• Tom

    That’s because the very first payment was for 1 week. So the very last payment would be for 1 week also.   1 + (12×2) + 1 = 26 weeks. At least that is how they paid me.

    You will see the same thing with the 2nd Extension, it is 14 weeks but is 13 weeks + 1 week.  So you will see 6×2 + 1 + 1 payments.  That’s what I learned when I asked why the form orginally showed only 13 weeks.  That was how they paid that one too.

  • Raul

    You give those of us unemployed a bad name. However; I will be nice to you. If you were paying attention to your claim forms you would have noticed the $ amount would decrease each time you got paid. The money is on the verge of running out. Don’t fret. Edd will file an extension for you automatically. Good luck!

  • Isabella4ever

    You’ve reached the end of your state benefits.  That remaining week will be paid out separately.  CA will then transition you to EUC Tier 1 and you will resume claiming biweekly.  CA does not allow a state benefit and a federal tier benefit to be paid in the same bi-weekly claim period.  Same is true when transitioning between tiers as was posted above.  It’s a bookkeeping thing.

  • Thanks_from_a_State_Employee

    As a State Employee it is nice to see that some of you out there are paying attention to your claim, kudos to you, your the kind of people we like dealing with, not the crying babies that call us names and fault us for everything that happens to their claim, we are just as hard working as anyone else, and want to pay you your benefits. Thank you for your support and trying to educate others about Unemployment.

  • MsGoLightly

    Today I was also only allowed to certify for 1 week.  Does anyone know if you will still be allowed to file for an extension with the new end to the federal extension?

    • Isabella4ever

      The new legislation authorizes payment of federal benefits through week ending December 29.  CA will automatically file the extension for you and transition you to the next tier.

      • Harry

        @Isabella4ever: let us hope congress steps in and extends benefits into 2013. It would be a disaster if everyone on extensions gets kicked off come Dec. 29, 2012. I just saw a news report on cmn in which 600 people camped out for a shot at 50 jobs in NY. It is still crazy out there!

  • Knowledge_is_power

    Most times if you receive a continues claim form for one week it’s because you only benefits enough to cover you that one week or it could also be that your regular claim has come to an end (regarless of what the balance remaining you will not be able to collect those benefits).

    If you qualify for an extension – if you had at least 20 weeks of benefits you will – then the EDD will file the first extension (or place on a previous one if one had been filed previously). You must allow 10 days from the last payment issued.

    Good luck!

  • EDD Angel


    They are just cutting off the final Fed-ed extension by May12th 2012, if you are not on your Fed-ed ext yet then you don’t have to worry. The tier 1,2,3 and 4 are still available. Good Luck

  • Underemployed

    Thanks_from_a_State_Employee: Please avoid name calling. That is exactly what EDD employees complain about (being called names) yet here we see claimants being called “crying babies.”

  • MKDx

    I would have to say to the “state employee person”— we understand that you do your job and are working hard, well maybe some of you but I know how it is working for the government and let me say that if all the people were working as hard as they say, then things would be much smoother. Secondly, :underemployed is right, you shouldn’t be calling people crybabies, I know when anything is even slightly messed up on my check it halts everything. my mortgage depends on getting paid, and I still have to find side work just to make ends meat. My claim has been messed up multiple times due to reasons on edd side. I am tripping out right now because I only could claim 1 week and there is no explanation. I could just be missing something but, I have plenty of money left in my claim, and it says it isn’t supposed to run out until may 2014. Anyone have ideas on that?

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