What the F¤¢k is going on around here?


Help, I don’t speak bureaucrat! Can someone please explain this in plain English?

Hi All,
Just curious…Had my phone interview yesterday ( 10/10)… How long does it normally take to get an answer? (My certs are still showing pending…)
EDD Rep. was pretty aggressive on the call…Should be cut and dry…Was terminated for slow business conditions…Thanks!

Missed phone interview

October 11, 2017

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Last Wednesday was my phone interview. I got a call from a “unknown” number and the voicemail said it was my EDD lady. Called her back w/in 4 minutes and got the voicemail. Left a message and never heard back (even though I left it at 1:30pm, when our scheduled time was 1-3pm). Called her Thursday and she said she got my message and would try to call Friday from 1-4pm. Didn’t hear from her, so I called at 4:02pm and left a message. Called Monday (not realizing it was a holiday) and left another message. Waited Tuesday and today I called just an hour ago and pressed 0 to speak to someone else instead of leaving another voicemail. They said I have to wait for my interview girl to call me back when she has time…

She has until next Tuesday I believe but I’m nervous about getting denied since she doesn’t have time for me. I don’t know what to do – has anyone else had a similar situation?

Hi, so, I’m in the CTB program and I recently got my CTE because my benefits ran out on my current claim. Anyway, I’ve been on a program that is “supposed” to last only 6months. I put it in quotes because you can extend it if you feel you need more time and it doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing dissatisfactory work. I recently got my program extended to January 20, 2018(original end date was October 20) due to my mental health. I have depression an anxiety and for the last few months I was going through a lot of stress because I also work part time and I’m trying to focus on school plus I need to pay bills which as we all know UI doesn’t pay enough even with a part time job. Anyway, I started having suicidal thoughts and I was just going through a downward spiral I seemed out help I’m now in therapy and back on meds. However, that caused delays and I’m not going to be able to finish by October which is why my advisor extended it to January but I’m hoping to finish in December.
When I called EDD to inform them of the change they asked me why and one told me to say about my mental health while another rep told me that I’ll get instantly denied for the extension of my CTE from Oct to Jan because they don’t care for personal reasons. I have a phone interview tomorrow Tuesday I haven’t been able to sleep because I don’t know what I’m going to say or should even say. Living off unemployment is the worst but I need to finish school and I’m also working part time. Can someone advise me on perhaps what I should say? Will I get denied if I mention my setback due to my mental health deteriorating due to massive amount of stress?
The rep who told me Not to mention any tho V personal told me to “just say it was extended, nothing else” but I feel EDD is going to ask why. But why else would schools extend an end date? Please help I’m stressed out. Thank you

I was terminated on -14-17. That same day I filed for unemployment. I got paperwork and was told to by someone I talked to on their 800 number to register online and file online. I had my telephone interview on 9-28-17. I have been watching my status online since I had not received anything from them to let me know what is going on. Today my status went from pending for the week of 9-16-17 to excessive earnings since I was working that week. Then it said the week of 9-23-27 “waiting period served”. I am unsure what this means…. Does it mean that I was approved and just have to wait for the waiting period? Keep in mind I haven’t received the ATM card as of right now. I have never gotten employment payments before and don’t understand how they do things… Just hoping for help making since of this….

So on Thursday, August 31, my wife and I got a call about fostering two children. I had been laid off from my job and on unemployment for a few weeks prior.

We got the kids Thursday night and I applied to get on Paid Family Leave the next week. Since there was a seven day waiting period, I assumed I was able to fill out my claim for the week and got scheduled for a phone interview.

During the interview I was told I had knowingly submitted a false statement and should have checked “yes” under “Yes” or “No” and said there was a reason I was unable to work.

She said I would have to pay back for the day and would probably get a 5 week penalty.

I feel like this was an honest mistake, but the worker was so accusatory. Like I was trying to scam the government for the 50 bucks or whatever I was paid for the day. Is the only thing I can do now to appeal this is to go before the judge? What a hassle.

I’m confused

September 26, 2017

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So I’m a little confused and maybe someone can help me out. When I’m on my UI online, under “claim history”, it states that I have been “paid” for 3 of the 4 weeks I have certified for (with the first week being the waiting period). But when I open up “payment history”, it’s only showing that I’ve been paid for one week? Where are the other two weeks? Under claim history it states “paid”, but there’s no “payment ID” and they aren’t in payment history. What does this mean?

I applied for my EDD benefits and was approved got my first 2 payments without any problems. I certified and had a phone interview at the end of the week. I missed my phone interview by a few minutes and called back immediately and left a message. I kept calling back until today, when she finally called me back. I did the phone interview and she told me it’ll take a couple days for them to process and, if everything is okay I’ll get my money. I also got a notice to certify this week. I certified and then almost immediately on my claim history it says ‘disqualification’ for all my prior claims. Even the ones I was paid for. I’m really confused and scared as to what it means. Does it mean I’m disqualified from my benefits? Do I have to pay back for my previous weeks? Really concerned. ANyone else have this issue?