Bank Of America – Tips & FAQs

Here are 15 tips that were posted on this site from a BOA employee.

  • BOA only services the card (balances, deposits that have been made already, trans etc.).
  • BOA cannot see pending deposits (contact the state in which you are receiving benefits).
  • If you are receiving benefits from CA EDD and previously had a card but no longer have it and are waiting on a card for a new claim, call BOA to request a new one. They use the same account for all benefits. One will not be sent to you unless you call.
  • BOA has no ability to change addresses for CA EDD accounts, CA EDD are only ones able to make change (if your calling them to change make sure you tell them to update for BOA if you DO NOT then address will only be updated on CA EDDs system).
  • BOA does not know time frames for the amounts you receive contact EDD for that information or any claim information what so ever.
  • There is no actual account with Bank of America. It is a prepaid debit card issued by the government which means you cannot take money out inside the branch without the card.
  • If you have a lost or stolen card call Bank of America not EDD! BOA IVR 866-692-9374 select LOST/STOLEN option.
  • You cannot transfer money into your personal bank account without the card. You need the card!
  • You cannot put money onto the card yourself. Only CA EDD can make deposits onto card.
  • If EDD’s website says a payment has been made, please wait till it posts. We understand you need your money but we have no ability to make it go faster!
  • Posting time for deposits is midnight-9am Monday through Friday (weekends don’t count even if your payment was made on a weekend wont post till next business day).
  • After your payment is made by EDD (depending on the time they issued it to you) it can take up to 2 business days to post onto your account.
  • There is no exact day deposits are made. So don’t rely on exact time, day, week etc. Every time it is different. It might be consistent for awhile but its doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed every time.
  • Funds transfer take 2 business days and cannot be canceled by anyone once there submitted. There are disclosures that state that online before you transfer.
  • If you had a card that has expired and haven’t received new one before the exp date (cards valid till end of month) call to request one. We usually send one out first week of card expiring.