What the F¤¢k is going on around here?


Help, I don’t speak bureaucrat! Can someone please explain this in plain English?

I turned in my SDI claim in the drop off box 11/27/17 I went in to the offcie 12/8/17 to check if it has been recieved the lady said she didn’t see my claim in the system. I don’t know if I should wait another week or redo the claim over. Im due in a week and have no funds!!!!

I have been waiting for more than a week for the affidavit of wages form from the EDD. I need to mail in my check stubs to prove that I earned wages in the second quarter this year. (My employer didn’t report the wages and stole my tax deposits.) Does anyone know if there is a direct number to the audit department? The EDD reps at the main number seem to have no way to expedite this action. Thanks!

My current claim will be expiring 12/31/17. I will be applying for the transitional claim a few days prior to that in hopes that their will be relatively little break in payments. I have re-established an “attachment to the labor force” (or however that’s worded) and earned over $1300 in one quarter during my current claim year. My highest quarter earnings on the upcoming claim will be from the same employer I am drawing benefits from now, specifically the Oct-Dec quarter of 2016. Will EDD still use that employer in calculating quarterly earnings? Or just from the employer I earned money with in 2017?

I checked off the homeless box on my unemployment form. I am now living with a friend, but they have contacted me for a phone interview that I sense is due to my homeless status with edd. If they would like me to demonstrate I can still look for unemployment while homeless how do I do that?
Should I just change my residential address to my companion even though I have no proof of residence(Bills / lease ect)?

After my last payment on Nov 7th, I hadn’t been paid and getting in touch with edd has been hell, finally I got through and was told there was an error and the woman managed to fix it and I should be getting paid 2 weeks from today Dec 4; will I be eligible for back pay?
The woman on the phone seemed to rush me off so I didn’t even think to ask this.

I got my UI award letter today and discovered that my employer didn’t report my second quarter earnings. They withheld state and federal taxes from my paychecks but didn’t deposit the funds with the tax agencies. I was laid off because they closed the business. This effects my weekly award payment–instead of $450 for 6 months, I will only get $175 for six weeks.

I will call EDD on Monday morning to report this fraud. I was told by someone I know who works for EDD that an adjustor will review my payroll check payment records and that I could end up getting the correct award amount, but that it is a long process. (I will also have to deal with the IRS and state next year when I don’t receive a W-2 or receive an incorrect W-2.)

I was shocked that the owners of the company would use the employees’ tax deposits to pay other bills (or pay themselves). I think they should go to prison for fraud. There are 10 other employees who are also affected by this.

Has anyone here dealt with this situation?

I applied for UI using eAppy4UI on 11/17/17. The application acknowledgment states that if I don’t receive UI claim materials by 11/27/17 (today) to contact EDD and provide confirmation number. Well, I didn’t receive anything today from EDD. I remember from collecting UI in 2012 that trying to reach EDD was a nightmare.

The company I last worked for (in June) closed the business–that is why I’m unemployed. I have been looking for a job since then with no luck so far. When I collected UI in 2012, the process was so stressful that I decided not to apply when I was laid off in June, but now I’m running out of options and have no choice but to apply.

Could there be a delay because of the holiday? Could the delay be because my ex-employer did not respond?

Any advice on navigating this process is appreciated, especially tips on contacting EDD.