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I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!!!

I am a employer and a small business. I had a employee for 4 weeks. It was a tough time as I had serious illiness and death in my family and had to be out of the office at hospital. I hired a “friend” of a good friend of mine who ended up being a nite mere. She told me she was a licensed CPA I checked after the fact and she was not. She started pressuring me to be a signer on my checking account first red flag, she tried to get me to hire her boyfriend who I found out was always at my office when I did not come in. Finally it got so bad my old time employees called and said you need to come in today!! or we are all quitting. I came in to find out the bad employees boyfriend had called a meeting of my employees the night before to tell them the business was a sinking ship and I a drug addict ( I do not even drink) I let her go that day and when I did her boyfriend tried to hit me. I pretended to call police and he took off by this time she was crying. OH how I wished I would have called police when he tried to assault me. As his mug shot is all over the web I gave her 2 weeks pay to get rid of her. Her boyfriend threatened to take me down he was going to the labor board , the edd, the irs which he did and I have been in a 1 year audit which has been HELL. I have 3 police reports on this criminal scammer.They found all my employee taxes have been paid but they had to find something and now it is a witch hunt. I have been struggling since the whole 2008 bank fiasco to keep going. This woman stole my brand new lap top, used several of my personal credit cards all of which I filed police reports on. Police took her side “as she worked for me” and I authorized it. I am so pissed off I can hardly stand it. Any one can walk into your business and go to a Governmental office as a Whistle blower and tell them anything and cause you and your business much harm and not a DAMM thing you can do about it. PISSED OFF. I have had to hire a costly attorney to help .

No Phone Call!

August 2, 2017

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After applying on 6-22, had a phone interview 7-13. Was approved and received one payment 7-20. Went to certify for wees ending 7-23 was notified needed 2nd interview! Questions are:
1)Name and address of last employer…tf?!? You have that since 6-22 and lady verified in 1st interview on 7-13!
2)Verify SS# given…again WTF?!?! Same number for 50 years and you had on 6-22 and verified on 1st interview!
3) Proof of wages earned….what?!?! You should have that info but I will send..if thats what is needed! But they NEVER CALLED ME TODAY!!!
Since 6-22, I have received only 1 payment…I have bills to pay!! I gave all this info on 6-22 and was verified by my interviewer on 7-13….I’m so frustrated…actually in tears because you can’t get anyone live and they just put your benefits on hold and nothing I can do!! I get that they may have questions but they have had my claim and info since 6-22….why is this coming up now? And then make me wait another 2 weeks for a 2nd interview and they don’t bother to call!!


August 1, 2017

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Long story short, I was disqualified from receiving benefit for five weeks. I contacted EDD person and got a response with I have two more weeks to go including 6th week of waiting period. I do receive letter ans statements from EDD and the status changed to “weekly benefit applied to overpayment” from “benefit applied to disqualification” at some point. I’m sure it changed after six weeks and almost 12 weeks have gone but despite filing bi-weekly claims,I still get letters saying benefit applied towards the overpayment with no check(money) in it? I was thinking and contacted EDD person about and response was, I will receive benefit at 7th week.Anyone know exactly what’s going on? Thanks on advance.

Fuck edd

July 31, 2017

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These fucking idiots still haven’t given me my money and it’s been a month. How fucking hard is it to load my money. Fucking idiots!

Traveling for few weeks

July 19, 2017

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I am planning to travel for few weeks and planning to answer YES to the following:

*Was there any reason (other than sickness or injury) that you could not have accepted full-time work each workday?

My question is that, does this permanently disqualify my unemployment? Or just for the few weeks I was traveling?


July 11, 2017 · 2 comments

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Since claiming my benefits, it’s been 8 weeks and not receiving any money due to disqualification. I had an assignment from a staffing agency and worked and made only $40 for three and half hours. I had to quit due to poor equipment and environment. Staffing agency reported EDD that I worked for one full week of 40 hours and did not report EDD of all waged I made. A huge lie! I went through phone interview and agent was even unaware I only worked for three and half hours. I accidentally report $40 on my claim and I’m disqualified. I was able to get a full time job and unable to appear to appeal. Now I’m unemployed and no income. I have bills to pay every months. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.

Sdi issuee

July 7, 2017

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Does anybody know if the website is down