What the F¤¢k is going on around here?


Help, I don’t speak bureaucrat! Can someone please explain this in plain English?

Ui online for California is saying that I was certified for this coming week that I haven’t even certified for. I did not receive any payment. There is no option for me to certify for benefits as I normally would every Sunday online. It’s saying I have to wait till June 4th which is two weeks from the last time I certified. What is going on? Anyone else had this issue?

So I certify with Telecert beacuse the online/mobile cert always errors out or won’t let me log in. As many of you know, If a state holiday falls on a Monday Telecert demands you mail in your continued claim form. My question is… if I just wait untill after the holiday and call will it go through? Beacuse id rather not wait the 10 days they estimate for the paper form to be processed.

I received approval for CTB due to school enrollment but when I went to UI online, it looks like my claim was closed. Do I need to reopen it so I can certify each week? I appreciate any feedback.

I was on state disability and then was laid off by my employer. I filed for unemployment and told they would not fight it. The interview was very quick and unprofessional. She did not tell me they required proof of identity. I got a letter denying my claim. I sent them the don and 3 different forms of ID. Today I got a hearing date?? No idea why? Calling them is a nightmare. Rent and insurance is due. I am drowning. Please help with any advice or similar experiences.

EDD sent me an email saying I can now certify for last 2 weeks. I did so, and then noticed that the home page on UI Online says “disqualified ” next to the 2 weeks I had just been requested to certify for. Does anyone else have this problem? Will the certification and proof of looking for work for the past 2 weeks, override the disqualification message? HELP

So I just got a full time job. Started May 1st 2017 (monday). Wanted to know how to cancel my claim. Also on the EDD website to certify my benefits I see that 4/23-4/29 I didn’t have a job and still looked for work since the job I landed wasn’t guaranteed till I received an email on the 29th confirming that I start on May 1st.

For two weeks I call the SDI and I get to where the recordings says “sorry….” then they hang up on me. I just want to ask a question.
If I get approved for SSDI while I’m collecting SDI, will my SDI be reduced due to the SSDI? The SSDI was reduced due to the SDI.