Mad as hell?   Your not the only one...


I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore!!!

interview tomm

January 11, 2017 · 1 comment

in Pissed!

Have my unemployment interview tomm, anyone give me tips , how this interview go.. what % people usually pass this interview for unemployment, really struggling, no $$ for about 2 weeks..please help ,

Today I notified EDD on their Facebook and Twitter accounts that their website has been DOWN for days. What a nightmare!


January 11, 2017

in Pissed!

while certifying, the site then crashes. I’ve been trying for days. How is this OK? And no word from EDD. The tracking site called “Website Down” reports the site is down. For days. This is not OK. And guess who gets penalized if we’re late certifying?

Still no benefits from EDD

January 10, 2017

in Pissed!

I have not received any benefits rom EDD yet and today is the 10th. I’m so frustrated you can never get anybody on the line and the ui online still doesn’t even work. Am I the only one who still has not gotten pay yet? please somebody tell me something this is getting way out of hand.

Where are my benefits?

January 9, 2017 · 2 comments

in Pissed!

like a moron i sent my claim form out during the holidays.. its been two weeks. nothing..losing hope.. I have bills to pay.

“the site can’t be reached, connection was reset”, etc. Page loads take 4-18 seconds typically. ***why is this?*** Is there anything I can do? I’m getting so frustrated! I’m to the point where I think I might fill this stuff out on paper. Especially frustrating because we live in one of the more taxed states in the US, and people are probably getting paid decently to make a WORKING website which it is NOT! …driving me mad.

Hi Everyone:

I have lost my card, and when I call the BofA number, I am still getting a “holiday closure” message and can’t report it or request a new one. Anyone else?