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October 31, 2017 · 4 comments

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I filed for U.I. benefits I’mwhen I was laid off in October 2016. I exhausted the benefits on my claim. I opened a new claim since I’m still unemployed. Will I still be eligible to receive U.I. benefits?

  • annonymous

    I asked someone who might know:

    Only if he worked enough and earned enough during his benefit year. I’m thinking the answer is, “no.”

    Also, a claim filed in October, doesn’t usually have a rich lag dollar amount, and if he did work enough, there might not be enough money to get much of a claim.

    • Cassie

      Annonymous…can you ask that person how to file for extension? I filed in January…only collected for 2 weeks..found a job…worked til June and was laid off there so I filed again but it was still under that claim from January 2017. I still haven’t found a job and my benefits will run out soon. I don’t want to scramble to figure out how to file for an extension…there is no information on website. I know I will have money because I worked during the the time a new claim will be calculated. Just need to know how to file extension…or do I just file a new claim? Filing a new claim doesn’t make sense because there is no job that I lost…just ran out of benefits. Please let me know what your friend says! Thanks!!

      • Halfwaynowhere

        File for a new claim. It seems silly but that’s how it works.

  • It depends on how many weeks the last job has. Some do 52 weeks some do 26. Some may do longer. When you file, as you have, EDD will let you know if you have additional weeks.

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