What the F¤¢k is going on around here?


Help, I don’t speak bureaucrat! Can someone please explain this in plain English?

I woke up today and started what looks like a new application for unemployment, last year’s was easier! Anyhow, I am a contract worker who moves a lot from job to job and so collecting my last 18 months of wages was a nightmare. Anyhow, I have two employers that have my paystubs on a website that I can’t access until I talk to customer service tomorrow and I don’t want to lose all my work. Any idea if it saves your work or stays open for any amount of time? Thanks.

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Delayed payment?

January 5, 2018 · 2 comments

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I filed on 12/10/2017. Certified via tele-cert on the 12-23-17. It is now 1/5/2017. I have my second claim to certify yet no payment. I checked online to see if I was paid and all it indicates is that my claim cert was received. Now I have another claim to submit…how is everyone else doing with regard to their payment. What’s going on?


I had a phone interview yesterday that seemed to go fairly well. The issue is that I was already receiving benefits while working part time but they stopped and I had the subsequent interview….I would like to know how long does it take to restart my benefits


Hi, i filed for unemployment in november and was approved. Ive been paid for 3 weeks when i get a letter saying i have an interview to determine if I’m eligible. I did the call where she asked if i quit. I told her i didnt quit but she said that my boss said i sent a text saying i was quitting. The website still shows my claim award and im supposed to certify sunday. Will i still get the money on my card? How do i know if i am disqualified? Will they believe the employer or me?

So, I have not been paid any benefits yet. I was let go on 11/1, had my phone interview on 11/20 and I received my approval letter the first week of December. Due to an issue on their end I could not certify for benefits until yesterday, 12/15. Today I logged back in and I see another phone interview for 12/22, which seems like its probably a mistake. Is this common or should I just call them again because it seems like it will just further delay me getting any benefits. Thanks!

First, to be candid, I received unemployment about ten years ago after being laid off and I don’t recall the process being this difficult back then so either I just have way less patience of they have made it a lot harder.

Anyway, what I need help with is the certification process because it really is a bit confusing.

The long, and short of it, is that I “lost” my job on 11/1 and I applied for UI the next day. I had my UI interview on 11/20 and received approval on 11/28, I probably received the notification around 12/5.

After getting my on-line account set-up I noticed that I can’t certify on-line and I don’t have a paper copy of the form so I have a couple of questions.

First, is it normal not to be able to certify on-line initially or is this something I should be able to do?

Secondly, evidently the job search requirement is applying for three jobs per week, which I haven’t really done just because there are not that many jobs I qualify for in my field, and to be honest, after getting let go after being with my employer for twenty years it took me a bit to get in the state of mind to start applying for jobs. So can I just start with this week or the first week I started applying or do I have to go back to the first week for which they approved me?



December 13, 2017 · 2 comments

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Hello all. My CA sdi claim began on 11/21/2017.

My question is, what dates does CA SDI issue payment. For some reason I got paid 2 times. One payment was issued for 11/28-11/30 and a second payment issued for 12/1-12/5.

Now it says I am on automatic payment? Does that mean my next payment will be 14 Days from my last? (12/5.) Or will I be paid on certain dates?