What the F¤¢k is going on around here?


Help, I don’t speak bureaucrat! Can someone please explain this in plain English?

I am in the process of having my wages re-examined by EDD because every year my benefit amounts are going down, quite drastically even though my salary is increasing a little each year so I would expect the benefits to follow suit. This is not the case however and I noticed that the max benefits is lower this year than last year on my initial benefits statement and I don’t know the cause of this. Has there been a reduction in the amount of benefits paid on a new and lowered benefits table? I can’t find any information regarding this but it wouldn’t surprise me if unemployment was cut down in size. Please let me know. I’m very curious and confused because I work as a teacher and every dollar counts during these summer months and it’s only getting harder and harder to find dignity or to even justify any of this.

Status Pending?

June 16, 2017

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Hello. I am a bit confused. I was laid-off on the 31st of May. I filled for UI that day. I received my paperwork, I filled the questionnaire(The one that asks did you look for a job, did you work in this week)and I believe it was question #6, it asked me if I had worked from the 28th-3rd, and I did, because I was still employed and I put in my dollar amount. A week later I got my Award Notice, telling me how much I would receive and etc. So, I checked my status in Claim History and the Status states Pending. I see they have received my paperwork when I answered the questions. So, I am wondering what gives? When should the Status for Pending be cleared?

Thank you.

I missed my phone interview and had called to reschedule or verify the information they needed. I’m on ‘recess’ for school district and they wanted to verify the time of recess etc. But because my cell service sucks I didn’t get the call until after the interview time. I called them back but didn’t receive a call yet. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Anyhow, on the site it showed the weekly benefit amount and the claim amount. Now when I had done this once before a couple years ago. I don’t really like doing this because of the hassle so I avoid it unless I absolutely need too. Even though everyone says I should just do it. – Off point, when I had done it those years ago to now I made less then. But my claim amount this time is less than what I had gotten in the past.

Soo before the amount had showed, I check earlier today and there was an amount pending when I checked again today it shows 0.00 for both claim and weekly. It says my certification is still pending.

Why’d it go from the amount to 0.00? Are they recalculating? (hopefully because it did seem odd I made more in the past on UI instead of more this time, since I had made more money this year.)

It says on the site they are doing maintenance too on friday. Could that be why as well? It doesn’t say I was denied or anything so I was just wondering if anyone else had this happen to them.. Hopefully I can get through to someone and find out what the deal is. UGH this is stressful because I have a car payment due. Oi.

I logged on because I have two weeks to certify for. I am a teacher and my last day of school was on 6/2. The first week to certify for is 5/28-6/3. How do I fill out the forms since I was still working from the 28th to the 2nd. Thank you!

After 27 years of working, I got laid off and I have filed for UI benefits for the first time. It has become a nightmare. I have gotten 2 letters from the EDD with no customer number, so I can’t use EDD Online, and contacting them by phone is nearly impossible. It has been over a month since I made my claim. Any ideas?

I have been collecting unemployment since April and haven’t had a problem but today they sent me a letter for a 2nd interview and asking questions ” if I gave incorrect information about earnings”. I put everything down that was truthful, I’m confused and worried about the interview. Any help would be appreciated thanks

Anyone in NJ?

May 29, 2017

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Does anyone know if Memorial Day will affect unemployment benefits in NJ? The claim was done yesterday morning & it always comes on Tuesdays.