• Jayne

    This number worked for me too. I’m a little scared they’ll get too many calls and reroute it to the dread automated system, but so far so good. By the way, this morning I started calling at 7:54 and got a busy signal. But at 8, it rang through and I got someone after only a few minutes wait. So if you hear that busy, it’s probably because they haven’t opened the phone lines yet.

  • Jjg

    Called this #today, lady asked for my ss#, and in the middle of stating it, she said I had called the wrong office, and before I could respond, she hung up. These are awful people

  • valerie

    i’ve been waiting for 2 months and 21 days for my 1st check i’ve been asked to send in check stubs to submit proof that i made $1660.00 or more in wages since my last claim which I did. I sent it in the envelope they provided which I was told 3 weeks later they never received so I was given the dept of adjucation in San Jose and STILL 7 weeks later and 3 letters mailed with my proof and NOTHING thank you so much for this number I just got thru and I’m on hold HOORAY!!!! i’ll post as soon as i’m off the call to see if i’m any closer to getting my benefits to keep me from eviction and homelessness. Don’t you just love being part of the 47%……

  • valerie

    okay y’all, Thank you Jesus!!! I spoke with a gentlemen from Edd adjucation dept and he gave me a FAX NUMBER, wow, just wow, i feel so blessed right now thank you jesus!! as soon as he receives my fax i’ll be released from detention hell and my benefits will be processed ready for the fax # 916-319-4142 happy benefits to all!!

  • irishnurse22

    What a GODSEND this number is…first ring they picked up, and I let them know I applied for disability and needed to figure out if I should close my claim or not… disability will not pay me with an “open” claim, even though I stated that I had an injury on my form…I was on hold while they connected me only for 4 minutes!! they were very friendly, and helpful, and did not ask “how I got this number”, so I am not sure if it is routed through/bypass the 1-800 number but after 4 days of trying all day, from 7:45 to almost 5:00 what a blessing! I did have another number prior to this, and they closed that number, due to it was posted, and someone asked me “where did you get this number?” so, I am sure they figured it out… Good luck. I hope not too many people use it, but if you REALLY need to speak with them, and have no luck with online form, as I did not get answered and it has been over 10 days, then this worked for me.

  • loveablediane

    worked for me. although they couldn’t answer any of my questions they tried transferring me to the correct person but they were busy or out to lunch. took my information down to receive a call back! thanks for the info. too bad i didn’t see this until after i had been on hold for two hours! :-o!

  • cvmoonshadow

    They were awesome and you get to speak to a live person. Thanks for sharing.

  • MARC


  • Thankful

    Thank You Jesus!!This number worked! I’ve been trying to get through to EDD for 2 WEEks! Called this number this morning a lady picked up and told me I know this is not the right number. My office is from San Francisco but she will do me a one time favor and transferred to the right queue. A man came on after about 5 minutes and gave me the info I needed. God is Good!

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