February 2018

Give up you will never get your money EVER.. unless the feds take over this is the biggest insurance scam Ever… they have embezzled so much money I can’t even tell u and its been going on for countless years.. they have now been caught the phones are now shut down or they hang up the phone.. but wait all these scum bags are taking ur money.. ya.. no joke they get paid for what… I can’t even tell u.. what is goin on but its an inside job.. well like I said.. u will never get paid unless u drive down there.. and talk with the fraud unit.. that’s the only way at this point.. ciao for now


2/16/2018, WTF…the homeless outside my door are partying up cuz they got paid, “ontime”…..but im still waiting for a 10 day grace period. i pay my taxes then I get laid off, first time i have ever collected EDD ( im claiming my insurance damn it) and the fuk tard holes drug attics get paid on time….no debt to society . I served and defended this country and the housekeeper gets paid more than me cuz she is a woman? i recommended my boss to sponsor her, he did. What a POS.
this world is fukd up ran by white fake democratic fuks.


Okay I’ll start by saying I live in Texas I’ve never lived in or even visited California.. I am used to having a debt and offset when we do our taxes every year however this year when I called it said there were 2 for California Employment Development Department. I don’t even have a clue what that is or how to go about getting this fixed. I called the 888 number the offset line gives but it literally was no help I wouldn’t even know how to report fraud cause I’ve no idea what it was even used for. Is there a number I can contact an actual person instead of that automated bull?



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Do benefits only last 6 months? How do I get an extension?


Long story short I received unemployment benefits about 4 years ago and got a letter a year ago saying that they were going to start garnishing my wages when I called the lady told me pretty much it will start anywhere from A-day to a year still has Not happened so I’m wondering has anybody gone through this and when should I be expecting them to start garnishing my wages and will I be notified before they start??


I was approved for benefits and went onto my account today to see that my payment was issued on 2/13/18, problem is that I have no received a debit card. Should I have already gotten this card or is it on the way? I’m so confused.

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Hi! So I just received the “Notice of unemployment insurance claim files” and on page 2, where it outlines my “maximum benefit amount” , “total wages” , “weekly benefit amount” etc…..all of those fields are $0.00. Even wages. Which is obviously wrong. But it let me file my first continued claim form. But there is no payment of funds.

Now I noticed on page 3, a tiny sentence that says “If you work for a federal agency, your wages must be requested from that federal agency. You will receive a Notice of Amended unemployment award, with these wages added”

Am I reading this correctly that I have to wait for them to receive my federal wages before they will dispense unemployment funds??

Thank you all so much!