Arrogant personnel

January 31, 2018 · 1 comment

in Pissed!

I called them in regards to the claimant registration process the other day. The person is not at all in a mood to listen to what my problem is.I specifically said i don’t have an issue with the registration itself rather completing the claimant registration. After a 10 min heated argument, this guys says that they cannot help us with anything else apart from the regular registration.Such an irresponsible and arrogant attitude.Felt like a bot can do better job.And whats up with this site?? it thinks one’s first name cannot be more than 12 letters. Are these people living in 2018.Felt like no one tried to upgrade this website from 2000.

  • Cassie

    When I first filed my claim, it was delayed because the system did not see that I had typed in a suite # for my place of employment! The address and whole street name is pretty lkng and you have to include a suite number! Whatever EDD sends to employer got sent back because the suite number was “missing” because of their website! I was so pissed because it delayed getting any payment for almost 3 weeks!

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