• Connie

    I dont know why they told you that you cant web cert, I have been doing it all along, I am on my third extensiton. When I dont receive my paper form, I web cert cause the weeks are there and then I receive my paper form. It says on EDD site that if you are web cert certified you just need to document your job search and if they ask for your records you have it available.

  • edd sucks

    I agree with Connie. It sounds like somebody lied to you. I am also on my third extension and have been using web cert even with the X on work search requirement!

  • Christy

    I’m about to start tier 4 and I do Web-Cert…the rep was incorrect.

  • analili

    i tried doing the webcert but my claim form wasnt on there….so thats why i called….maybe this is because i had to go and attended the REA appt…i have talked to like 3 different ladies on there and they all said the same thing. OMG i dont think im the only one there doing this too…What should i do?

  • analili

    OMG….i went online and checked and the form is there now…it wasnt there sunday or monday or yesterday….what the hell….i filled it out, so now im wondering….did i do the correct thing or do i still need to send the claim form that im going to be getting in the mail…and now since i didnt fill it out sunday, when is my money going to be deposited or is it not gonna be deposited….Why the hell do they do this….confuse you and they im going to be the one being penalised for something that wasnt my fault…..and then i keep reading post that people are getting there money or its late….OMG…this is so frustrating…

  • lilly

    I was able to do Web Cert online and I am on my 2nd extension. It just sounds like EDD hadn’t taken that hold off your claim yet from not attending the 1st scheduled REA meeting. Once they released the hold you were able to file in Web Cert. Continue to file in Web Cert and hold onto your paper claim forms along with the records of job searches, just in case they ask for them; in most cases they probably will not. Do not Web Cert and mail in claim forms. Do one or the other.

    Good Luck!

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