Can we Sue EDD?

September 5, 2013 · 8 comments

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I am beyond pissed off. I don’t give a flaming fuck if their system has a glitch. I have bills to pay. I am over due on rent with late fee’s now and 10 from being evicted. I had to grovel and beg my car insurance to extend me 10 days with a late fee. Both my Doctor and hospital bills are now over due. There is a good chance they will just send me to collections demanding full payment on thousands of dollars. Two of my credit cards are no officially over due as well. None of this is my fault. Who pays for this bullshit? When I called EDD today had the guy who talked to me been in front of me I’d have punched him in the mouth for his bitchy I don’t care attitude. That pencil pushing piece of dog shit works for me and I will not be made to feel like I’ve got to kiss his ass when he’s treating me like I’m something he’s picked out from underneath his nails. There has to be something we can legally do for the financial mess this causes. This system is complete bullshit. Don’t mess with peoples income. We need it to survive.

  • unemployed

    Call Gov Brown’s office to complain.

  • WillWorkForSushi

    Sue for what? It plainly states to allow up to 10 days for processing and payments. Where does it say they must pay within 4 days?

    • Fuck this shit

      I guess thats there get out of jail free card after 4 months of collecting benefits within 4 days when it doesn’t come through they jump all over the 10 days thing. Although there is a strange problem. The fucktard that I spoke to told me it appeared i hadn’t certified and yet I was looking at a photo copy of it. So what does that mean? Someones lying and it’s not me. Not to mention if they were always this late there wouldn’t be that many complaints. I’m sick of being treated like shit by a system that damn well knows it holds the livelihood of humans in it’s hands. And you can bet I’m calling the gov’s office and complaining.

      • WillWorkForSushi

        Thats something to complain about. The customer service. They will care less that we didn’t get paid yet because it’s within their tolerance level since it’s been 4 days since most of us filed. But yes, the customer service is a huge failure. Although, I don’t know how I would feel if I sat behind a desk and answered call after call after call from people asking “Where’s my money!!! It’s bee 3 days! I want it!” lol….

        • Fuck this shit

          The thing was I never asked… where’s my money. It was pretty obvious there was a huge problem. I wanted to make sure whatever the issue was it had nothing to do with a bad claim. I was polite to begin with but quickly this guy came off as if he didn’t even know where he was at. He kept mumbling nonsense. I kept asking.. is there an issue with my claim. He said not that he knew of and I said that’s way too general lets be specific to my claim and find out. Thats when he said it looks like I didn’t certify on this last weekend. I said thats incorrect I have a copy I’m looking at right now that is correctly filled out. He said that’s impossible and I laughed and said are you for real? I’m looking right at it. He said I’d have to send in the claim form and expect further delays and I said hold up. These weeks have already been certified for. I can fax a copy dated and he mumbled something about time and said this whole week has been a glitch and there would be delays and that was the end of the conversation. Now as I said had this been a face to face conversation there would have been a resolve not some jumbled fucked up mess of added confusion with him grasping at straws and basically saying to hell with me just send in a new claim and you’ll get paid when you get paid. Someone needs to get organized and start holding pickets in front of these damn buildings holding these workers accountable for their behavior and lack of professionalism. The moron that comes on here bragging they work for EDD does nothing but come off condescending and bitch’s more about how hard the job is on them. quit mother fucker and let someone who can multi task better than you at it.

          • WillWorkForSushi

            I was just being funny with the “Where’s my money” because that’s one of the topics here. But in all honesty, it does “suck” that I and many others haven’t received payment.It’s a real problem when we certify and they don’t have a record of it.

            This has happened to me a few times before. Every time it’s happened before, I’ve WebCert’d, and when I didn’t get paid by Tuesday, I would TeleCert on Wed and get paid Thurs. So I’ll see tonight it it works still. If I don’t get paid tonight, I’ll mail in my claim form and start calling to make sure they have my Certification.

            That technical issue is what we need to focus on and complain about with a secondary emphasis on competent customer service on the phone. I hope that we don’t lose credibility by a bunch of people calling the gov. office just complaining that people aren’t’ getting paid.

  • Robert Johnson

    If you don’t like the system then stop being lazy and get a job.

    • Get a life

      Why are you trolling this website? Have you nothing better to do than chastise the unemployed?

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