Can CA get Tier 4 back?

September 12, 2013 · 10 comments

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Could someone please post Gov Browns email? After reading this maybe the Governor can help those who suddenly lost tier 4. I know it’s admitting california isn’t as booming as they’d like to suggest but if he has an ounce of compassion and droplet of honesty running through his veins maybe he will call and get that margin of error fixed in support of those who triggered off. I need it desperately and I know thousands do as well. So please post his email and read the memo below…

The official unemployment rates that the Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes for states on a monthly basis are estimates derived from econometric models that use payroll employment estimates from an establishment survey and unemployment insurance claims counts from the state workforce agencies to mitigate volatility in the employment and unemployment measures tabulated directly from the Current Population Survey, which is the sample survey of households used to track the national unemployment rate. As such, the data are indeed subject to both sampling error and nonsampling error. Sampling error is a measure of sampling variability—that is, variation that occurs by chance because a sample rather than the entire population is surveyed. We maintain information on sampling error at The 90-percent confidence interval for the current (July 2013) seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate for California is 8.3–9.1 percent, as you can see from the first XLS table listed. So, from a statistical standpoint, the State’s current rate could be at or slightly above 9.0 percent.

While we are 90-percent confident that the sampling error on the current unemployment rate for California is no more than 0.4 percentage point, we have no corresponding measure of nonsampling error, such as that introduced by the Current Population Survey collection and processing operations or the modeling technique. Technical information on our state models is available at

  • justsayin

    Don’t count on it. He’s a politician and he wants to show CA doing better under his watch..and I say that regardless of party affiliation. .they all want to be seen as effective even if they aren’t. .he’ll use an example of improving economy to get reelected.

  • Mark

    We need an unemployed lawyer to pick up the flag and fight for us all
    I plan to make sure that I contest the dropping of my tier four in court …appeal processs
    can some unemployeed lawyer do a class action lawsuit for the poor?

  • RealEDDrep

    The state doesn’t make those rules. Federal Extension rules are set by the federal government (it is their money after all)

    The Governor can’t do a thing. Call your Senator and Congressperson. Especially if they are Republican and tend to vote against UI extensions. I’m not trying to start a political fight, just stating a verifiable fact.

  • Don’t give up

    I would imagine a call from a state gov asking to look closely at those numbers would be a help. Why would anyone ask a republican senator who’d otherwise send the long term out into the streets within the hour to help knowing they’d never do it? I believe the Gov could easily help on this issue by pointing out the obvious margin of error and instead of it resulting in losing a tier lean towards re-instating the tier. The Ca EDD would have a real nice needed feather in their cap if they stepped fwd to assist in getting that margin of error resolved in favor of the claimant. They need some good news these days. It takes one call, a few mouths, and BAM the margin of error is changed.

    • ConfusedinCA

      Ignore writing the State. They can’t do anything except wring their hands.
      Write your federal representatives and especially the Department of Labor. Make your case short and to the point, include articles and quotes that call the UI rate into question. And ask that DOL investigate the CA numbers, especially since the numbers for last week and this week will be smaller due to all of the non-payments.

    • Mark

      Here! Here!
      thank you for expressing some good common sense
      Gov. Brown can do much much more than he is doing
      so can our California senator and congress people
      A lawsuit may be coming.
      I hope so.
      many people have been and are in pain, many suffering as I write this note.

  • Jst Me

    I’ll say it again and again. The loss of tier 4 destroyed me. My complete livelihood was yanked down the toilet. I never bought the numbers and prayed to God someone would be honest and not let it trigger off.

    my journey collecting unemployment benefits was sobering to say the least. I lost my job ( laid off ) right after the tragic death of my only child. He was only 17. My benefit amount was less than half the maximum benefit. Try grieving while pressed to desperately find work or end up out on the streets.

    I had been with the same company for 15 years. I have looked and looked for work while cutting back to the bare essentials. The sequester cuts put even more stress on an already impoverished situation. I don’t think I’ve actually slept more than 4 hours a night the last year wondering what the hell I’m going to do if I can’t find work. I’ve dragged myself to interviews feeling like I was going to vomit with the hope maybe it could be the one only to find out it was another rejection and the gas used was food out of the mouth and potentially another bill that would have to go unpaid.

    I had a plan. If by the end of June/early july there was still no work I’d continue looking for work but seek out training through CTB and one stop come Sept. I’d still have both tiers 3 and 4 to accomplish this. Suddenly the second week of july it all came to a halt. I can’t tell you the horror I have been facing since that day knowing as soon as tier 3 ends at the beginning of Oct I’m done. I’m now on food stamps. Every bill I struggled to pay is now over due. I’ll have to file for bankruptcy. I haven’t paid this months rent making excuses while keeping that money in cash so I can live in my car starting in Oct. I’m on food stamps. I’m afraid to drive my car and waste gas. I can’t eat or sleep. This sounds so petty but I actually use dial up internet for 11.00. It has enabled me to send resumes and fill out apps.

    I’ve lost my will to live but can honestly say it’s not like i didn’t try. it just seems that when God took my son he also closed the door completely to life when it came to me. Every financial resource has come up short for me each time. Too many odd things have happened that have pulled me further down. My benefits are horribly low. The sequester cuts were brutal and the loss of tier 4 were the final straw. Getting them back would be my miracle.

    • justsayin

      I’m sorry for your loss. I too was laid off after 15 years and was really counting on tier 4 which is now gone. With companies now starting to hire for seasonal temps I have been getting calls back and interviews which I wasn’t getting before. One dept store hired me for 2 shifts a week at 8.25 an hour, a third of my previous pay, even tho I’ve never worked outside an office setting. I’m hoping to pick up more shifts or going full time. Also have another interview for a different pt seasonal job next Friday. .without unemployment its not enough to pay rent but I will have food, gas and phone. ..also hope one of these turns into a decent ft job..take anything you can at this point.. I was hoping that by the time I was off tier 4 one or two of these pt would be offered for full time but now it will be juggling as many pt jobs I can get and crashing at friends/living out of life will be a more simple to say the least. .

    • Mark

      You make a positive difference by typing the above post, but please do not lose your will to keep going.
      I myself, believe in a higher power.
      Might I kindly suggest you go to the library and check out some inspiring autobiographies by some person you admire or look up to in history.
      You are equally important to all.
      Maybe write a book about your experience too and maybe someone will publish it.
      Try to maybe write a few pages a day. You are a good writer.
      Always remember you are important, and hurting yourself is not good and wrong in my opinion.
      Helping others less fortunate than you would be honorable too, look around, there are others in worse shape than you, and many who do not have your intelligence to live life
      please get those self harm thoughts out of your life right now….
      you are important and people love you.

  • life isn’t fair

    While we on it, why don’t we ask for Fed-ED (20 weeks) back? My neighbor got 99 weeks, I got 79 weeks.

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