What the F¤¢k is going on around here?


Help, I don’t speak bureaucrat! Can someone please explain this in plain English?

So i got fired on the 28th,got an award letter then received a letter for phone interview on the 15th. Haven’t heard anything back yet but i got paid for the second week. A couple days ago it notified me to reopen my claim. I didn’t want to because i didn’t want to mess anything up. Well i reopened my claim yesterday, now is telling me to reopen my claim again. I have no idea what’s going on, i can only assume my claim was approved because i got paid for the week that wasn’t my waiting period. Any advice?

Why does this website show that “tiffaney acosta” responded to 14 posts under “Recent Comments” on the left, but none of these responses are showing?

I’ve been claiming EDD for about 6 months now after I was laid off. Every 2 weeks I need to report that I am looking for jobs to receive my claim. As of now I have finally received a job offer and will start in March, but I have remaining money from previous claims in my EDD debit card.

Can I withdraw it all before I cancel my claim?
Is there any charges/payments after that I should know of?
Would it matter if I left the balance behind?

Is there a way to check on a claim I filed last week?

I have been on disability for 4 months for depression and severe anxiety . I received a notice that I have to go see an IME . They want a second opinion? The doctor says it will take 4-5 hours ? Has this happened to anyone ? I’m not even trying to get long term . I’ve had several things in my life unraveling and my doctor put me on leave .

I called to certify and it said i couldn’t. Then i went on webcert and i had weeks to certify for?? What is that about.

I have in interview, and I’m going to tell’em something like this:

I got injured at work, saw a doctor, got 1 day off, but I didn’t come back because of stress, depression, and fear of another accident, been surviving mostly on savings.

I finally managed the courage to speak to my boss in mid January, ‘3 months later’. He said I should file for Unemployment.

So I did. Now I feel rehabilitated, strong again, and ready for work. I’ve been searching for work. I think I’m owed some Unemployment insurance while I look for work.

Will I qualify for unemployment? Should I seek a lawyer for my questions?