has extended it to 1/4. I was last paid on 11/9, did my extension affect when I’ll be getting paid, along with Thanksgiving last week?

6 Hours, 4 Hang Ups NO HELP

November 30, 2017

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Started this morning at 9 am, was on hold 2 hours. I got through and was put on hold for 30 min, then was hung up on. Got through again, hung up on after 5 min. Got through again and this time asked to be called back. The rep assured me they would call me back and did not. The last call got through and was told to “Shut up” and that they “Didn’t want to have a conversation, just get me off the phone”. HORRIBLE SERVICE.


November 29, 2017

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Filled claim effective 10/30…had to supply pay stubs for lag period. Worked and made 1300. Sent stubs in. Edd finally validates claim today and processes 3 payments.

Check my online at 3pm now again showing dq and no payment processed. Call 213 number and get a lady who says employer sent a letter claiming pay was a system error that reversed everything. She then hung up in me!!!

Thanks Edd for crushing everything

SDI human contact

November 29, 2017 · 4 comments

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I appled for SDI 10/31/17 my doctor took 2 weeks to mail her portion in. My status has been pending almost 2 eeks and when I call 1-800-480-3287, it is all automated. My claim has been pending forever. Anyone know how to reach a human? I have had no income for 6 weeks now.


I was laid off from my job on November 2nd and applied for unemployment on November 3rd. I received a notice in the mail to sign up for cal jobs – which I did then the next day I got a letter which stated what I had put on my original application and on the next page was my award letter. I know there is a 1 week waiting period but that’s been long gone and I haven’t received any materials to certify for benefits, and when I log online it doesn’t have my most recent claim all I can see is my claim from 2012. When I call the number to try and certify it tells me to sign and mail in the paper form.. but I never received one??? I have tried calling over 30 times, and I’ve also emailed with no luck. Online it asks if I want to “reopen my claim” but I’m afraid to do that and mess up the claim I already have documentation that I opened and got an award letter for.

Anything I can do? Thanks!

I applied for UI using eAppy4UI on 11/17/17. The application acknowledgment states that if I don’t receive UI claim materials by 11/27/17 (today) to contact EDD and provide confirmation number. Well, I didn’t receive anything today from EDD. I remember from collecting UI in 2012 that trying to reach EDD was a nightmare.

The company I last worked for (in June) closed the business–that is why I’m unemployed. I have been looking for a job since then with no luck so far. When I collected UI in 2012, the process was so stressful that I decided not to apply when I was laid off in June, but now I’m running out of options and have no choice but to apply.

Could there be a delay because of the holiday? Could the delay be because my ex-employer did not respond?

Any advice on navigating this process is appreciated, especially tips on contacting EDD.

Does Anybody Know If They Are Paying Tonite Certified This Morning???