BofA EDD Card Online Transfer Down 5+days

June 1, 2017 · 4 comments

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My SDI benefits got deposited into the BofA EDD account late Friday 5/26. After logging on to the website to initiate the transfer to my bank, I see a message stating “Online funds transfers are temporarily unavailable.” This is the only way I access my money as I am bound by principle to not swipe that card and let BofA profit even a dime of interchange fees off me.

Calling into the “customer service” line is useless. They transfer you to the “funds transfer” department and twice now I have been on hold for over two hours(!) and eventually disconnected before getting to speak to someone, let alone initiate a transfer. Today is Thursday 6/1 and the online funds transfer system is still down. No one seems to care over there at BofA’s EDD card customer service so today I called the LA Times to see if they might be interested in reporting on this.

It’s really convenient that due to the nature of this partnership, no one, not EDD nor BofA, is in a position to assume responsibility for matters such as these. If this were BofA’s regular checking customers they would NEVER allow ACH transfers to be down for 5+ business days. People would be withdrawing their money any way they could and there would be a run on their bank. File this under Pissed!/Where’s My Money?!

  • Peter K

    Over two weeks now and transfers are still unavailable and no one at BofA can tell me why or when it will be fixed. I have one account that I cannot set up to pay using the EDD debit card. BofA won’t allow me to just withdraw money from inside a branch so BofAs solution is for me to go to an ATM and make multiple withdrawals over the course of several days (daily withdrawal limits) and then deposit this cash at my bank?!?!? EDD wont even speak to me about the situation. It boggles the mind, really.

  • Otis D.

    Same thing happened to me. 4 weeks ago I successfully completed one online transfer on BofA’s website, but now I’ve been getting the same error message for the past week. Very frustrating.

  • Wombat

    Ridiculous! I’m facing the same issue. I agree their regualr curstomers would never put up with this.

  • Otis D.

    Update! I got all my money out today in person at a BofA branch. They let me withdraw all my funds (about $4k) from the debit card without any fees or hassle. Not as convenient as online transfers, but much better than going to an ATM every day.

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