Amazingly inept

November 13, 2017 · 3 comments

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Obviously they paid low dollar to get their new web page made, nothing works!
re-registered, but didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to use new email (HUH). Finally spent an hour with rep getting completely regisetered (even got a conf email), then went to file a claim and got the DREADED E330 error message. The person on the line said, OH I need to report this, and said they’d contact me, YEAH RIGHT, AND i GOTTA BRIDGE I WANT TO SELL YOU. So I decided to file on paper, (have to have that mailed to you now). Got it to my doctoer, but of course can’t check status on line (error E330!). Of course the phone is so overloaded you can’t get thru, no wonder people want to leave Calif!

  • James

    I experienced somehow the same thing… For 2 weeks and up to now, still dealing with the same error messages “E318 and E313.” I even did it with the representative on the phone, but to no avail. Such a headache!

  • S0lly

    When you leave, take someone with you…

  • Nang Hul

    Try using all caps especially for state id number

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