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I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!!!

this stupid EDD website. I can’t even finish my claim form

Pathetic site

February 12, 2017

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Have not received 1099G to complete 2016 tax return. Called and after having to enter my SSN and date of birth (which is absurd to have to enter in today’s world especially when considering the amount of stolen identity cases occur each day), auto message stated no record found so have to call back during regular business hours (which means hours of waiting on hold). Searched more online and found I can get info online at UI site. Supposedly, have to use my SDI login. Tried numerous times, does not work. Keeps stating incorrect password entered, though no problem accessing SDI account online. Seems the 2 related sites would be linked. If received SDI, why is there not a link on that site to the 1099G info?

1 payment in 4 weeks

February 11, 2017

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I make a claim 1/15/2017. They say the first week is waiting period. I don’t get a payment until 2/4/2017. I call them to complain and they say claims are good for two weeks. I don’t need to do anything. This week 2/11/2017. I don’t get anything. I been out of work for 4 weeks and I have only gotten 1 payment. We pay into a system and when you need it you want your money. They suck. I want to sue them.

My surgeon certified me off work for 4 weeks. I received my computation letter, then the EDD debit card, but the card has been funded with only two days of benefits! Tried calling (what a joke) and getting info online (ditto). Should I have filed something I didn’t?

In 8 weeks I have never gotten UI Online to complete a certification session. I’ve called multiple times. I talked to a technical staff person today – she said it’s been messed up for two months, it is definitely EDD’s system, not the users’, and basically they don’t give a crap and aren’t bothering to fix it because 90% of people are still getting their certifications done, and they don’t care about the 10% that aren’t. She also said they have essentially told employees to lie and say they are “working on it” when, in fact, they aren’t. And she said she could get fired for saying what she said if anyone found out, whistle blower law notwithstanding.

I have called my assemblyman, state senator, and governor’s office, and emailed Sac Bee. Hoping some political/media pressure might make a difference. Suggest everyone contact their reps and put some pressure on. EDD won’t do anything unless forced.

Where’s my payment????

February 3, 2017

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Certified Sunday morning 1/29 and usually get my direct deposit Sunday evening around 7ish… It’s Friday and my payment status still says “pending”. I emailed them on Tuesday, and still haven’t heard anything. Cant get through on the phone… UGH! It’s so frustrating!!! This is how we are paying our bills right now, and by gosh it’s the beginning of the month and things are due!

I have been trying for weeks!!!