• *ANON*

    Try using a different web browser it has worked for people in the past.

  • abc

    I had the same problem, it saying that there is a problem with an .exe module (that’s executable code). It worked just fine last week.

    My guess is that the bozo’s at EDD put in a software release this weekend that was not fully tested, that subsequently caused TeleCert and CalJobs to be impacted.

  • abc

    A different web browser could work if there were problems loading the initial webpage. That is not the case here.The error message is saying that there is a problem with the module jobs.exe which is executable computer code.

  • abc

    Just saw this on the website. Guess it is still down.
    System Alert: CalJOBSSM will be
    down Friday 7/20/2012 from 6:00PM to 1:00AM

  • Guest

    It’s been down since yesterday or even earlier. Now the website shows:

    “The CalJOBS website is temporarily out of service. Please check back later for system availability.”

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