• As we all know, you CANNOT call the hotline numbers, no hope for that EVER. I had to change my phone number three days before my scheduled telephone interview, and they actually answered my email within that time! I was pleasantly suprised that someone got back to me so quickly. https://askedd.edd.ca.gov/asp/frmEDDCOMM.aspx You should select the Address/Telephone change option, give them your SSN, FULL NAME and list your old, then new address change, this should get you an almost immediate response.

    • Yo yo

       Thanks for answering this, even though i didnt write this post it helped me out as i had to abruptly move and have not recieved any info from the edd in over a month, i just emailed them so now hopefully they change my address and all will be good

  • Hannahmcdonald27

    Yes, thank you very much.  I’ve heard of the delays when moving and I just don’t need anymore STRESS.  Best of luck to all of you.

  • Yo yo

     wow, i sent the email to change my address at 4am and by 8:53am I had a response telling me that my address has been changed and they will resend my claim form out, that’s gotta be the quickest i have ever heard back from them, hell must have frozen over lol

  • Mary

    Now EDD has web-cert but the change address/phone option disappeared from the ask EDD site…what an improvement!!!!

    • Luis

      its still there you have to chose Unemployment insurance claim then update information then address and telephone number change
      I just did it…good luck

      • Ju Do

        Thank you Luis for the info. 3 months ago I was directed to do it by phone or US mail. It worked. But it is great to know that these changes could be done on line now. cheers

  • Jake

    I did a change of address early August and it is now September. They have updated my address on the first week of September but my payments stopped coming. They didn’t tell me I had to correct and resend the week of when I changed address. I had to asked them what was causing the delay for the new payments. I’d like to know if there’s a way for the payments to start coming again. All of August I didn’t receive a payment and its now September. I missed too much payments that my bills are piling up. I hope they’ll fix this.

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