What the F¤¢k is going on around here?


Help, I don’t speak bureaucrat! Can someone please explain this in plain English?

I filed for unemployment in Dec and because of where my base period landed it did not capture the majority of my income I recently made. SO I never filed an online claim form and canceled my claim to refile in Jan to adjust my base. It worked and I ended up receiving an award letter that went from $100 per week from the award in Dec to $400 per week in Jan. I went to file my claim form online today and webcert is telling me I can fill out two weeks of continued claim forms but the problem is webcert is still showing the balance of my initial canceled claim in Dec at $100 per week and not the new claim of $400. Should I still fill out the claim forms on webcert and assume I will be paid the correct amount of $400 and the site will be updated or do I need to wait and call?

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Is it possible to extend benefits if I’ve been working part-time throughout my entire claim period?

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I had filed Dec 14 for disability, I currently had a EDD UI claim open ,but did not receive any benefits due to being penelatize, I waited 2 weeks and did not hear anything from SDI, I called and they said they we’re waiting for a respond from my former employer to see if I eligible for benefits, I called today Jan 10 and they lady informed me that since I had a EDD UI claim open I had to wait 30 more days before they can process my state disability . Has anyone been through a similar experience ? How can I appeal? I need my money ASAP.

I pray I never have to rely upon the fine state of California to do anything other than collect my taxes. I am acting as fiduciary to my friend and co-worker who had a debilitating stroke on Halloween. It’s now Jan 10 and he still has received no support from EDD. His savings is running out and the future is looking pretty bleak. I moved here from the south and have always pondered why there seems to be such a large community of homeless here. I think I have my answer. Oh well, at least the scenery is nice…….when it’s not on fire, flooding, posted with “do not trespass or even look” signs.

Help Please?

January 5, 2017

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If the Edd sent me a bank card and my two week paperwork too, fill out too get payed , but still have my interview on jan 12th for phone…does this mean am getting mu unemployment benefits? this is my first one. Thanks for help

I was laid off October 2015 and applied for unemployment and they interviewed me and was found eligible. The last week I got my weekly benefits was May 2016. Since then I struggled to find a job in my field but unfortunately didn’t get lucky. I even tried to drive for uber for a week but wasn’t profitable since I was studying full time (not mentioned to EDD). I tried to reapply for the same claim in December 2016 and I got few letters from EDD: the first one said I was ineligible since I didn’t earn enough money, the second ones they sent me a debit card and said I was eligible for mid $x,xxx since I earned more than x amount in the quarters ending in Sep 15 and Dec 15. I signed in and found that my account was refilled and weekly benefits are there ($440). A week later I got an email that I have weeks available to certify for benefits, I certified and showed that I looked for jobs and all other things they want to hear. Two days later I saw that the status changed to “disqualified for week ending in” for both weeks that I certified for.

Now I’m very confused and don’t get it, there’s no code or reason for this decision. Can anyone help me if you can clarify to me what this means; am I getting benefits or not? If not why on earth they refilled my account and sent me a card?

Hello. I have a concern regarding an EDD unemployment claim. I began receiving unemployment while I had a part-time job at the Home Depot and had reported the hours I was earning initially (about 15-21 hours a week). Further, I continued to work and then moved cities so I changed jobs. I called in to report this change and was told that I had not been reporting my wages from the Home Depot. I was unaware that I had to do this because honestly the continued claimant form was not easily understandable. It was not my intention to keep this information because I am an honest citizen. Thus, the reason why I called into the EDD office to report my change of place of employment. Thus, i did not willingly keep this information. Further, I was sent a letter of overpayment (DE1444) but I cannot pay back that amount. I want to appeal my process and want to know how to go about it. I cannot pay off that entire amount nor do I believe I was fairly treated in this situation. They were giving me unemployment benefits at the beginning knowing the hours I worked. They did not change much at all. Thus, why was I not eligible to continue to receive the benefits? I may be willing to settle an amount but only in payments as I have other bills of course. Any help and information will be truly appreciated. It would cause great financial hardship to me having to pay all of this back as I have student loans, auto loan, rent and bills to pay.