Cannot comprehend this incompetence

August 10, 2017 · 4 comments

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They take you so far down the hole for a representative that most will hang up before the end. Stay on! “Your wait time is 7 to 10 minutes” then “we’ve reached the maximum number of callers “good-bye” auto hang up for two weeks now. My money!!! I was forced to work from my hospital bed for some kind of income! Honest is me. I reported it. I don’t get any benefits. SDI screwed up! I rather be honest. But truth is if I was looking for a welfare check. I’d get everyone’s attention. Thank you Obama for your weak self. Democrats have killed this country! I’m a working person last to be considered! Make America Great Again by firing deadbeats and hiring those who can do the job. Hire more to get our calls for help. I am so pissed. Worse I can’t help myself without a human! Then which one of those can help or is trained to help??System sucks and doesn’t need to so easy to fix. Gov. Moonbeam in CA also has auto hang up. Who pays these people you and I!

  • Greg Tait

    your an idiot….

  • S0lly

    You sound like a real Trump-diot. You think unemployment is “my money”. if you are in the hospital you should be getting disability, except that “SDI screwed up”. Always blaming someone else. And blaming Obama and the democrats! And you are stupid enough to buy into “make America great again” …all you and your ilk have done is make Russia great again….

  • Tornabene, all your questions answered!

  • Bret Halbert

    Internet trolls are idiots.

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