• Morgan

    ….and you have such a charming personality as well.

  • na na

    so you never got your money back??

  • dontworry

    your attitude is shit!!! you dumb ass have you ever thought of speaking to someone with respect, the moron/incompetent person is YOU!! maybe that’s why your dumb ass doesn’t have a JOB!!! so how far did you demands get you, i hope they hung up on your stupid ass with that f**k you attitude… people like you get no where, so think about it!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am also having problems with Bank of America. I complained about unauthorized transaction with my Credit/Debit Card. Merchant automatically charge me using my Debit Card after placing a trial order in the web because I forgot to cancel and mailed them back an empty bottle of the product (Lumiday). They have the right to do that without my consent? First B of A made adjustment and refunded me the money and then after a week or so they sent me a letter to reversed their decision. We bailed them out for what? They should bail us out, that is their duty,if not then why Corporate America? Market exuberance!
    AYN RAND (1905-1982), the greatest intellectual champion once defined capitalism as a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, in which all property is privately owned. “This recognition of genuine rights (not “rights” to force others to get us what we wish) is all crucial and it has a distinctive moral foundation”. (Source-Dollars and Crosses.com)

  • Anonymous

    Why is that BofA’s problem. You yourself said YOU forgot to cancel and mail back an empty bottle. So the merchant charged you. You should be taking that up with the merchant to process a CREDIT if in fact they think you deserve it.

  • Anonymous

    I setup a recurring transfer in August and it has been happening like clockwork ever since. I did notice that when Monday is a bank holiday that the money is not in my account until Wednesday, otherwise it is there on Tuesday when I certify via WebCert on Sunday.

  • Robert

    B of A is corrupt and always has been… they have stolen from everyone I have ever known to have an account there… 6 for 6… I have never and will never do buisness with these fools… they target the little guy… nothing but a bunch of liars over there. I once accompanied a good friend to the bank when he was having an issue and the bank refused to even produce his account history saying he would have to file a complaint to even look at his own statement?

  • Anonymous

    @Robert above, Years ago when I had a BofA account and after BofA changed owners, I noticed that my checks would be mis-posted by small amounts. Once, my check was mis-posted by $100 and finally called it quits with BofA. The reason why, I think, people are not even more mistrustful of BofA is because BofA has very good marketing and donates money to communities.

    Yes, they are fools but since they have given us plenty of warnings (i.e. the housing market), we’d be fools to trust them.

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