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Hello all. My CA sdi claim began on 11/21/2017.

My question is, what dates does CA SDI issue payment. For some reason I got paid 2 times. One payment was issued for 11/28-11/30 and a second payment issued for 12/1-12/5.

Now it says I am on automatic payment? Does that mean my next payment will be 14 Days from my last? (12/5.) Or will I be paid on certain dates?


  • Jane Davis

    Your cut off day is on Tuesdays. If you are registered online on EDD website you may not see any activity yet for this upcoming payment. Check again early tomorrow morning around 8 am or earlier and you may see the payment processing. The money will not be available on your card until Wednesday evening around 7 pm PST.

    My cut off day is Monday. I can see my payment processing since early this morning however the money is not yet available on card. It should be available on my card within a few hours.

    Check with me & I will let you know.

    • Kimmy

      Do you think you could give me some clarity, please?

      Claim Effective Date: 12-18-2017

      Payment and Determination History
      12-18-2017 – 12-24-2017 12-28-2017 Waiting period 7 $0.00

      It’s 1/7…7 days and 14 days have past…should I expect payment 1/9?

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