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December 13, 2017 · 1 comment

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Recently I filed for IU because i was fired. I had my phone interview and started recieve benefits after certifying. In the process of looking for work which the EDD requires. I went to an old temp agency because I was still currently in there system even though i stopped working for them because i started the job i was fired from. So they sent me on assignment. When i got there i asked the supervisor how long did he think he would need our help. He replied a few days. Me knowing this was not a permanent solution to my problem. I called off because i had interviews for permenant positions elsewhere instead of finishing the rest of the 2 or 3 day assignment that again was going to leave me unemployed. So the edd sent me a letter stating I quit the temp agency and i need another interview to determine eligibility. Im confused because they reason i filed unemployment had nothing to do with this company in the first place. I was fired and that was the reason i was recieving benefits. Ive been calling the temp agency for over 2 months and they havent sent me on a assignment but also stating i quit so they wont pay out my benefits. Im basically stuck not working and not receiving benefits. Was i suppose to be surviving off the temp agency even though they have rarely ever gave me 40hrs a week? Why are they stopping my benefits over a assignment that was only suppose to last a few days anyway. Was i better off just not going to back to the agency and looking for work as the edd requires? Was i suppose to accept the temp work and not try to go to my interviews for permanent employment? It just sucks how they do you smh

  • annonymous

    You should have finished the assignment til the end. It was only a couple of days, what is the big deal? You could have continued your unemployment, all you had to do was list their pay on your worksheet. And after a couple of days, you could have continued looking for a more permanent position. You burned your bridges.

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