• Renee (the first Renee)

    You can find this information on the EDD website. All you have to do is simply go to the search bar and type in CTB and all the rules and program guidelines are right there at your finger tips. Also it tells you how to apply. But even though you failed to simply look up this information for yourself on the EDD website I will help you out. You can only apply for the CTB program during the first 16 weeks of receiving benefits. This information is also on the website, but since they denied you the first time you can look on the EDD website and see if they have any gray areas. Good luck!

    • me me

      You need to re-read it yourself. The 16 week policy is about qualifying for a future training extension. A claimant can apply for CTB at any point during a regular extension and be approved. They simply would not get to extend past their tiers of extensions with a training extension. I also hope people realize that CTB is not a scholarship program. They will have to manage the finances of taking those selected courses unless they acquire assistance through the WIA program or other programs that cover some of the cost but CTB is constantly offered to every claimant including those on regular extensions. The ability to get even more weeks while in training is limited if they didn’t apply in that first 16 weeks or regular benefits. In fact my best advice is that if you just missed that first 16 weeks wait til you enter tier 1 and are on regular extensions to apply so the transition is easier. This way no amounts are shifted but be careful in the courses you select and the time it will take to finish the course. Be highly aware also of how much time is left in your benefit year.

  • JB

    you really need to go down to your local joblink/one stop career center…while renee is correct there are some exceptions depending on where you are in the extension process and other ways to finance full-time schooling then unemployment.

  • me me

    Renee is incorrect. She’s stated the same information about time lines in requesting CTB before. She needs to read all the information about CTB. Read this next line carefully…. YOU CAN APPLY FOR CTB AT ANY TIME DURING YOUR BENEFITS WHICH INCLUDE WHILE YOU ARE ON AN EXTENSION. Read that line again over and over and over. What Renee is referring to is if you request information within the first 16 weeks of your regular claim you will qualify for an training extension in the future should your ctb run out. If you did not inquire in the first 16 weeks of your benefits then you can still qualify for CTB but once your benefits run out ( this includes regular extensions on the parent claim ) you would not be able to request addition CTB extensions. Please Renee I know you try to help but you are absolutely incorrect about a person qualifying for CTB while on their regular extensions. EDD encourages training and schooling and are concerned when a claimant cannot find work before and after their regular benefits run out and the opportunity to take courses while continuing to collect an extension are available at any time during those extensions. They simply would not be allowed to request a CTB extension otherwise called T.E or Training Extension.

    • Renee (the first Renee)

      I said that since the poster had already applied and was denied there MAY BE A GRAY AREA…smh have a great night!

    • Renee (the first Renee)

      And the point of my post was to get the posters and others to take the time to look up information that is clearly available on the EDD website. Thanks!

      • me me

        I got what you were saying which was a great suggestion. Keep saying it and I’ll will to. There is so much information available on the EDD website that covers most of someones situation. I am surprised to read many didn’t even know that just about every application form ( including an appeals form if they didn’t get one ) can be dloaded from the EDD website. Asking where’s my money is a broad statement. Asking has anyone else dealt with the same issue is another broad statement. Ask what to do in the situation is better. The insiders guide on this website has excellent posts that address, filing, extensions, delays, methods of contact and how to really make your venting count. Your suggestions are appreciated Renee and hope you realize that.

  • me me

    o.p. please go to your one-stop and they will actually re open your ctb application for you. I hate to say this but you may have blown it in the sense that you can’t apply more than once within a certain time frame. You need to check that out. It’s ok to apply if you are getting extensions currently. You wouldn’t get turned down for that reason but applying twice in the same benefit year may be your problem.

    Be sure the course is approved by EDD and that it is full time. Be aware that if your extension does not cover your entire year of classes thats your own fault. Be aware CTB is not a scholarship program either. They don’t pay for the classes. You do. CTB will allow you to attend full time and satisfy the requirement of daily looking for a job while you are in class full time. You bi weekly claims if you are approved through CTB will be a bit different. Someone must record and sign on your claim forms that you are attending each class.

    • Suz

      I am approved for CTB. I applied before the 16th week and was approved. Does that mean I will qualify for TE benefits AFTER my parent claim (including fed extensions) runs out??

      • Lynyrd

        I have read and been told there is never a guarantee that Benefits will be extended.

  • George Jacksonjr

    Is ther someone out there that can make this final decesion forCTB. I wonder if there anyone who filed anything on me.i have not received a callfor this final eliegabilty for CTB and would like a response if possible thankyou I cain,t waste my time any longer .hate to rude. thankyou Butts it,s already in the month of june,and march 2014 is when i stated the issue so please help thankyou

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