Benefits being held pending Phone Interview

August 20, 2013 · 10 comments

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So i wake up to find that my funds were not in my account, yet on webcert is says issued…

I call EDD and they say my accounts are being held per a phone interview.. And that i would get a letter in the mail of when this was supposed to be… I just wonder how long it will take to get this letter, and then how much longer it will take for me to get the phone call from them with an interview… Very frustrating… seems like they should hold your funds AFTER the phone interview if you have done something wrong rather than before… Now im completely screwed until i get a letter with then the phone interview will be, does anyone know how long this takes.

  • Diana

    What day did it say it was issued on? Mine says issued but yesterday it was saying submitted 8-19 when I did it Sunday

    • Russell

      mine said the exact same thing…

      they still said though my benefits are on hold pending a phone interview… so no matter if it says issued or not, if you do not have the money in your account… call them until you can get them, unfortunately you only have 8-12… calling first thing actually worked for me

  • in_SoCal

    This just happened to me. Web-cert says “issued 8/6/2013”. I didnt receive any notice and waited for payment. Despite what EDD says to wait 10 days for payment, i emailed EDD on 8/7. They replied the next day stating i had a phone interview on 8/19 and a notice was mailed to me. On 8/9, i received the notice.

    Yesterday, i had phone interview, and now web-cert status changed to “issued 8/20/2013”. Not sure what this means but i plan to call them in a couple of days to ask if a determination was made.

    Good luck to you!

    • whittier

      what kind of questions did they ask you?

      • in_SoCal

        On the back of the Telephone Interview Notification DE4800/Z letter it lists questions that the interviewer wants to discuss with you in greater detail. They expect you to be well-prepared to answer those questions and anything else that may come up during the interview.

        Some of the questions on my list were: 1) Why are you no longer working for this employer?, 2) Did you quit? What caused you to quit?, 3) If you took a leave of absence, did you discuss this with your supervisor first?

        These questions are generally based upon your answers that you submitted on your UI Application. And quite possibly, from their interview with your former employer. But that’s if they were able to talk to them before typing up this notice.

        When I had my interview, I felt fully-prepared to answer these questions but, I was surprised that the EDD rep didn’t ask me any of the questions on this list. Which lead me to believe that EDD could have already talked to my former employer and put together a different list of questions to ask me based upon their conversation.

  • Emmy

    There is a delay in many payments. My webcert says that my claim was submitted on 8/19 and it has said that for days now. I woke up this morning to no deposit. I could not get through to anyone over the phone, and when I sent an email through ask EDD they answered but very brief. I still have a million more questions, and I am so frustrated. I read that many people who filed the previous 2 weeks had the same problem, now I guess it is our turn.

  • Nicole

    Awesome. I we certed on Sunday around midnight, Monday I received a letter saying I have an interview on 8/29. Web cert says it was issued 8/20 but b of a shows no deposit. Is it safe to assume I’m sol till the interview too?

    • Russell

      thats what it sounds like nicole, i guess at least you got the letter saying when your phone interview is, they should release your funds after that..

  • Pisces-lady

    I’m so sick of these nasty attitude having edd people their holding my benefits because I rescheduled a resea appointment at the caljobs it’s my money that I worked for really don’t understand how they can do this 1 day before I get paid and they act as if 5 to 10 days isn’t long i have to wait 10 days when you know your going to cut the check already. just cut it and break me off the change

  • Pisces-lady

    now I see why nobody knows their location

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